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ADATA XPG M.2 XPG GAMMIX S10 M.2 2280 NVMe SSD 128GB $38.25 Delivered / 256GB: SOLD OUT @ JW Computers eBay (eBay Plus)


(UPDATED) Hey guys, from what I can see, this would have to be one of the cheapest NVMe SSDs on the market. Has a read and write speed of 1000/850 MB/S, and a good alternative for someone looking to gain a little from their machine.

Original title/post updated with 128gb model due to 256gb selling out so quick!

JUST ADDED (For those who missed out on 256gb) - I've convinced my boss to get a deal on the 128gb model since we're sold out on 256gb:

  • Some more deals that expire at midnight tonight:

Original 15% off eBay Plus Items Deal Post

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  • Good post OP!!!

    • Thank you!

  • Steal!

  • purchased ty

  • +1

    Holy crap that's cheap.

    • Hard drives are really dropping this year. Great to see. Guess you don't need storage to mine dem coinz

  • Don't have a computer to out this in but op that is cheap gj

    • +3

      Cheers Wilburre - let me know when you do have a PC that supported NVMe; if this drive is still available, I will try and get you one at the same price!

      • Anddddd up voted.

        Good prices + awesome reps :D

        • Cheers dyl!

          I'm an regular OzBargainer shopper too.. it's all OzB love!

        • @JWComp:

          While you're here (just noticed store was JW) - Can you confirm if title or description is correct in this listing? Conflicting specifications…

        • @dyl:

          Sorry for the confusion Dyl. This was an error in listing. It's actually the i5 model (not the i7) - however, for the few that purchased this, we will honor them as the i7 models anyway, and correct the listing for when it goes back online.


        • @JWComp:

          Had ordered not noticing description until mentioned on comments in previous deal, cheers for honouring! :D

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    One of the true advantages of nvme is no cables. It's so nice just plugging into the board with no sata or power cables to deal with.

    • That's what I just found out. Trying to build in a matx case and all those cables get annoying.

    • Downside: can't turn off the drive now. :(

    • Agreed!

      However, I have a Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler on one of my PC's that has an m.2 drive - try removing the m.2 with this massive cooler blocking it! :(

      Just can't let the Noctua go.. Lol.

  • +1

    Wow what a price!

  • Thanks got one.

    • All g!

      Thank you

  • Any deals for 500gb+ models? Have a mate who desperately upgrade from his 128gb m.2 ssd to something 500gb+

    • They're about 160 bucks…not a bad price but certainly not as good as this.

      • yeah he's not wanting to spend that money on one

        • +12

          Doesn't sound that desperate then…

        • something about beggars and choosers

          if your machine has twin slot then get two of these…

  • Thanks man. Bought one :D

    • +1

      All good GTG!

      10 left as of now :O

      • I should have bought two :D. Anyway, let's see how this performs :). My first Adata ssd.

        • +2

          Haha, at least you got one!

          Let me know how you go with it - if you run into any problems down the line with it, PM me and i'll help you out.

          You know what.. You might be in somewhat luck - I'm going to post a ripper price on a 128GB one now. See our next post (i'll link it in a sec)


        • +2

          Post Updated!

          Check body above, I convinced my boss to do a deal on the 128gb model, since we are sold out on the 256GB.

          Link to 128GB model: ADATA 128GB XPG GAMMIX S10 M.2 2280 NVMe SSD $38.25 Delivered

        • @JWComp: damn dude i think your my new favorite computer shop!

  • My first SSD failure was an ADATA. Then the replacement failed, and its replacement failed. Since then, Intel or Samsung only. Just my 2c.

    • nice to know, at this price though id be happy to get one year out of it.

  • This cant be right …. why is it so cheap o.o

    • Its z-tier memory. I would put these well below WDC Kingston and that sort.

      I mean if I buy Samsung I have the support of the Samsung facility in Homebush.

      Adata? The guys at JW and… not confidence inspiring.

      • Ok this reddit comment is enough to keep me from spending more money - phew!

        • +2

          Hi kehuehue,

          Those comments in that reddit thread are made about the SX7000 and SX6000 models which do run hotter due to not having a heatspreader. This model (S10) has the heatspreader and does run cooler.

          Here's an in-depth review: Thinkcomputers.org

          Hope this helps!

      • +2

        Hi tonyjzx,

        Thanks for your input on the drive mate. The drive itself is actually quite decent in terms of speeds and reliability. We have used these as a boot drive for over 150+ builds between our stores, and from my RA record which I just checked; we've had 0 failures and 0 warranty repairs thus far. The older SX6000/SX7000 ran a bit hotter due to not having a heatsink, but the S10 is an improvement with the heatspreader.

        Here's a link to an in-depth review on the drive here

        Regarding the guys at JW - did you have a bad experience recently? If so I would love to look into this for you - please send us a PM with your feedback.

        • +1

          Thanks for the post, I appreciate any rep. who takes the time.

          IMO this isnt the type of ssd I would put in a work machine, they have the money to spend on Samsung and that sort of quality but for my own home machine? No issue. I use a whole bunch of SSDs that I consider fine for home use.

        • @tonyjzx:

          No problems dude!

  • Does anyone know what program is used to migrate existing OS into new SSD ?

    • I'm also interested.

    • Easiest way is cloning it via a program such as Acronis True Image.

      However, it's always recommended to do a fresh install moving from drive to drive..

      • What about intel data migration ?

    • +2

      I use EaseUS partition master. There is an OS clone wizard its really simple and easy. Did it swapping ssd's.

    • +1

      honestly it doesnt take that long setting up windows/updates/apps etc from scratch. maybe half a day and you will thank yourself knowing you got a fresh updated OS.

  • Haha, spent a few minutes researching it… and sold out. Damn

    • Yep, did the exact same thing.
      Then decided it was a good deal and signed up for Ebay plus =(

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Holy shit, what? That data/cost ratio is ridiculous, especially for m.2 form factors.

  • Yeah that went fast…

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    Any idea if this can be used in the Synolgy DS918+ as cache? This doesn't appear on their compatibility list

    • +1

      It could be used but I don’t think you would really want to. Depending on the usage it could make things slower!
      You really need an ssd that can sustain performance with huge writes, most entry level (even many higher end) ssds aren’t made for this anymore, they are all bursty desktop drives.
      What I’m saying is you need an MLC based drive in reality but they aren’t cheap.
      Find an oem Samsung on eBay eg. SM951, SM961 to save money over a retail pro drive.

  • Here's a speed comparison from UserBenchmark against the Samsung 850 EVO SATA SSD: link

    The model number for the ADATA SSD is marginally different; ASX7000NPC-256GT-C for the GAMMIX S10, ASX7000NP-256GT-C for the SX7000, so I'm going to assume they're the same drive. At a guess, the difference between the two may simply be down to the pre-applied heat-spreader on this drive, which won't do all that much if you look at some photos of it, as it makes limited contact with the modules and controller.

    Interestingly, the SX7000 is slower than a SATA 850 EVO for 4K reads and 4K mixed I/O. Still, sequential speeds are a step above SATA and at that price it's hard to argue.

    • It's not the fastest NVME SSD, but it still plays at the high level of a regular SSD, and this is priced at the low end of regular SSDs, so its an absolute steal.

  • +3

    Guys, since we ran out of the 256gb model; just convinced my boss to do a deal on the 128gb model. Updated post with this also. See below:

    ADATA 128GB XPG GAMMIX S10 M.2 2280 NVMe SSD $38.25 Delivered

    Sorry, can't do a deal on the 512gb model at the moment (I tried).. but hopefully in the future!

  • Damn was watching the Origin was gonna buy after the game. Missed out.

    • Sorry dude, went pretty fast I know!

      Just added the 128GB version though, since we're all sold out on 256gb.

      • +2

        Convince your boss to do a deal on the 512gb. You know he/she wants too.

        • +2

          Haha, I tried!! Unfortunately we don't have enough inventory left on the 512gb to do a deal…. but let's see what we can do next time round! Interest for 512gb is definitely noted!

  • Can you do PLUS15 on a sub $50 item?

    • Unfortunately not; you'd have to bundle it with something else (unless you wanted to purchase 2 units+) Sorry for the confusion.

  • PLUS 15 not working on it.

    Showing up as 45 delivered (eBay plus)

    • Have you used the code on something else already?

      I believe PLUS15 is available for one transaction only unfortunately.

      • EDIT: Just to clarify; it's minimum spend $50. Has to be purchased with something else. Sorry for the confusion.

        • Ok no problem, thanks for the clarification. I was just confused because the post said $38.

          All good mate, good deal regardless.

  • Anyone see this ?


    Its listed $67 for 512GB would they have to Honor 512gb as its listed as this ?

    • This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

      It looks like a pricing error in the listing and was took down by the seller before anyone can buy it.

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