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Ring Video Doorbell Pro - $278.30 @ Bunnings ($264.39 Pricematch at Officeworks)


Hi All,

Wanted a new doorbell to hook up to my overly priced Samsung fridge so i went on the hunt today. Found that Bunnings list the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for $278.30 https://www.bunnings.com.au/ring-video-doorbell-pro_p4211505

This is however a special order and my experience with specials order has not been great. This already is a fantastic price for this unit, however i thought i would try Officeworks Price Beat. No questions asked, price matched from Bunnings and i got this for $264.39.

Officeworks link here @ $398.00 https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/ring-video...

With 1080HD video, two-way audio and customisable motion sensors, the new Video Doorbell Pro is our most advanced doorbell yet. Ultra slim design with advanced features. Includes 24VAC adaptor and Chime Pro. With an ultra-slim design and customisable faceplates, Ring Pro has a finish to match your home and your style.

1080p HD video with Two-Way Talk
Custom motion zones
Infrared night vision
Includes 4 interchangeable faceplates
Requires existing doorbell wiring

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    You need to list the bunnings price as the bargain and then add the comment about officeworks, as a price beat is not a bargain.

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    Wanted a new doorbell to hook up to my overly priced Samsung fridge so i went on the hunt today.

    I'm in the same boat… Looking for new lawn mower that can connect via Bluetooth to my fridge…

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      With 1080HD video, two-way audio and customisable motion sensors…

      …this is the ideal addition to the new guest bathroom that we are installing.

    • If fridge door is opened, start mowing…….

  • Good deal OP, just wondering if the OW version came with the wireless Chime Pro that appears to be included in the Bunnings deal?

    Edit: I read the description above again and looks like it does but my guess is that you cut and pasted the Bunnings description above.. OW's online description seems unclear about it being included.

    Looks like Amazon has also matched Bunnings price(unfortunately Amazon20 no longer works for me)…might have to cancel my Amazon backorder of the version 1 and get one of these from OW instead..

    • Hey, Definitely comes with the Chime Pro. Comes with the 24VAC Adapter that plugs into a normal 240v socket, incase you do not have an existing older style doorbell which was my scenario.

  • Wouldn't these be easily stolen?

    • Ring will replace it.

  • This one requires hardwiring?

    • Yes

    • Yes, hardwire is required for this model

  • Consider the skybell trim HD

    Far more reliable, no monthly fees. Requires an existing digital or analog door chime. Full HD, minimal false alerts, poor wifi range.

    I have not used this riing model but dropped the old one due to fees and crappy performance. This model ma be different, but I have no isses with the skybell.

    • I've currently got the Ring Pro. I use it outside the front gate (not actually by our front door). However, we also find it somewhat unreliable. Also find the speaker isn't loud enough with typical outside noise, so if we say something the people outside can't hear.

      Interested in this Skybell one, I didn't realize it existed and I was looking around for ages, specifically for something that is waterproof. The skybell doesn't state an IP rating but they sound pretty confident in it's weatherproof abilities.

      Is the WiFi range pretty bad with the Skybell (you mentioned it is poor), compared to the Ring? I have reasonable strength out at the front gate but it's not super.

  • This home automation connection will only end up in tears
    A hacker will turn the air conditioner to 40c, command your mower to cut all your flowers
    open all doors allow feral animals to roam inside. Fill the bath up so it overflows.The garage door will
    open and close 10 times a minute. And the sound system will be turn up on full playing the spice girls greatest hits with all the house lights flashing in sync…..

    • +1

      Spice Girls. Worth it

  • +1

    Great price!!!

    I bought one of these from Amazon US about 12 months ago for a lot more $$$ but still very happy with it.

    Have 2 of the chimes units to be able to hear doorbell from anywhere on our largish house. Having the motion detection making a distinctive “tingle” gives us a heads up that someone is about to ring door bell and which is quite useful to make a head start on the long hallway

    • This is one of the reasons i went with this model also!

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    Is it worth triple money compared to ring doorbell 1st gen which we got from previous deal for around $94?

    • Probably Not. I went with this model as its a much smaller and discreet unit and i needed the Pro version to integrate into my fridge. If what you have is working, i wouldn't bother changing.

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    we need a xiaomi version …..
    then it would be cheap and integrate with all those sensors and stuff we got from previous deals.

    surely they must have one that makes the gateway flash.

  • Did the prices go back up? :S

  • Looks like the price has gone up.

    OP - Are you able to send me a copy of your receipt. I wouldn't mind trying my luck at OW to get the same deal.

    • Hopefully, they don't check the date :p

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