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NBN Unlimited Plans 50 / 100 for $69 / $89 Per Month for 6 Months @ Aussie Broadband (New Customers)


Per Phil Brit on Whirlpool:
The good stuff…
Our new special offer here on Whirlpool is $10 off for the first 6 months on either of our unlimited plans. That means you can sign up to our nbn™ 50 or nbn™ 100 unlimited plans and you’ll only pay $69 or $89, respectively for the first 6 months of the service.

All you have to do is sign up online and use the promo code WHIRLY10 at the checkout to redeem the offer.

The catch…
The offer can only be redeemed via our online signup and cannot be used over the phone. Only new customers are eligible for this offer (so no cancelling and signing up again to get the cheaper price). The code will only work with our unlimited plans and not with any other plans. The offer will be available until the 31st of August 2018 or otherwise stated.

The code will still work with our small business broadband plans and will still work for customers in the pre-order window (up to 3 months before their area’s RFS date).

That’s it…
Yep, that’s it! A new promotion to get our 2018-19 financial year off to a flying start. If you miss entering the promo code or see this offer after you sign up, sorry but no backsies, you've probably chosen to join us because you've already heard about our services.

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  • +1

    just connected to NBN for few days, join TPG NBN 100, got around 90/41 (a tiny bit lower in peak time 86-88/38). Cant feel any congestion, lag, slow down so far even in peak time. Will my internet get worse if my all my neighbour join NBN?

    • What is the setup fee,prepayment fee for TPG?

      • I paid $89.99 a month, it was 18 months contract or $99 setup fee without contract. However, they offer me shorter a contract after i told them i am leaving TPG (been with them for years). they send me a tp link vr1600 for $10, so why not trying). Actually i may going to nbn 50 for $69 next month, I think it should fast enough.

        • i am considering Exetel and TPG, Exetel seem a bit cheaper

    • It was very fast when I first joined MR but after everybody signed up for NBN nearby started to slow down.

      Can't say for TPG

    • ABB will NOT over sell!!! should not have more then 3 decrease during peak if that.

  • +2

    Currently I have a business connection with them including VOIP. Last friday the connection dropped out. 40 minutes on hold and then told sorry all the technicians have gone home and can't fix till Monday. I had no internet or phone for the WHOLE WEEKEND! As I run a pizza restaurant that delivers, it cost me 2 grand in sales. Next day I went and bought a mobile internet connection so online sales could be done but no phone. The 24/7 help desk can't (or don't know how) divert phone to a mobile. It was done on Monday but the damage was done. Any business that requires support on weekends or after 7pm weekdays go elsewhere.

    • Sorry for your trouble.

      But running any sevice deemed essential via VOIP is never advised.

  • +1

    $40.00 a month for 50gb with dodo NBN / good for me anyway

    • +1

      I reckon you don't need NBN

      • I need this RIGHT NOW… And, I’m done for the month 😆

  • +2

    I'm on Mate Commmunicate. I'm not having issues with their speeds at peak times and the one time I have had to contact customer service the guy stayed on the line for 20 minutes to make sure I was fine.

    They have a $59 per month NBN 50 unlimited plan with no contract either.

    Seems to be even better value than Aussie Broadband, anyone else using them?

    • Only for 6 months though, it's $69 after that

      • But isn’t this Aussie Broadband deal $69 for only 6 months as well? And then $79 after that?

        • +1

          yes, but you can't really compare ABB to mate, ABB would be more in Telstra bucket

        • @Droid11: OK. Yes- just doing a bit more research now. I get what you mean. Cheers

  • Any comment on exetel?

  • Is a Telstra connection > ABB? Cost is comparable for me & I'd rather have a better connection.

    • +2

      Speeds would be similar, support is better with ABB.

  • Is there a contract with this or can you walk after 6 months or less.

    • no contracts, month to month only…

      • When I click on the deal link provided (which this deal apparently finishes today BTW), it states under the NBN plans listed that for an unlimited 50/100mbps plan, its contracted for a 24 month term, unless I am missing something?

  • does it matter too much who I go with? got FTTP and want the best bang for buck

  • Anyone that has switched ISP with FTTN that can advise how long the change over usually takes and if there's any down time? I'm assuming it'd be a similar sort of timeframe to ADSL?

    • Churned my folks over from Internode to ABB about 9pm on a Sunday night, went through within 5 mins of applying.

    • +1

      We did ours from telstra to ABB last Monday, we didn't even realise it was switched until I noticed the email in my inbox.
      Didn't even have to touch the modem.

      • Really? The reps told me i had to buy a new modem.

        • +1

          Depends on the modem you currently have I think, but if you have fttn, then I would think the modem should be fine for ABB?

      • You will have to login to your modem and enter your account details for ABB won't you? FTTN uses PPPoE

        • I didn't have to change anything. I'm not sure why or why that wasn't the case, but was as simple as at one point I was with telstra, the next was ABB.

  • Can I use the myhub modem my republic gave me with abb?

  • You guys do realise that both the 50 & 100mbps unlimited plans with Aussie are actually on a 24 month contract?
    This to me is extremely frustrating, seeing that ours (and anyone elses) lease agreements in a rental property can only be a max term of 12 months? :(

    • No, they don't have to be on a contract

      We will now be including modems on our unlimited plans on a 24 month contract

      Yep, this is a big one. Firstly, we still offer no contract on all plans. This is just another option we are adding. In order to provide more value and options, we will now be giving new customers the option to get the NF18ACV included for $0 upfront on a 24 month contract.

      The contracts will work as follows:

      • Contracts will be available on the unlimited plans only
      • The contract period will be for 24 months from when the customer’s service is connected (ie when the application starts billing).
      • Shipping charges still apply ($15 for standard, $20 for express).
      The contract exit fee will be $149 (the cost of the router) or the remainder of the contract, whichever is less. A contract customer is still able to change plans at any time for no plan change fee, however, they will only be allowed to change between the other contract plans.
      • If a contract customer does a plan change it does not affect the start/end dates of their contract.
      • If a contract customer wants to change to a non-contract plan (eg 100GB etc) then the exit fee will apply.
      • If a customer is relocating we will roll their contract over to their new service (so they do not have to pay an exit fee, provided an nbn service is available at the new address).
      No contract plans will still be available the same prices, they just won’t include the hardware for free.

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