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$999 Pre-Order Special of SEARSMITHS Forge Outdoor Grill/BBQ (Free Delivery) @ Searsmiths.com


Welcome to a world where the best steak you’ve ever tasted is the one you cooked yourself. Introducing the Searsmiths Forge. Cook restaurant quality meat in your own backyard.

Pre-Sale Special: Now only $999 inc GST and delivery. Standard price is $1499, and stock is strictly limited at this price!

Zip-pay now available, so you can pay in installments!

Product Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KkY-Go-1PyA
Launch Event @ Meatstock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6npApvYXUE&t=22s
Why you need one: https://searsmiths.com/blogs/news/top-down-grilling-101

Anyone interested in following us and keeping up to date with our demonstrations, follow us @SEARSMITHS on Facebook!

Currently available in Australia only.

What's Included:

2 x Grill handles
1 x Grill plate
1 x Vegetable tray
2 x Side accessory extensions
1 x Grill Cover
1 x Gas regulator and hose
Delivery: Delivery is free Australia-wide and included in the pre-sale price.

** Delivery date is estimated for September 2018 **

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  • I like how the handles are also bottle openers.

    Apart from that, I have no idea what the device is for.

    • +10 votes

      These cook steaks. It's hard for you to understand being a pizza guy :P

      • +4 votes

        We are going to be releasing a pizza stone for this as well, so maybe he would love it then! :)

    • It is for grilling vegans

    • Coffee machine?

    • +6 votes

      It's a small benchtop salamander for your kitchen (ie, a griller/broiler, depending on where you are from).

      For a thousand bucks.


        It is designed for outdoor use. But yes, it has a salamander style design, and reaches 900 degrees Celsius.

      • Pretty much what I thought. How is this different to a standard domestic grill/salamander?
        I also find it to be a stretch saying that it cooks the best steak, with no wood or coal. This seems to be an expesive gadget, unless I am missing something.

        • It's a hell of a lot hotter. Your oven griller might hit 280, maybe

          Personally, I'm fine with a stupid hot pan for a 20 second sear.

    • Top shelf:
      Heats up to 900°C in seconds for the perfect sear every time.
      Top-down radiant burners means even heat distribution with no sooty flare ups or sticking meat!

      Middle shelf:
      A huge grilling area cooks 8 steaks in 5 minutes, so you can spend more time eating!

      Bottom area:
      Commercial-grade stainless steel, purpose built to withstand tremendous heat output. Designed in Australia, built to last.

      Machine base:
      A removable drip tray and dishwasher-safe accessories makes cleaning up simple. You’re welcome.

      Right control knob:
      With a temperature range of 90°C to 900°C , it’s the most versatile grill of its type on the planet.

  • Here's a video which actually shows how it works, looks interesting but cleanup would mean I probably wouldnt use it often.


      If you have a dishwasher, cleanup is 5 mins max. The entire premise of our design is to make people excited about grilling by making it more convenient and taking the hassle out of it. Our grill only needs 2 mins of warmup time before hitting optimal temp. It only needs 4-5 mins of total cooking time for a steak. Cleanup takes 5mins. You can do the entire process before a regular BBQ has even warmed up to the right temperature!

  • best steak you’ve ever tasted

    1 x Gas regulator and hose

    dont think those two phrases go together…

  • In the inner city need something that works on a balcony or small courtyard, I have a 2 burner infrared bbq and a small smoker. Space in Melb and Syd is at a premium, my floor space is $5000 per sq metre, so this would need to do a lot of things or replace a lot of things.

    • +1 vote

      It will not replace a smoker, but it will do everything your infrared BBQ does and more - and all significantly better. Searing, temperature range, speed - all important factors that it will do better than a regular BBQ. The footprint is compact but can do 8 steaks in 4-5mins. Since we are heating from above, the bottom of your food stays cool and never sticks to the grill plate - a real hassle when trying to do fish or burgers on a regular BBQ. Also, 0 flare up unlike regular bottom-up heat sources. Lastly, clean up is a breeze.

      You can read more about top down grilling here: https://searsmiths.com/blogs/news/top-down-grilling-101

      • called a salamander in the catering trade …

        "8 steaks in 4-5mins" …think it depends on size …. my steaks are 45mm thick cuts

        Food sticking …. it's because people try and move it before it's cooked …. even stainless steel pans don't have steaks stick if you know what you are doing.


        Would be good to see a demo of this grill before parting with $1000,

    • I live inner-city Sydney and use a Chubby 3400 smoker which I have on wheels for ease of storage and a Webber Family Q. Now looking at the Searsmiths Forge as a replacement for the Webber.

      Hey @OP - looks like this is LP gas only? No natural gas option?


        Not out of the box at the moment. Something we will certainly look at in the future.

        • Bugger. Thanks for letting me know.

          Hope these things sell well and you expand the product line to natural gas.

          If you do, I have a flame-proof suit and I'm happy to pay to be a test pilot. ;-)

        • @OzDJ_: rejet it ….I did it with 2 of my old BBQ's …. it's actually easy to do, just need to find out the current size to know what natural gas version would be.

        • @garage sale: Which is easier said than done for a speciality device that does not have a current NG variant. :-/

  • Welcome to a world where the best steak you’ve ever tasted is the one you cooked yourself.

    Welcome to a world where meat is so expensive I can only afford cheap cuts.


  • Ordered - Tried this at the Meatstock Show in Sydney Olympic Park Loved it!!!
    Can't wait to get it :)

  • So tempted.


      Do it BlinkyBill! We only have about 10 left for September delivery. This will change your BBQing life!

      • I can get pretty close to that sear by using sous vide and then using "forced induction" choarcoal webber and bringing the coals right upto the meat. Not flare-ups surprisingly (even on lamb). But man that is tempting.

        Do you actually have to pay for this upfront or put a minimal deposit? As tempting or not, I have no interest in being an unsecured creditor?

        • +1 vote

          Am also doing the same thing but man this is tempting as hell. Running out of reasons not to get it! If only the rep will knock a further $100 off the price just for us :)


          We are fully funded, and we know customers will love their purchase!

          We have lowered the RRP significantly due to the waiting period involved, however, we are also more than happy to do deposit only at this stage, and payment prior to delivery. We have to do this manually though as Shopify (our website platform) doesn't handle deposits very well. If you are interested, drop us an email at [email protected] and we can arrange this for you.

        • @Searsmiths:

          How long is this offer good for, I really don't want to impulse email you!

        • thing with the weber is fats that drip onto the hot coals vapourise, float up and stick to the meat , vs this which is top grilled no fat gets vapourised …. would taste different ….. I have too many BBQs :-(


          @BlinkyBill: If you want it for September, as of right now, we have 9 more left at this price. Presale price will be available until August - but once these 9 are gone estimated delivery date will be October or November. However, after we finish pre-sale stage (August) price will go back to regular RRP of $1499.

          As I said before, we don't believe in trying to hard-sell anyone because we are extremely confident in how good our product is. If you want delivery in September, I suggest ordering now. If you are willing to wait until around November then order anytime before the deal expires in August.

          I am happy to honor deposit only/payment plan options if required. Just drop us an email when you are ready.


          @garage sale: Also if you try to get the Weber really hot, you get loads of flare-ups - which again turn your meat into crap. Top-down is the only way we know to achieve this temperature easily on a large scale (8 steaks at a time) without any of the negative side effects or hassle.

          I used to be a coal only guy, but the effort required, time commitment, and lack of control led us to a better solution

        • @Searsmiths:

          Odd I didn't see this when searing already sous vide cooked Lamb Chops (notorious for flare-ups if cooked from raw). I used hardwood and used a leaf blower until the coals where glowing red hot and only about 50mm away from the grill. Both sides completed seared in about 2 mins per side.

          Anyway I still want one of these for the ease of it, lots forward planning required.

          Is it possible to take a look at one of these in person? How long is the warranty on this for? Do/will you sell spare parts for these units?


          @BlinkyBill: Warranty is 12 months, and yes we will provide spare parts. Our main issue is demonstrations outside of Sydney are tough at the moment. Where are you located?

  • +1 vote

    Hey rep, what's the dims and weight of this puppy?

    • +1 vote

      Base is 42cm wide x 60cm deep. Height is 52cm. Packaged weight is about 35kg including all accessories. All you need is a small table, as the package includes two detachable accessory arms which can be used as workspace and to hold food etc.

  • Be nice to see a demo unit going ….bbq galore and bbq plus do demos on some weekends ……

    think you guys need to hook up at Prahran or Sth Melb market with one of the bucthers and do a demo , at Prahran the butchers usually have the part-time kid cooking stuff on weekends for people to try anyway ….


      Yes you are 100% correct. This product really needs to be seen in person to be appreciated. Almost all of our sales thus far have come as a result of demonstrations. However, we are a startup based in Sydney and Australia is a very big place! We have a lot of demonstrations lined up in Sydney, but we need to find a way to reach other states and cities.

  • Damn, tempting …..


    Anyone interested in following us and keeping up to date with our demonstrations, follow us @SEARSMITHS on Facebook!

  • Would this give you the charcoal flavour on the meat?