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[QLD/NSW] Free AFL Tickets to Various Games in Sydney, Brisbane, + Gold Coast. (up to 4 Tix Per Email)


Choose from 19 matches at 4 different
venues between now and the end of the season.

Technically an offer for those who have never been to a match, though reading the FAQs, it would seem that any Tom/Dick/Harry could get some tix. I didn't try personally, so let your fellow OzB'ers know how you go.

Appears to also include a 'welcome pack' to teach you the rules etc.

Full list of matches as below:

Rd 12 - GWS GIANTS V Gold Coast SUNS,
Saturday, Jun 9, 4:35PM, Spotless Stadium
Rd 12 - Brisbane Lions V Essendon
Sunday, Jun 10, 1:10PM, The Gabba
Rd 13 - Sydney Swans V West Coast Eagles
Friday, Jun 15, 7.50PM, SCG
Rd 13 - Gold Coast SUNS V St Kilda
Saturday, Jun 16, 4:35PM, Metricon Stadium
Rd 14 - Brisbane Lions V GWS GIANTS
Saturday, Jun 23, 4:35PM, The Gabba
Rd 15 - GWS GIANTS V Richmond
Saturday, Jun 30, 7.25PM, Spotless Stadium
Rd 16 - Sydney Swans V Geelong Cats
Thursday, Jul 5, 7.20PM, SCG
Rd 16 - Brisbane Lions V Carlton
Saturday, Jul 7, 1:45PM, The Gabba
Rd 17 - Gold Coast SUNS V Essendon
Saturday, Jul 14, 7.25PM, Metricon Stadium
Rd 17 - GWS GIANTS V Richmond
Saturday, Jul 14, 7.25PM, Spotless Stadium
Rd 18 - Sydney Swans V Gold Coast SUNS
Saturday, Jul 21, 2.10PM, SCG
Rd 18 - Brisbane Lions V Adelaide Crows
Saturday, Jul 21, 7.25PM, The Gabba
Rd 19 - GWS GIANTS V St Kilda
Saturday, Jul 28, 4.35PM, Spotless Stadium
Rd 19 - Gold Coast SUNS V Carlton
Saturday, Jul 28, 7.25PM, Metricon Stadium
Rd 20 - Brisbane Lions V North Melbourne
Saturday, Aug 4, 2.10PM, The Gabba
Rd 21 - Gold Coast SUNS V Richmond
Saturday, Aug 11, 2.10PM, Metricon Stadium
Rd 22 - Gold Coast Suns V Brisbane Lions
Saturday, Aug 18, 7.25PM, Metricon Stadium
Rd 23 - Brisbane Lions V West Coast Eagles
Date TBC, Time TBC, The Gabba
Rd 23 - Sydney Swans V Hawthorn
Date TBC, Time TBC, SCG

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  • Lol the state of AFL north of Victoria summed up in one OzBargain post

    • Perhaps the NRL should try this - they struggle to get 10k to a game.

      • NRL biggest Victorian Crowd in the last month 80,000
        AFL biggest Queensland Crowd in 150 plus years 37,000

        Smallest finals crowd 2017 = AFL

        Smallest crowd of 2018 = AFL

        Where's Kevin Sheedy to rage about immigrants when you need him? 🤣🤣

        • Last Swans home game was around 37,000 people..

        • @veritas_mendax: with a Sydney metro free to air TV audience of 63,000…

        • @Joey Jo Jo:Yes, pretty good for a secondary channel, considering the last FTA NRL was only 181,000

        • @trilby: There's a reason AFL is not on the primary channel in Sydney. If you think 63,000 viewers out of a city of four and a half million then I'd hate to see what you regard as bad figures.

          And you're comparing the last NRL FTA ratings in Sydney where one of 9 Sydney NRL teams was playing against Canberra where both teams are outside the tops eight against The Swans who have had Sydney all to themselves for 30 years against West Coke which top of the table clash? And yet still pulled three times as many views? Haha nice context mate, don't quit your day job LMAO

        • @Joey Jo Jo: There are 2 AFL teams in Sydney, don't know the West Coke side you speak of, don't want to get into a code war, so we'll leave it at that.

      • Definitely something the NRL can do, some of the games look empty watching on TV.


    Was hoping to get the lions vs eagles tickets (last round) but they aren't on the site.

    • Check back again when they release the fixture for that round. I'm guessing because the date is TBC, they can't actually allocate or sell tickets at this stage.

    • Odds are it will be in Perth. Last round grounds are arranged to allow finals playing teams to play at home for the last round.


        Thanks for the tip!

      • I'm not familiar with the sport so pardon my ignorance but how do they arrange the games so that the teams in the finals are playing on their home ground?
        If hypothetically, Brisbane and Adelaide are in the finals, the final game would have to be in either Brisbane or Adelaide?

        Also, what would be a good game to watch for someone unfamiliar with the sport? I'm located in Brisbane so I'm looking at either Lions v Crows or Lions v North Melbourne.

        • Definitely helpful to have someone who knows what is going on there to explain the rules to you.

      • Odds are it will be in Perth. Last round grounds are arranged to allow finals playing teams to play at home for the last round.

        Lol no they're not. The grounds are set, only the day and times are changed depending on what team is playing who and where they are on the ladder.

        Last year Giants played in Geelong on the Saturday in the last round and Adelaide played in Perth against the Eagles on the Sunday.

        The round after round 23 is a bye for all the teams, then the finals start the week after that.

  • So need to wait 14 days to know if I get tickets or not?

  • Not sure about the other games, but GWS play the Hawks in Round 15..

  • Thanks OP but can you write a walk-through on how to claim these "free mobile AFL tickets? I know there is a video on the site but I can't watch/listen.

    • I did it yesterday for the Lions game this Saturday, I went on mobile, made an account and redeemed 4 tickets, really easy process. I believe tickets are released 48 hours before the match as the countdown for my tickets say that. No payment method required.

      • Thanks. Will give it a try later after work. Hope the kids get awed by the awesome stadium atmosphere.

    • I tried the same thing on my laptop. It appears you can only claim it on your mobile through the website!
      @OP you may want to clarify this in your listing.

      • Just claimed my tickets from my mobile. It's relatively simple but the default number of ticket is set at 2. I had to email them to change it from 2 to 4 as I have 3 kids to take to the game.

        The Swans games are Sold Out so I had to settle for the GWS vs Richmond game. Hope GWS doesn't get smacked by Richmond.

        • +1 vote

          The default number is 2 but you can just change that number to 3 or 4 yourself during the selection process.

  • I truly never been to the match, how safe it is to bring kids?

    • Perfectly safe, one of the safest games you'll find as a spectator.

      • Yes, my below joke about Victoria aside - I've taken kids many times before. Even took my 6-week old

    • Very safe…unless you're in Victoria lol

    • Very safe, I take my kids all the time. Like any sport you may get the occasional knucklehead who will carry on a bit with some colorful language, but you can just move away to another seat if it bothers you, as they are not reserved.

    • They'll really enjoy it. I take my kids all the time and they love it!


      safer than watching south melbourne Hellas vs any other team durring the early 1990s


      Very safe,the AFL are devoted to entertaining the kids with lots of activities and Auskick at halftime. My nephews love going.

  • to be honest it seems like more of a lucky dip, submit your details and hope you get chosen for free tix 48 hours before the match

    • So tickets aren't guaranteed? I was under the impression that I 'secured' the tickets and will receive seating positions before the match via SMS. Lol!

  • Looks like there are only single tickets left to Swans V Cats :(.

  • Where r my tickets no email yet, must be delay?

    • There is a timer at the end of the registration to wait for. I think they probably need to allocate the better seats for members and fans who paid for the tickets before allocating the remaining seats to us.

  • The dates in the post appear to be wrong (based on the 1 game I looked at). Richmond vs GWS is July 14th not June 30th.

    Edit: I see the error now : Richmond vs GWS is listed twice. The June 30th match should be GWS vs Hawthorn.

  • says 'Sold Out' for the cats v swans

    • Of the games that was definitely the pick. Sydney Swans vs Hawthorn is likely to be a good match.
      For the Brisbane and Gold Coast games, I'd look for matches where the opposition are outside the top 8 to have more chance of a competitive match. Carlton, St Kilda & Adelaide Crows are possibilities.

  • I don't think it's a lucky dip. I think we are 95% guaranteed tickets. The reason why it doesn't release the tickets until 48 hours before is due to seat positioning. Great post OP

  • Thanks OP - looks like tickets are guaranteed but they won't give you seat info until 48 hours prior.


    awesome. thanks OP.

  • +2 votes

    Yes!! Off to see Giants vs. Hawthorn with my invisible friend, Horace.
    Cheers, OP!

  • I would love to go to the one on 7th July but I rather not go by myself as a Nigel no friends.

  • Booked in for 2 lots of 3 tickets OP, literally looked on the AFL ladder to see who was lower than the Suns so we have a chance of seeing them win, Surprisingly had a choice, so Carlton it is.

  • Is neverbeens.afl an official site?

  • All Sydney/GWS games are sold out.

  • I never got my tickets for the Swans vs Cats game but I got an email yesterday with vague information? Did anyone get actual tickets with barcodes and seating?

  • I have got my four tickets for tonight’s game just wondering if anyone has done this before, are they even legit tickets?? Don’t really want to drive to Sydney to find they’re not!

  • My friend signed up for the Lions v Crows game at the Gabba tomorrow night….. she still hasn't heard anything. Would it be safe to say that she's not getting tickets or should she wait a little longer?

  • Do the tickets appear 48 hours before the game? Or should I keep waiting until 24 hours before?

  • I was told my tickets would be sent via SMS and I could not print them out. What do you do upon entry at the stadium?

  • Hi, just wanted to ask if anybody has some tickets to the Suns vs lions Afl match tonight. I received the email but not the text for the tickets. If anyone has tickets and aren't attending let me know :)