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Xiaomi Wiha 24 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit $19.59 USD ($26.84 AUD) + $0.92 AUD Shipping @ GearBest


Hi Guys,

A quick google found the Xiaomi Wiha Precision Screwdriver Set for $27.76 AUD
Your shipping price may vary from title slightly.

EDIT: Found slightly cheaper by 0.40odd cents with Cashrewards 5%, thanks to @altomic
"US$19.80 delivered @ aliexpress"

Couldnt find this on the front page/deals page yet…

If anyone finds this cheaper please let me know and I'll update the post.

Tried with a bunch of coupons but all showing as expired or won't work with this item..

(set deal as 9 days expiry from now as that is what is listed on their site)


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    Bought this for around $40-50 locally a few months ago. Great little set for messing around wth Laptops/PCs.

    • i own a set ….german quality on the bits and xiaomi glamour on the packaging …. a delight to won and use compared to my Jackyl set.

      but yeah is missing some of those security bits that the Jackyl sets have.

      • link for Jackyl sets?

        • @MorriJ: those metal tips don't look all that strong

          it will break underpressure

        • @pinkybrain: The Jackly are definetely cheaper, no question about that. Build quality and finish isnt as good. Neither is the actual driver unit.

          Wiha all the way, however the Wiha is missing a few security bits the Jackly has.

        • @MorriJ:

          yeah it might have those bits
          but those metal ones will probably break

          i bought something similiar looking it broke
          cos the bits are so small

          Probably better just get the wiha
          and extra security bits for the phone and game consoles.

    • at that price why wouldn't you buy an Ifixit kit? it has far mote bits than this kit and would have been the same price? Just curious as all

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        how is the quality?

        some cheap kits can and do break on the tips since it is so small..

        This has occurred for me.

        • Ifixit is a pretty big company with a large following. the bits are fine I've had one for a couple of years.
          The kit used to be like $34 when i got it but has increased in price recently :(.

        • I have an ifixit kit, probably the best set of screwdrivers I have used/owned. I am looking at a Wiha set, but until I get one I would totally recommend the ifixit stuff

        • @aim54x:

          what bit does it have that wiha does not?

        • @pinkybrain: Like I mentioned below Triwing bits. Required for iPhone and Nintendo Switch stuff.
          You can get a 64bit iFixit set for $55 posted.
          So more than double the bits of this set.

          But I havent dropped the $55 for the iFixit set cause I dont wanna spend that sort of money when I rarely use this Wiha one.

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    slightly cheaper (by US$0.40) for US$19.80 delivered @ aliexpress

    with 5% cashrewards cashback (compared to 2% at Gearbest)

    • Thanks, added to description!

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      8% cashback at Shopback at present

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    Theyre very nice. I wish they had triwing Y0/Y00/Y000 in the set though. Or even as separate purchasable bits.

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    Got the priority line shipping (7-15 days) for $1.07
    Pretty worth it for faster delivery :D

    • yep came to the comments to say exactly this.

  • Are these small enough for screws on glasses?

    • +1

      They are, I actually use them for my own pair sometimes.
      As long as they don't have a proprietary screw and are just flat head/phillips head.

    • No. Wiha is better quality.

  • is there a code or something? it is showing $39.79 USD for me.

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      Looks like the flash sale is over.. Must have run out at that price.. See link in description posted by @altomic
      Will update post soon

      • thanks, ordered from Aliexpress

      • I saw the high price too, but after I refreshed the page I saw the flash price again, and successfully placed an order.

  • More stock added under flash sale price!

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    I bought this earlier in the year. Was liberating to throw away all my incomplete $2.80 screwdriver assets.

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      I haven't bought from that link… But the xiaomi wowstick is pretty good for the money. Good use of AAA eneloops.

    • +11

      I've ordered lots of stuff from Gearbest and never had an issue (besides the slow postage).

  • Been wanting these for a while. Just ordered, thanks!

  • Discounted Stock Exhausted.
    I went to order, 6 left at $26.84, added to cart. Looked for other items to buy too and added other items to my cart, by the time I go to checkout, the price has gone up to $54.52.
    Missed out!

    • Hi matthew8,100 more stock just added,Enjoy it!

  • Thanks purchased!

  • I have this, the quality and finishing is first class.

    But the handle is too thin it's like holding a pencil and when you're working with red Loctite it's possible to strip the nut.

    So I ended up buying a separate Wiha thick rubberised handle and separate torx screws.

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