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Nintendo Switch + Zelda BOTW $412.25 Delivered @ EB Games eBay (eBay Plus Members)


Not quite $319 for console only, but very good all the same. Stock might even last more than 30 seconds. See other EB listings for neon console or other game bundles.

Both neon and grey available. Games available are (your choice of one of) Zelda BOTW, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Odyssey.

Original 15% off eBay Plus Items Deal Post

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    • Cheers my mobile posting is very much not up to this task :-)

  • Very good deal

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    Anywhere I can get cheap games?

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      Nintendo games take way longer than most games to drop in price and most of the games haven't even been out for a year yet.
      There's a sale one now at bigw with some good prices on mario kart and odyssey and amazon's Zelda BOTW is the cheapest right now I think but generally you should expect to pay around $60 for all the main releases right now.

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        Luckily though Nintendo uses cartridges, you're unlikely to have any issues with preowned games as cartridges don't scratch like PS4 and Xbox One games do.

        • There may be issues with buying preowned cartridges for primarily online games, though. Each cartridge has a unique ID and Nintendo has apparently started banning those that have been ripped for piracy.

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          @Starayo: Although that's unlikely, as Nintendo can identify each console by their ID as well, and to prevent issues Nintendo will likely only ban repeat offenders who play several games that have an ID shared by a lot of people. They're unlikely to ban a console that has one or two games that have public IDs and the chance of you buying a game that has been dumped AND the person who dumped it made the key public is ridiculously low.

          Everyone also knows that Nintendo is banning, so there's no point in keeping your cart ID in when you share games. Even BBB has been blanking out the cart ID since their first dump, and most people are going to be using BBB dumps, not a dump from some random guy that kept the cart ID in.

          You have more chance of winning the lottery than getting banned for buying a preowned game, so if you get banned, buy a lottery ticket.

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      If you don't mind secondhand games, I would try Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. That's where I've been getting my games. (Usually find them between $40-$50 for popular games)

    • Thanks guys, will look at the above suggestions and keep it in mind.

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      Not with game

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    That's $399 for the console alone - no game. The deal above includes a $70 game.

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      Oops, that was meant to reply to Paligu's comment.

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    Good deal, but if anyone wants it cheaper, wait until 10% off gift cards from Catch (Auspost deal ends today). They had 20% off a couple of months ago and that was at Woolworths, which would stack with 5% off egift cards. Even just 10% off gift cards which happens quite often is still a good deal, because it stacks with 10% off codes for Unidays account holders, and the Unidays codes aren't tied to any account, so you can have a friend make codes for you, or someone on Ozbargain.

    Catch has had 2 20% off gift cards and 2 10% off so far this year, so it should only be a month or two until the next discounted catch cards.

    With the 10% off gift cards stacked with 10% off Unidays, people were buying the Switch for $322+shipping. Not quite as good as the $320 deal, but stock was never an issue.

    With 20% off gift cards that'd drop to $287 + shipping.

    If it's 20% off at Woolworths/Big W like it was a couple of months ago, you can also stack the 10% unidays and 10% wish to make it $272 + shipping.

    Shipping is usually about $10.

    Then buy BOTW at EB Games with gift cards purchased at Big W or Woolworths with 5% off egift cards and get them to price match the cheapest physical store competitor (currently Target at $69) or buy directly from the cheapest online seller (currently Amazon AU at $65.55 delivered) and it would cost a total of $348.

    Tl;dr: good deal at the moment, but wait a month or two if you're not in a rush and you want to save more.

    • Have seen similar deals before but that looks like so much work :-(

      • +1

        Not really, the auspost 10% off you just needed to buy some gift cards at Auspost, get a Unidays code, use both at the checkout and you're done.

        When the gift cards were at Woolworths and Big W, you just need to buy the wish egift cards through cashrewards if you want to save an extra 5%.

        It looks a lot more complicated than it is, and based on the number of people who messaged me for unidays codes to buy a Switch on Catch with the discounted gift cards, it was worth it to a lot of people.

        If there's 20% off at Big W or Woolworths again, to ask someone for a Unidays code, buy wish egift cards and buy the gift cards during your weekly shop, you're looking at maybe 5 minutes work to save $60 more than this deal. To me, money saved is money earned, and so it effectively makes your time worth $720 an hour, or $360 per hour if you're slow.

  • PLUS15 can only be used once per account?

    • That's correct. Only once per account.

    • PLUS15 does not seem to work for me. Do I need to sign up for an eBay plus trial first?

      • Yes

        • Help, signed up to eBay plus still can't use code. Never joined plus before. Logged off, logged back in, still no joy. Will prolly sell out by the time I figure this out.

  • Can someone please give me a reason to why I shouldn’t get one? This deal looks too hard to miss.

    • +5

      No. Buy it.

    • +1

      I was considering the PS4 pro but could not go pass the Switch deal for $319 and managed to snag one luckily. Zelda BOTW is the best game I’ve ever played and I would definitely recommend

      • Zelda has its flaws (early game nuisance and difficulty; end game easy).. but the mid-game is good and it's addictive.

    • Probably one of the best prices we'll see until Christmas

    • I'd say buy it, I've been waiting to buy one for so long until the Amazon deal came along.

      The EB deal is much cheaper.

    • Zelda is amazing, you'll have a great time with it.

  • +1

    The way I see it is by calendar year end they'll be bundling the switch with a couple of variations ie smash Bros and Pokemon. I'm holding out until then.

    • Then there is the whole Black Friday sales later in the year.

      But despite that, this is a really good deal for a buy it now…

    • +1

      Thanks - I’ll hold out until then too! This deal was tempting - but I think I can wait a couple of more months

  • Hmm I already used my PLUS15

    • +1

      New account, new free trial ;-)

  • Got my Switch from the Amazon deal for $355.25 and Zelda with Prime membership for $65.55 for a total of $420.80 so this is a great deal!

  • got mine with australia post 10% off catch gift cards plus the uni days code. not bad for the price of a switch.

  • -3


    Nintendo Switch: - $319 (yesterday's eBay deal)
    Zelda: - $55.55
    Far Cry (PS4): - $42.25

    Total: - $416.80

    I got the last two using AMAZON20 discount so subtracted $10 off both prices.

    • +1

      Well done on getting in yesterday…I tried and failed. Used my Amazon code on the let's go Pikachu premium thing… $92 all up and my kid will love the pokeball (probably more as the go plus than playing let's go… But whatever it's cheap).

      • I reckon kids will love that whole pokeball thing too!

        • Kids? Adults too 😆

  • 2 Zelda Bundle have been out of stock.

  • Couldn't resist - got 1… but how come i got charged for postage? PayPal summary says i got charged postage $6.95 on my PayPal Summary?

    Voucher-negative $72.75

    Unless i'm missing something here

    • +1

      The paypal summary is borked. Check your credit card.. my CC showed the right amount even when Paypal didn't.

      • Thanks! just checked my CC - correct price :)

  • Annoyed the 15% weekend is max 1 transaction.

    I could have put everything into one transaction, but I didn't realise, so I bought a NAS (intending to then go buy HDDs). I'll have to keep my $1200 instead of buying HDDs then.

  • Does the switch tablet come with no new seal sticker on the screen? I have this feeling mine looks a bit refurbished?

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