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FREE! 14 Lonely Planet iPhone Apps. North American Cities.


Lonely Planet Helps Stranded North American Travelers with Free iPhone City Guide Apps

NOTE: The official press release will be on the URL soon. Consider this advance notice because I love you guys here on OZbargain. Another tip: Lonely Planet also releases deals through the newsletter. More details here: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/newsletter/?lpaffil=emailhomepod

NYC is now FREE too!

Official Spiel Below:

With ice and snowstorms continuing to delay flights across the US and Canada, Lonely Planet is offering 14 of its iPhone City Guide apps free to stranded travelers for a limited time.

“We recognize that travelers are stuck all over the country due to these recent storms and will need access to our content”, said John Boris, Lonely Planet’s Managing Director. “Thus, we made all our US and Canadian iPhone City Guide apps free so that regardless of whether they are stuck in a blizzard or on the beach, they can easily download the practical information and recommendations we provide straight onto their phone”.

The 14 guides will be free in the iTunes App Store from 5pmPST on Tuesday, February 1st to 5pmPST Friday, February 4th 2011.

The cities available are:
• San Francisco
• New York City
• Boston
• Washington DC
• Chicago
• Seattle
• New Orleans
• Vancouver
• Las Vegas
• Miami
• Toronto
• Los Angeles
• Montreal
• Fort Myers and Sanibel

Lonely Planet has a history of helping stranded travelers, having offered their European iPhone City Guide apps free during the eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull and again during the Christmas snowstorms. This is the first time they’ve offered their US or Canadian city guides for free.

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  • +1

    Fantastic! New ones to add to the collection.

    • my thoughts exactly :).

  • Got everything now for $0 except new york city.

  • +1

    The sisters jealous she is going to the USA but only has a Samsung Android…

    Edit - BTW thanks for posting here - much appreciated

    • Sorry about that! From what I understand, the Android Marketplace works differently. Once you make an app free there, it will always be free. Not exactly a good business model! :-)

      PS: Lend her your iPhone for the trip!

      • +3

        Just have a free and pay version. Pull the free version when you want to stop giving it out.

  • Cool. Thanks OP.

  • Awesome, I am planning to go to US end of this year. Some of the apps will sure come in handy =)

  • I managed to get everything, but it appears as though NYC isn't coming up as free? Will check again later.

    These would have been really helpful on my trip to the USA in 2009, luckily I'm heading there again soon :-)

    • NYC is free now! I just browsed through the Lonely Planet apps and it was the first free one I saw. :)

  • where is the link to it?

    edit: just went on itunes and searched and found them. but like above, NYC is apparently not free. great though

  • Great deal, love adding to the collection. NYC isn't appearing free for me either, but will keep checking.

  • You're a champion! Thanks! :)

  • +1

    Whoa nice gesture from Lonely Planet, will be sure to give reviews on the ones I use.

    (Any chance of a Europe freebie day before their summer?)

    • I have soo many of these now… the one i am missing is Barcelona. And to thank Lonely Planet for all the freebies, i'll actually buy this one! (using discounted itunes vouchers!)

  • Am literally stuck in NYC trying to get back to SYD via Chicago… might as well make the best of the situation with these :-)

    • +3

      Am literally stuck in NYC

      literally ??? send us a pic please…

    • I can confirm, however in my search results it still shows $7.99. When you open the icon it does indeed say Free App. Must be a lag in updating.

      • Now showing as FREE on my list!

  • nice one, thanks for this

  • Nice, might be going to the US in March-June period. So download them all.


  • Oops, accidentally bought one (that wasn't free).

    • Well that should make Shawn's day …

  • cool! thanx Shawn :)

  • Thanks, adds to my collection of about 30 other Lonely Planet apps :)

  • Hey, any chance of an Asian Givaway Spree, because I love the HK book and borrowed that like 5 times~

  • good deal cause it's free, but I find the Lonely Planet apps aren't that useful. Much prefer Frommer's and Rough Guides.

    • +5

      Let me know why you think Frommer's & Rough Guides are better. We are constantly working to improve our guides and apps. I'll send all feedback on!

      • +2

        Would it be possible to have a Must See section? From memory, the Melbourne guide does not include Great Ocean Road (I could be wrong). I collect Lonely Planet apps. when they are free, but I don't actually put them on my iPhone.

        Personally, I found the Lonely Planet apps. have a lot of information, but it is hard to determine the good ones.

      • +1

        Hey Shawn, I think Lonely Planet does a good job in giving you all the information to make an informed decision, but guides like Frommer's actually pick and make those decisions for you.

        Using NYC as an example, their suggested itineraries, best dining bets, essential NY eating guide, best free things to do etc. all make it a bit easier to plan a trip. It's just easier for me to pick something to do from a list of 'must visit' places rather than an alphabetical list ranked by location and type of activity. I think the Lonely Planet app could definitely do with a list of one/two/three/five day itineraries and 'best of' section.

        • +1

          Hey Timmye and netsurfer,

          Good points. Thanks and I'll pass the feedback on.

          We do include information (take from our printed guides) in the apps in order for users to make an informed decision.

          We have some books that do feature the 'best' things in each destination. plus our guides also has itineraries. Perhaps it would be a matter of making them appear in these apps too.


  • +2

    We got stuck in NY last week,
    We were sitting on the runway at JFK when the snowstorm hit just before we were about to take off last Wednesday. 3 hours out there with one failed attempt at take off. Then they cancelled the flight at midnight, our bags were stuck onboard because the door was frozen shut.

    Craziest cab ride back to Manhattan, cars getting stuck everywhere and our driver ran every red light so we didn't stop. Got stuck a few times, he was revving that car above 7000rpm and sliding sideways to get out. A true artist, he used to be a truck driver.

    Other passengers told us the next day they weren't so lucky, their drivers stopped at red lights and got stuck, other drivers tried to shake them down for $100 to get them to their hotels/homes.

    I got a video on my iphone of Times Square getting covered in snow.

    Thanks for the free apps Shawn!

  • +1

    Going to Chicago in July… Perfect! Might go to New York as well… Thanks Lonely Planet!

  • +1

    Now the hard part: Actually saving up for a trip.

  • Great and quality bargain! Thanks!
    Too late for my last trip, good excuse for another :-)

  • +5

    "Lonely Planet has a history of helping stranded travelers" Egypt and QLD next?

  • +1

    Here is the link for the lot (in case you need to find each of them):


  • Not free for me, even after clicking through to the full description page. will try again later

    • Expired.

      5pm PST Friday, February 4th 2011.

      • Yeah deadset Shawn, what about Cairo as daydream says above? Would seem a prime opportunity to earn some goodwill..