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BlitzWolf Wireless Fast Charger US $15.95 (Expired) 1.8m Cables: BW-MC2 Micro USB US $3.95, BW-MF6 Lightning US $7.91 @ Banggood


Some ozbargainers PM me ask deals for blitzwolf chargers and data cables,so this deal come,hope you enjoy.

This deal link to "BlitzWolf BW-FWC4 5W 7.5W 10W Wireless Fast Desktop Charger Pad for iPhone X S9 Mix 2S" Expired

Make sure that choose CN warehouse.Our coupon codes can be used only CN warehouse.

UPDATE only 28bws code and 40BWS code are usable, other codes have expired.

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  • +1

    Any discount for the Xiaomi ZMI QB820 Powerbank? Nevermind appears to be out of stock again and replaced by the QB815.

  • Any 1m USB type-c charging cable? 2.5m to long for car.

  • +2

    You can get the BW-S11 for about $20 on eBay now with eBay Plus - it sure has made things interesting, just hope eBay doesn't can it!

  • Any qc chargers au adapter on sale?

  • Bw-fwc1 vs bw-fwc4. Different charging power?

  • Mmm, if the specs are accurate, I'd rather pay an extra $1.43 for the BW-FWC1 wireless charging pad. The FWC4 in this deal says it'll only work with cases 3mm thick while the FWC1 can do 10mm.

    • great charger but I noticed I have to turn the charger on and off all the time to start charging the phone.

      • +3

        Both of mine don't have that problem. There must be something wrong with your wireless charger, or charging brick.

    • Absolutely no way it can do 10mm. It struggles with 3mm

      • No it doesn't. Mine charges my phone through a Quad Lock mount and a case. So does the genuine Samsung wireless fast charger. My Tronsmart Chocolate can't do it though.

        • Anyone know if it can charge through a stock S9 case?

  • 28bws does not work for the BW-MF6
    Is there a correct code?

    • doesn't work for me either

    • 28bws is works,make sure that choose CN warehouse.

      • legend. cheers

      • Oh drat. OP, can I message you to reverse an order I made thinking this deal was no good?

      • How do we change warehouse? Does the lack of CN means it's sold out already?

        • Which one do you want? Can you PM me?

        • @banggood:

          BW-MF6. Couldn't select CN warehouse last night but got it working after a few more attempts.


    • works for me

  • bought the wireless charging pad to use with the iphone x. not many good ones out there at this price point that do 5, 7.5 and 10w charging

  • +9

    Same price at Amazon AU & free shipping with Prime - got mine in 3 days, nice charger. https://www.amazon.com.au/Wireless-Charger-BlitzWolf-Chargin...

    [Edit] Actually its cheaper - $15.99 AUD not USD

    • Put that up as a separate deal. it is a very good price considering many have prime so free shipping.

    • The BlitzWolf USB C charger is also cheaper: https://www.amazon.com.au/Charger-Delivery-BlitzWolf-Chargin...

      • Thanks, just ordered one :)

      • Cheaper from Banggood, but will take about a month to arrive.

    • +3

      Don’t think that’s the same one. Different model number. May not support 7.5W

      • Think you're right, well spotted.

  • Hey rep, will you be collecting GST from July 1 onwards?

  • -1

    Is this a certified legitimate OEM store?

  • Rep, Any deals on the BlitzWolf® BW-S6 QC 3.0+2.4A 30W?

    • Coupon 24bws can be used on BW-S6 too.

  • Hi rep, any chance of a discount on ROCK W3 10W Qi Wireless Fast Charging Charger. I like the option of power button on the kickback stand. Just press the button to stop charging when the battery is full and use it as a night stand.


    If anyone is interested I was able to get 15% off by using this code - Midsale15%

    • Hmm wouldn't you end up with 90-something % battery life in the morning then? Why not just leave it on?

      • I read that it is not good for the battery to leave it on charge for long times. It's always good to unplug from the charger after the phone is fully charged for a long battery life.
        Correct me if I am wrong.

    • The code 24bws doesn't work on this ROCK Fast Charging.

  • So if I buy the BW-S11 to use with the wireless charger and I want close to 15W, do I need to buy a USB-C-to-micro USB cable to connect them or can I use the USB-A (and the cable that it comes with)?

  • Rep, by mistake I ordered 1 mtr lighting cable. Can you help me cancelling it please so I can place order for 1.8m wire? Order #51188542

    • +1

      We have hold your order,our customer team will contact you later.

      • We have hold your order,our customer team will contact you later.

        Thanks a lot, just got an email from the customer care team.

  • thanks! just ordered one for an iphone 8 plus :)

  • Some weird discount going on… accidentally added 6x lightning cables (1.8m black) to my cart and it was ~$41 total. I bought that because $6.90 for a 2m blitzcore lightning cable is a steal and I'm tired of my wife breaking every single cable I've bought (gone through a dozen this year!)

    Edit: just realized that all of the 1.8m cables from the CN warehouse are showing up as $6.90!

  • Is anyone else having problems getting the $US15.95 (AU $22) price to show for the charger?

    I've used the code and made sure I choose the CN Warehouse.

    • Sorry,there is something mistake,you can use the coupon now.

  • What's the difference between the MC2 cable and the ampcore cables like the MC5?

  • I ended up buying one of the chargers with faster delivery.

    There was some problem with Banggood in canceling my order to take advantage of the coupon (the coupon wasn't working when I made the order).

    My advice to you all is to be more patient than me :)

  • Can the wireless charger BW-FWC4 be used in cars? And is it safe to leave it plugged in constantly during hot summer days?

    • Not recommended for use in cars, high temperatures will make charging slower

  • Coupon has expired — attempting to use results in error "This coupon can only be used 500 times"

    • I have added 500 times,you can use the coupon now.

      • wrong comment, please delete

  • Went back, bought 5 more MF6 cables for family. Thanks OP

  • Hey banggood rep, just wondering if you can do a coupon for https://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-BW-MF5-2_4A-Lightning-to-... - it is a Blitzwolf BW-MF5 lightning cable 1m, instead of the 1.8m one listed above. Thanks

  • +1

    Disappointing experience. I received the BlitzWolf BW-FWC4 Wireless Charger and it appears to have been used previously. The charging surface is badly worn and damaged. Will wait and see what their support team say.

    • Could you PM me your order ID?I can help you to follow the case.

  • Logged in, trying to apply 28bws after selecting CN warehouse on MF6 cable but it comes up with "This offer is not available for limited offer products". Shows US$8.88 and $1.30 shipping.

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