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Hikvision Ezviz 720P Outdoor Camera C3C Wi-Fi Camera $86.74 Delivered @ StarnetOnline


POE Version $75.59 plus freight
Wi-Fi Version: $79.79 plus freight
Mini O 720p Camera: $35 plus freight

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  • Only 5 left?

    • Do you after more than 5?

      • min posting requirement is 10

        • ok, that's fine, i have more than 5. thanks for letting me know.

        • @ozhappiness: can this be modified to be powered by USB and used in a car as dash cam?

        • @wtfnodeal:

          i do not think so on usb as it is 5v, and this camera is 12v, but you probably can adapt from car.

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          @ozhappiness: Hi Op, JUst wondering if you can do a deal for 1080 version as quite a few of us would like to go for it I believe, Thanks

        • +1

          @fj123: +1

        • @fj123:

          sure, i would love to help, and could you pm me or email to [email protected], and let me know what do you after?

        • @fj123: +1

  • Hikvision Ezviz 720P Outdoor Camera

    I had no idea Hikvision and Ezviv were the same company

    • Ezviz is a brand made by Hikvision.

      • Well there you go, every day's a school day

    • Hikvision also make HiWatch and X2 cameras.

  • 720p seems like a low resolution in the days of 6 & 8 mega pixel cameras. Im sure its good enough though

    • -2

      it all depends on the different situation, i personally use some 720p camera myself, and it is good enough for me. i also have weir POE camera of 4MP, 6Mp, and 8MP.

      • +1

        I bought Hikvision cameras few years ago and they were all FullHD. Now, they have even higher resolution. 720p is soooo old and IHMO, I wont suggest buying it.
        If OP has it, he might have bought it say 5 years ago.

        2-4 years old RRP is also misleading. You can get much better cameras for that price. Dome style ones have lower profile look nicer too.

        • Is that your camera analogue or IP? and i think they are weird camera system? this batch i got early this year, not 2-4 years old stock, i can show my invoice to customers who drop in shop to buy to proof. As the weird camera, even 6mp or 8mp resolution, but when you view it via the internet, the resolution will be 720p or 1080p to be more smooth playing, that is why Wi-fi camera is different from weird camera.

        • @ozhappiness: Wired not weird. There's a huge difference.

        • @m9:


        • @ozhappiness: IP Camera and wired POE.
          I know when looking remotely is 720p or Full HD, but when you want to investigate or look for plates, HD is a no go and even Full HD struggles. With storage this cheap, there is no brainer to by 720p.
          I understand people might fall for remote viewing explanation and glad you are still selling them.

        • @Gaggy:

          Glad to know this, so you can easily upgrade the camera and NVR when you need to do so.

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    Hi OP, just need to confirm that there will be no geographic restrictions on these cameras?

    • No, this batch is specifically for Australia.

  • Better than Xiaomi?

    • honestly, i do not know as i did not use xiaomi camera, i tried xiaomi tv box, it is good, but more like overseas version, so it seems not that stable, not sure its camera.

    • C2C wifi version is 4.0 lense, and c3w is 2.8mm lense, this will make them slightly different about angle and deep of view.

  • Can I use these with existing dvr software? Or do I need something special?

    • Each Ezviz camera can work alone by inserting a storage card and connected with the internet connection. and do you mean Blue Lotus for DVR software?

      • Is it Blue Iris?

  • I visited OP today - picked up 2 cameras. Gotta say he has been extremely helpful and gave heaps of great advice on setup. Thanks Joe.

    • -1

      But this deal still doesn't deserve an upvote?

    • +1

      My pleasure.

  • read this before you install this system