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Ozito Power X Change Cordless Blower Kit with Fast Charger & 5.2ah Battery - $112 (Was $149) @ Bunnings Warehouse


I was looking for a high capacity battery for the Ozito brushless drill driver skin only deal from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/389119 thanks to gm244 and saw this deal in the clearance section at Bunnings Crossroads. Couldn't find it on Bunnings website however the 5.2Ah battery alone is $99 while the fast charger is now $29.98. If anyone looking for the highest capacity battery for their Ozito brushless drill driver skin only then this will be excellent for it. They had this along the wall along with other clearance stocks near the customer service help desk. Good luck finding them.

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    Goodness mia! Ozb is pretty bad sometimes. Another item I will buy that I will not need 99% of the time.

  • Ryobi 18V ONE+ 2.0Ah Jet Blower Kit might be a better deal.. https://www.bunnings.com.au/ryobi-18v-one-2-0ah-jet-blower-k...

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      Have you seriously compared the specs of the Ryobi blower against the same price Ozito $99 blower? https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-power-x-change-18v-cordles...
      The Ryobi is under specs compared to Ozito. Included battery in the Ryobi is 2Ah (non Lithium ion) vs the Ozito 4Ah $99 kit or 5.2Ah $112 kit (Lithium ion) with fast charger. If the Ryobi running time is 18mins as stated then the Ozito 4Ah battery will give you x2 that capacity for the same money while the 5.2Ah battery in this deal will give you x2.6 running time. Maximum air speed for Ryobi 145km/h vs Ozito 210km/h.

      The Ozito blower kits at both $99 or $112 are much better deals.

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        The Ryobi is a lithium ion battery,also you can't seriously compare the specs as Ozito don't supply air volume only speed and using a smaller outlet you can have an increase in speed with a much lower volume of air ( note as a gardener I would class both of these as next to useless)

        • So this Ozito 5.2Ah battery is not Lithium ion?

        • @icecream: Yes, 100% confirmed the Ozito is Lithium Ion. Oh how the Ozito haters make me laugh :p

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    Urgh, another Ozito kit deal!? Looks like a trip to Bunnies later tonight/first thing in the morning then. 5.2Ah Battery is handy in those devices that run non-stop like the Vacuum & Blower and in the Chainsaw just so you can get more work done away from the house. Haven't got the Blower yet so yeah, nice deal OP, thanks! Hope my local has these.

    • No luck. Got them to search 3381082 at the Service Desk and I was promptly told they have none and haven't stocked that for a while. All good. Might call a few other stores tomorrow. Hope others can find some.

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    My $50 blower and Trimmer kit I bought last time still in the box XD


    • Your was a 3ah but now a 5.2ah battery.

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        it makes no difference in the box, LOL.

  • looking to purchase the blower without the battery and charger, if anyone want to sell it, pls kindly PM me. thanks. i am in victoria (cam pick up, location along M1, princess hwy, dandenong road, casey area)

    • I'm sure someone will purchase 2+ of this kit just for the 5.2Ah batteries & fast chargers for the other Ozito Power X Change kit they have

  • I spent an hour walking around my local Bunnings looking for ticketed stuff and didnt see this…

    • Yeah, it's my favourite place to go for a walk too.

      Wonderful scenery!

    • Check the mower section, or else it's best to ask Bunnings staff to check if stock is available and ask them to find it for you

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    These blowers are perfect for clearing out your gutters. The nozzle is just the right size.. Mine has paid for itself numerous times over…..

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