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[REFURB] Microsoft Surface Book (256GB, i5, 8GB RAM, Nvidia dGPU) $975.20 with Free Delivery (HK) @ Dick Smith / Kogan on eBay


Thanks to lolitsme for previous post and Phoenix1068 in comments, I was looking at Surfacebook with GTX 965 card and 256 GB SSD compared to 128 GB SSD in previous deal.
These ones are Certified Refurbished and 1 year warranty from Dicksmith/Kogan which is same as new ones. They are claimed to be as new.

Operating system Windows 10 Pro
CPU Intel Skylake dual-core processor:i5-6300U
Memory 8 GB LPDDR3 RAM
Storage SSD: 256 GB
Removable storage Full-size SD card slot
(supports SDXC cards)
Display 13.5", 3000×2000 (267 PPI) LCD
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 520 AND Nvidia GeForce card

(Not specified which card : it can be 940M GPU with 1 GB of GDDR5 memory or Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M GPU 2 GB of GDDR5 memory[6] within keyboard part

Kogan is selling brand new for $16xx ( can use coupon Taxtime for 10% off), so these are approx $300 cheaper compared to brand new stock.

Original 20% off at Dick Smith / Kogan on eBay Deal Post

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    The CPU just kills the deal IMO. Anyone looking at this as a gaming device should also steer clear as it's never going to power that high-resolution screen well (hence why this is marketed as an image editing tool).

    2020 will be the year when we see products like this being at their peak for home users (though everyone will be raving about 8k TVs and portable VR/AR).

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      TBH, Graphics card is also not too powerful and might be good for few little old titles. Pretty decent price I recon.

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        I just feel like it's going to be underwhelming unless your use cases are an even spread of productivity, Photoshop, Netflix and web browsing.

        There's talk of 8th gen Surface Pro updates coming, as well as the new Snapdragon 850 units, and they will likely shit on this in terms of everything but GPU, while at a similar price point (or cheaper) with significantly better battery life.


          Yes, mostly those tasks along with offiCe and old titles like minecraft or low graphics kids games.
          New surface book is quite expensive. I was finding more expensive used ones and prefer this with mohan warranty which is quite good.


          is there any significant difference between the dGPU and non dGPU version of this surface book when it comes to general video editing? can anyone shed light on their experiences? I heard from reviews that it won't matter much unless you are doing heavy editing and adding in a lot of special effects.

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          @Butterveggietoast: it depends on the software package and what effects you're using, but generally speaking a dGPU is going to offer a big advantage when it comes into play through CUDA acceleration.

          You'll need to research based on your individual needs, but unless you're going to do only the most basic of editing (and not very often) you're going to probably want a dGPU, but the CPU and (if editing large/long files) RAM are going to be the biggest factors where CUDA acceleration doesn't apply.

          Note that Adobe Premiere makes use of Intel iGPUs for another layer of acceleration now, but this compliments CUDA acceleration rather than replaces it outright. Happy hunting!


          @jasswolf: Cheers Mate for the information, it really does help me to make a decision whether to go for this REFURB one or the other non dGPU i5 128gb from another post. Since I'm only doing basic video editing it would be best for me to stick with the non dGPU one as I'm uncertain of the quality of reburbished items, having used them in the past myself (not Microsoft products) I felt I never got the 100% satisfaction.


          @Butterveggietoast: if you're not deadset on the 2-in-1 aspect, you might find a better deal with a Surface Laptop.

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      Sure the CPU isn't the most powerful thing around, but it certainly doesn't "kill the deal".

      For the price, you still get a really stellar business machine that would suit office tasks, students and general creativity pretty well. I'd say for under $1000, you wouldn't find anything better.

      Having owned one in the past, the screen is really top notch with excellent brightness and colours and the keyboard and battery life are both great.

      If you want a gaming laptop and then sure, look elsewhere, but this was never designed to be a gaming laptop.

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        That's exactly what I've said in this comment thread. My initial comment was coming from the position of 'why would anyone care if it was a 965 or a 940?'

        If you're not a serious illustrator, I see better value in getting a Surface Pro and picking up a pen. As for the CPU, 6th gen vs 8th is almost literally double the performance in many use cases.


          6h gen vs 8th gen. Its double the price as well.


          @Gaggy: Surface Book vs. Surface Book 2? Absolutely, but I'm saying there may be an 8th gen Surface Pro coming.

          If a lack of a dGPU isn't a deal breaker, then people should sit tight for that at about $1200-1300, because it's a huge jump in general performance.


          @jasswolf: Again, Surface Pro and SurfaceBook are different. 12.*" vs 13.5". I find it a little small, along with extra $300-400

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        It doesn't kill it.. but there are some great second hand laptops out there which are similar, and half the price. TBH my old XPS12.. bloody old.. but being an i7 with an SSD has more than enough guts for everything (I don't game on it) and probably still will for 5-10 years more. We're at the point where if you don't need crazy battery life or gaming, we've got mid range / old laptops that exceed most people's needs.

        Most people don't game. Battery life though.. is a great reason to stick to 8th gen cpus, pushing you towards $1k+ price point. This isn't an 8th gen in the surface book anyway.

        If you don't need great battery life, $400ish second hand is enough to get a laptop that is equally productive.


          You can get 8th gen XPS13 for $200 more or get ultrabook for less, but you are missing the point. They are not surfavebooks with one of great displays and transforming to tablet / tent mode along with Pen. Can you advise even something similar for this price range?
          Its not for everyone. I was tossing between these , X1 Yoga or XPS 13 2 in 1. They all have their plus. X1 Yoga might be best, but expensive. These are bisiness grade machines and quality is top notch.

          This one 2 year old mode, but is backed by 1 year warranty or 2 years depending on Australian Consumer law and price point. Kogan are pretty good with warranty and it might not suit you, but many others.

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    I don't believe kogans claim to be as new, hope whoever purchased this is true

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    $500 would be a fair deal for a returned product, FFS its 2nd hand

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    This model has an equivalent 940m GeForce graphics card and is the first gen base lowest spec model with a dGPU.

    This is because it is an i5 instead of i7 and lists a generic GeForce card for the dGPU.


    Damn it I already ordered the i5 128gb without dGPU. Does anyone know whether I can cancel the order with Dick Smith/Kogan ebay? has anyone done it before?


    $999.19 now, price going up.


    Yeah, my father purchased the 16/512 Surface Book on the previous deal (from Microsoft eBay) and it's great. You'd have to be pretty brave to buy a refurb from Kogan HK though.

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    Anyone got their laptop yet?


      im still waiting.. they've sent a $20 voucher and after a couple of messages on ebay, sent an email saying they'll ship on the 26th of july.. after reading a whole bunch of reviews of kogan/dick smith, i'm now thinking of cancelling.. has anyone actually received their unit?


        I have cancelled mine. What a waste of money and time. Wanted to claim tax deductions and could not do it anymore.

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