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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $79 Delivered ($59 for New Users) @ Amazon AU

Price went down to $79 again.

comfortable and great for gaming for long periods of time in TV mode and tabletop mode.
Includes motion controls, HD rumble, built-in amiibo functionality, and more.
Take your game sessions up a notch with the Pro Controller.

Original $20 off New Users AMAZON20 Deal

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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    $79 in title please, new users price in brackets.


    Fix title please. It's actually $79 without new user


    I've been new user tree times already, I feel old now…Very good price indeed.

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      Better than me, I've only been a new user flower times


      I thought amazon was quick to pick up on people doing this and that they would quickly ban these people. I'm using you would have to use a different credit card for each account but it should be easy for amazon to tell that they are the same person with the same address.


        You thought wrongly, I guess.

        You could also change address by getting them delivered to a different parcel locker if required. I have a number to choose from on my commute to work.


    Anyone else receive an error that it can't be delivered to your address? I've tried my PO Box, home address and work address. Seems like Amazon is restricting certain things from customers in rural/remote areas (I tried an old address and the error disappears).

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    Thanks for sharing!

    Wish there was a good deal on the Splatoon Pro controller…

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    It was actually $75 a few days ago


    I haven't bit on the switch yet but can you use the wii-u pro control I rather like them?


    How do these compared to the wired version Currently $35 from big w.

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      No motion controls, no hd rumble, no amiibo scanning function. If the games you're playing don't rely on those, it'll do the job.

      That, and feels pretty good for its price.

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      I'd love to know too.
      Getting a switch, have three kids
      Was thinking of getting an extra pair of joy cons, but now thinking two wired controllers would be cheaper.

      Is it possible to connect two wired controllers to the switch to allow two extra players, assuming the original two joycons will be used as a single controller

      Edit: silver just read your post. Sounds like I'm better off buying a pair of joycons-

      Motion control- does that mean I can't move the characters?

      No idea what hd rumble and Amiibo scanning even mean lol.

      I'm from the original joystick generation. A stick for moving, and a fire button. We are all went crazy when autofire was an option!

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        I highly recommend you either get Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers.

        If you keep an eye out on OzBargain, you can usually pick up a pair of Joy-Con for ~$70-$80.

        Joy-Con are basically 2 controllers, one player can use the left and the other use the right for multi-player games such as Mario Kart.

        As for motion control, some games requires motion, so would be better to get a controller with motion. I'm almost certain that Mario Party will incorporate the motion sensors.

        Rumble, is basically the controller vibrating during gameplay. HD Rumble is just a more advanced form of rumble. Nintendo gave an example of being able to feel individual ice cubes shaking within the remote. So instead of one motor, there's probably multiple, which are capable of giving more refined sensations. An example would be a minigame in 1 2 Switch where you have to tilt the controller around to "feel" how many balls are rolling around inside it.

        Amiibo Scanning, allows you to scan Amiibo Figures to unlock features (such as levels, outfits, power-ups, etc) in certain games.


    Thanks OP, bought


    COol. Thanks OP. Just got 1 for my new Switch. Exciting times.


    Really comfortable controller


    These are definitely worth the money of you own a switch.. Very comfortable.. Better two player experience than a pair of joycons.


    Thanks OP :D

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