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Xiaomi Mi Box 3 (Official International Version) 4K Android Box with Inbuilt Chromecast US $56.51 (~AU $76.93) @AliExpress


My favourite TV box is currently on special on Aliexpress. Get further 5% cashback through CashRewards.

It has a 4K Google Chromecast inbuilt, an easy-to-navigate interface, a minimalist yet powerful remote control with voice, overall a well worth its price IMHO. It has also received the latest Android Oreo update recently.

A tip for keeping your device awake at all times (so you can Chromecast anytime): Install the app "Photo Gallery and Screensaver" and change to this app under Daydream settings menu.

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  • Oreo update already rolled out in the last couple of days

    • Yes I updated mine yesterday was having problems with the YouTube app and had a look through the settings and saw their was a system update available.

    • Thanks for the heads up! Trip report? Any glaring issues with any of the catchup tv services that support AndroidTV?

    • Beware of upgrading to Oreo, if you running MIBOX 3 connected with AVR.. I have loose capability of playing 5.1 sound (no passthrough) …

      Unless I am doing something wrong … Can't make sound work properly after update.

      • Have you checked sound settings? Did it change the default (I think passthrough is default).

      • Received a Mi Box yesterday, hooked up last night to my Yamaha RX-V1800 (HDMI) and updated to Oreo. DTS, DD passthrough works fine in Plex, DTS-HD does not - but that seems to be Plex rather than the box. Will try in Kodi tonight.

  • If I had no internet available but a usb hd attached with media files, would it still be able to play the movies on a TV?
    I assume these are so popular as they have great file-type compatibility. I have used Kodi only on a laptop in the past.

    • Yep.

      I've taken my Mi Box on holidays a few times, and it works fine as a standalone media player.

  • Now that the Mi Box has Oreo, and the Vodafone TV has been jacked up to $144 (for some reason?), the Mi Box is looking pretty good again.

    …although the Australian launch of the Shield next month (starting at $249?) will mix things up:


  • This or the mecool m8s pro l? I have the m8s pro l but wanting another box and thinking of getting this one.

    • Curious as I have been looking at the m8s pro l……what is your verdict in real world usage?

      • I think it's great for the price. Just needed something that can direct play media without transcoding and so far it handles that we'll except for Atmos but I think that's just an issue between the device and my soundbar.

  • How’s Oreo run on it?

  • Does anyone know if I can turn this box into unblock tech box and watch Live TV from Asia??


    • Well there are certain iptv apk's that provide live tv channels.

    • I stumbled on news that TVB international is launching legal action against a lot of the TV box providers offering the live streaming service of their programme in Hong Kong and the news said they have "successfully block a number of providers…." and UNBLOCK TV box is one of them together with Funtv box and other few so make sure you are not intending to use it for this purpose. I am in the market for something like that too but don't know if this Xiaomi one is good for that purpose.

      • oh wow, thanks for letting me know. I was planning to purchase the unblock tech for my parents if I couldn't find a cheaper alternative. I probably won't buy it anymore…

        I wonder if current owners of the Unblock tech will be mad if they get blocked!

  • does it have amazon prime, foxtel, stan, and netflix?

  • Can anyone tell me if this is simple to play video files from Windows shared directories on the Network (without needing a plex server etc.) ?

  • can i install abc for kids?

  • If I have a Chromecast and am not interested in 4K…is this something that will make me retire the Chromecast?

    • It could, just depends on your usage and desire to purchase another device. The benefit this would have is that it is standalone but also has the Chromecast tech built in, so if there is anything you can't get on it, you can still cast to it.

    • I have a chromecast (gen 1) and a Mibox. The Mibox is AC wifi, and far less prone to bandwidth problems. My Chromecast gen1 only does 'n' on 2.4GHz, and when there are many people between the tv and the router, there are streaming issues. Apart from that, the Mibox can be used on its own easily, and is comfortable to navigate. It also has 3.5mm audio out, which doubles as toslink optical out; I use this for my headphones.

  • GPU Mali-450, 3 + 2-core 750MHz

    What does "3 + 2 core" mean?
    Mali-450 MP has 1-8 cores, but "3+2" is a weird way to say "5"…

  • Does 4K HDR work on Oreo?

    I was reading this thread and I get mixed details

  • No ethernet I see. Can you use an ethernet to USB adapter?