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45% off Europe 4G/3G Travel SIM $34.62 + 71 Countries + 12GB Data + 3000 Min Calls + 3000 Texts to UK & EU @ Euro Sims

  • Please don't forget to use discount code: EURO45 At the checkout to claim your discount on our Three All In One 20 Sim *


Want a SIM Card that can roam in more countries than the languages at the start of the post?

Done Deal, It's Jacob here from Euro Sims Bringing the OZbargain community a much needed discount on our heavily demanded Three All In One 20 Travel Sim! This Travel Sim essentially sells it self and has gathered a positive reputation from travellers all around the world, including local Aussie travellers who have used this Sim when going to Europe!

Advantages Of The Three ALL IN ONE 20 SIM

• The SIM activates immediately in any of the 71 destinations - just turn data roaming "On"

• The SIM Card is loaded with 12 GB of 4G & 3.5 data - more than enough for even the most social savvy traveler.

• Hotspot Enabled: You can hotspot your phones data from any of the destinations, keep in mind , it does not work in tablets or mifi devices.

• No shelf life hold onto the SIM for as long as you need! So you can have your Euro SIM sorted well before you leave!

• The SIM also works in Australia - which means, you can pop the SIM into your device in the AU… ensure it's working, and then have peace of mind when you land

• No Id needed: You can plug the SIM in and be on your way!

Important Notice: **You must provide us with your date of activation, as we will be sending a preloaded Sim which we will be activating for you on the date you leave Australia and arrive into any of the destinations that the Sim Roams In

The Deal - Three AIO 20 - 12Gb Travel Sim

RRP: $62.95 // Discounted Price: $34.62

What you get in this bundle

  • 12GB of 3.5G to 4G LTE data to use 71 destinations
  • 3000 Mins of Calls to use in the UK & EU
  • 3000 Text to use in the UK & EU
  • Allows Mobile Hotspot - Mobile Only
  • Has a Validity of 30 Days from the date of activation.
  • Comes in a triple cut sim that fits all smartphones

Activating Your Three SIM:

  • Pop out the right sized sim card out of your Euro 3-in-1 sim pack
  • Insert the sim into your 3G or 4G device - if it is a mi-fi device, please note, data roaming is automatically enabled by three
  • Go to your mobile settings in your device and switch 'data roaming' to "On" this will allow you to use your data in all the destinations listed below

Where does the SIM Roam?:

South America: (Work on 3.5G Speeds in South America)

Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Guadalupe

South East Asia: (Works on 3.5 G data speeds except vietname):

Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Singapore, Sri Lanka

USA: Uses 3.5G data Speeds


UK (England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland) -
(Works on 4G speeds in Uk & 3.5G Speeds in Europe)
Åland Islands, Austria, Azores, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, French West Indies, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Isle of Man, , Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Ireland, Reunion, Romania, Scotland, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, , Sweden, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands, Vatican City, Switzerland

South Pacific:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Middle East:

*Israel (3.5 or HSPAs + speeds)

Postage and Handling:

Important: We highly recommend purchasing an Australia Post Registered Service Shipping option to guarantee the arrival of your SIM card within 1-5 Business Days

  • Australia Post Priority Letter Service (Free Shipping) - 2 - 6 Business Day's

  • Australia Post Registered Signature On Delivery Service - $1.99 - 1 - 5 Business Days Guaranteed (Now Half Price - Limited Time Only)

  • Australia Post Express Postage - Next Business Day - $9.99

If any ozbargainers has found any value from this deal, every upvote helps us spead the same value to other ozbargainers who will need it :)

Also, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries at all we're here to help out: [email protected]

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  • Has anyone tried one of these? I'm traveling to Germany, UK, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic in August for a month. I note that Macedonia isn't one of the listed countries because I'm traveling there too :(

    • Hey There,

      The AIO 20 is one of our best selling sims,

      We can guarantee you wont be disappointed

      • Regards Jacob
      • Will there be a new sim deal soon? 😃

    • +2

      Yep, worked well on a recent trip, good value.

    • +2

      Just came back a few days ago from EU & Scandic had one of these which worked flawlessly. Can confirm worked perfect in Italy, Germany, Austria, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway. Placed the SIM in the phone and just worked without any setting changes. Internet speed was excellent also used for phone calls and worked great.

  • +2

    Hi Op, do you have anything less than 12GB (and cheaper)? Don't need that much data. Thanks.

    • Hey Chewkl,

      We currently have the AIO 15 which is a 5Gb,

      However the special only covers the 12GB for this week.

      Please message one of our staff through the support link and they can assist you '

      • Regards Jacob
      • Hi Jacob, just sent you a PM.

        • +1

          Just answered you mate

          • Regards Jacob
        • Did you get a deal on the 5GB card?

  • -1

    hrmm, well it looks like this is much better than https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/387066 that I picked up not long ago.

    • +1

      Hey Chachi,

      The Internet with legs, is also a very valuable deal in the sense of it longevity, no sim can be purchased that last from 12 to 24 months expect those, so i guarantee you you have a good product there.

      • Regards Jacob
      • -2

        I would of preferred talk and sms as well at a cheaper price. Almost half the price! Bit unfair to release this so soon after the previous deal. I'm only going for 5 weeks at the end of this month so longevity of sim is irrelevant.

        • +1

          Thats not a problem champ, Please message [email protected] and they will gladly assist you in swapping sims

          • Regards Jacob
        • +1

          I would of preferred talk and sms as well at a cheaper price. Almost half the price! Bit unfair to release this so soon after the previous deal.

          Why is it unfair that they have posted another deal? How long should they wait? 2 years so they don't offend any delicate members?

  • Hey Jacob. Any sims for AFRICA?

    • +1


      At this time, we currently do not have any Africa sims

      But we will definitely in the coming future.

      • Regards Jacob
  • No switzerland again !

    • +1


      Switzerland is part of the 3 AIO Deal :)

      Just updated the post

      Thanks for the heads up

      • Regards Jacob
      • Thanks for your help refunding the previous O2 sim, just order the 3AIO and finger-crossed it will work in all countries I am visiting :)

        • Our pleasure champ!

          I can reassure you, that you will not be disappointed

          • Regards Jacob
      • Just confirming that Switzerland is on the list? Thanks

        • +1

          Just confirming that Switzerland is on the list? Thanks

          What part of his confirmation that Switzerland is in the deal isn't clear?

  • +1

    I used one of these last year in Hong Kong, UK and the US and the balance of some of the data in Australia. Comforting for travellers is that you can see if it works here before travelling.

    • Hey Sterio,

      That is correct, and why travelers feel at ease with this sim

      Thanks for your input :)

      • Regards Jacob
  • So if I use this in USA I would be able to use the data but no included calls, is that correct?

    • +1

      Hey Shweky,

      That is correct You will be able to use the data,

      However if you are travelling with others who have purchased the same sim, you can call each other

      • Regards Jacob
  • Any way to top up if travelling for longer than 30 days?

    • Hey Shallows,

      You can either purchase 2 sim cards with different activation, or you can purchase via our website.

      • Regards Jacob
  • South East Asia: (Works on 3.5 G data speeds except vietname):
    Hi. What Country is vietname? Is this meant to be Vietnam? Can you confirm if Vietnam is 3.5 G.

    • Hey Sasha,

      I can confirm that Vietnam is definitely 3.5G

      • Regards Jacob
  • Hey Jacob, if I buy 2 of these, will they be able to call each other (incase hubby goes on a wander). Also, will I be able to call local numbers of the countries I'm in (France, Belgium, Czech) etc, as I read on a previous thread that you can call from anywhere to UK numbers only?

    • Hey There,

      If you both have the same sim,

      You may call each other no problem (But It has to be the same sim)

      • Regards Jacob
      • I won't be going to the UK, does that mean I can't call the local numbers of the countries I'm at ? Eg, restaurants, hotels etc

        • +2

          yes you can only call UK numbers with the included credit. use Skype to make calls with some cheap Skype credit from Woolworths this week

      • Hey Jacob, I bought two of these together but could only choose one activation date. Am I able to change one activation date for a few days later, just wanted one when we land to google directions to hotel and will probably be sleeping jetlag away.

    • +1

      Just whatsap call each other. With 12gb you can even afford to whatsap video call to ensure hubby is behaving or vice versa.

      • thats true, but just incase the net cuts out. We are heading to some rurally areas haha

      • The beauty of data :)

  • +1

    It says valid 30 days from activation. Do you have anything that lasts longer, or can this be extended? I'm going on a 6 week trip soon. Cheers

    • Yeah this a deal-breaker for me. Would love a second less expensive sim

      • Hey Crevis,

        You can Purchase the AIO 15 which is the cheaper option by using the same discount code

        • Regards Jacob
    • Hey There,

      Your only options in this case would be to either purchase 2 sim cards with different activation, or you can purchase top ups via our website.

      • Regards Jacob
      • Thanks. Do you keep your leftover data when you top up? Or does it reset to whatever the top up value is?

  • No Turkey?

    • Hey Tommy,

      Sorry no Turkey at this point

      • Regards Jacob
      • Does your O2 Sim work there or any others?

        • +1

          Turkey is not part of any of our sims at the moment,

          But we are working currently on getting it very soon

          • Regards Jacob
  • Just double check. I can use this SIM in Europe without using it in UK, right ?

    • That is 100% correct, you dont need to go or be in the UK

      • Regards Jacob
  • 5GB sim card for $25 seems like a good deal for 10 days in USA!

    • It definitely is :)

      • Regards Jacob
      • Hm…
        I can't find any info on your site other than badge "Work in 71 destinations".
        Quite confusing…

        Still going to give it a try.
        High regards for you not just posting the deal but being active and helpful here.

        • I cant agree less,

          I have spoken to the team and told them to make things more clearer on our website, hopefully you will see some solid results in the coming weeks.

          Always happy to help :)

          • Regards Jacob
  • Got 2, thanks

    • Your most welcome,

      We will ship out tomorrow for you :)

      • Regards Jacob
  • What carrier in the USA?

    • You will connect to T-Mobile & AT&T

      • Regards Jacob
  • +1

    Hi thanks but anyway to guarantee AT&T? My phones only work with AT&T…

  • this looks great, tho if i top up while im overseas does it the leftover data roll over or replace it? I am travelling for 35 days so will need it for the last 5 days

    • Hey Champ,

      Unfortunately after 30 days,

      Whatever you have left will expire and your top up will mean a fresh new start to calls. texts and data.

      • Regards Jacob
  • Just ordered two for our trip to europe in september - hopefully it works well. Thanks!

    • Hey There,

      Thank you for your purchase !You will not be disappointed

      • Regards Jacob
      • Thanks jacob - just wanted to reitterate if youve seen my order one card is due to be activated on the 29th of august when we leave and the other to be activated a few days later on the 4th of september. That way we will have full coverage for the almost 5 weeks we are away.

        • Hey Champ,

          I will notify our shipping team immediately, can you just please confirm your order number

          • Regards Jacob
  • Hi Jocob .. this sim, if you install and test in Astralia I assume the 30 day activation window commences, which would then require activation as you step on the plane in order not to reduce the 30 day window….. or is there another way round that one?. Cheers.

    • Hey There,

      Because we actually activate your sim, from the moment you specify activation your 3o days will commence, before that you will have no connection as it will be inactive

      • Regards Jacob
  • Hi Jacob. We are traveling to Europe and will be spending a fair bit of time in Switzerland. Can we make phone calls as part of the 3000 minutes while in Switzerland or is this just data only as it is not Euro?

    • +1

      Hey There,

      In your case it will be data only as it is not part of countries, you can make calls

      • Regards Jacob
      • Are you likely to have a deal on a SIM for European data and calls?

      • OK. Not a deal breaker. I have ordered 2 and will try to set up data calling.
        Thank you for the prompt and honest response.

        • Hi Jacob.
          Got the Sim cards today. So only 4 days after ordering and by ordinary mail. Pleased with that.

          Couple of questions.
          1. The three site says must be activated in the UK. You say can be activated in any of the 71 countries. We land in Switzerland which is one of the included countries but which is not EU for the phone calls and SMS. Will it activate there?

          1. The three site indicates that the 3000 minutes is for calls from any of the 71 counties to the UK. Can you confirm that we can make calls from say Italy (or any other EU country) to a mobile that has roaming and is in Italy at the time. If I am reading your response to Volvo correctly, then it can but this seems at odds with the three site (which in itself is quite difficult to follow)

          2. How about calls from one of the sims to the second sim when in say Italy - is this available and is it counted to the 3000 minutes.

          3. How about sms texts in 2 and 3 above?

          4. Can this sim be used to either call or send sms to family in Australia without adding additional funds in some way?

          5. If someone in Australia needed to contact us, what number do they need to dial - the sim card number is 07 578 xxx xxx

          6. If one of the two sim cards supplied wants to call the other, do they just dial the number 07 578 xxx xxx or do we have to substitute the 07 with another number.

          Sorry for the newbie questions but we are not seasoned international travelers

    • +1

      Hi Jacob,

      We are planning to go to Italy, Switzerland and France in few weeks. Just want to understand, would we be able to call and use data in all three countries? Your above comments suggests only data in Switzerland. I don't understand, it's in the list of the countries of Europe.

      • Hey Volvo

        The 3000 minutes provided with the AIO Sims, are for use in the EU and back to the UK from outside the EU, such as the USA.

        So you can use calls in those specified countries

        • Regards Jacob
  • Jacob, just had a deeper look at your webpage offerings, I would also like a data only sim, to work with my Ipad Mini, the 12 gig would be ideal and it appears to have a 12 month life. I depart next month, is there any deals like the one above on the horizon?

    • Hey Champ,

      There definitely is, it was our previous deal and it is still active for time being, claim it using the EURO35 discount code.

      • Regards Jacob
  • Thanks Jacob, just got 4 x sims for me and mrs for 6 weeks in Europe. 2 x AIO20 and 2 x AIO15 should get us by. Fingers crossed that it all works ok.

    • Hey Champ,

      I can Guarantee you, that you guys will be satisfied, im actually in charge of the activation with these 3 sims , so believe me im very persistent in making sure everyone trip runs smoothly.

      • Regards Jacob
  • Hey Jacob I need 2 x Sims for USA but needs to be AT&T. Which should I buy?

    • Hey Micky,

      These sims are the ones for you :)

      They connect to both AT&T and T-Mobile

      • Regards Jacob
  • Can vouch for customer service. Had a minor issue with a sim and I had response via email within 30 minutes.

    • Hey Champ,

      Thanks very much for that feedback, really appreciate it, we hope to make sure our customer service is of excellence, so postive or negative feedbacks would make us ensure were giving you guys what you deserve.

      Have a great night

      • Regards Jacob
  • Hi Jacob. I bought from a previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/378130 and want to buy another one from this deal but I notice that the last deal didn't say "Important Notice: **You must provide us with your date of activation, as we will be sending a preloaded Sim which we will be activating for you on the date you leave Australia and arrive into any of the destinations that the Sim Roams In" like this deal does, and from memory we didn't have to put in an activation date when purchasing. Why does it say that this time and not last time?

    • Hey Champ,

      Our last deal, the sims came with the topped up bundle Included,

      We changed to activated sims, because we are receiving a lot of missing sims via Australia post, or just not arriving at our customers, since they are inactive we can just resend a new one if any of these issues persist :)

      More practical for both the customers and our Euro Team.

      • Regards Jacob
      • Thanks for your reply. So this sim will be activated on the date we tell you, but how do the original ones get activated? Do the 30 days begin when they are first inserted into the phone? Thanks.

        • That is correct,

          The original ones work as soon as you place into your phone

          • Regards Jacob
  • In regards to longevity of Sim it says that they have no shelf life? I am thinking for purchase for trip next year.

    • Hey Mate,

      That is correct, so you can leave with you, but you must still let us know the date you would like your sim activated.

      Could be this year or next year :)

      • Regards Jacob
  • Sorry so if you activate say 1st Aug 2018 but don't travel until say Nov 2019 will that make any difference? Just trying to get my head around coz am going this year and next as well

    • +1

      my honest opinion is if you are travelling in about 1 years time, you can just wait until we post a deal nearing your departure date,

      Or if you prefer you can purchase, and when you have a solid date you need activated let us kno and we will activate it for you,

      For example if you sre leaving on novermber 2nd 2019, let us know 02.11.19 and we will activate it couple days before to ensure it will be ready for your trip

      Regards Jacob

  • Hi Jacob, does this work in Canada? Thanks

    • Hey,

      Sorry to inform you but Canada is not part of the roaming countries

      • Regards Jacob
  • Anything that includes Thailand?

    • Hey,

      Not at the moment, but will notify Euro team, to work on a deal :)

      • Regards Jacob
  • Any chance of proper Sim for USA that includes calls, very limiting to have a sim but cannot use the phone to make calls.

    • Hey There,

      Hopefully soon we are working on making a deal with USA Carriers

      • Regards Jacob
  • Hi Jacob
    I'm going to HKG, Europe and USA from 17/8 to 17/10. I'm guessing best option is buying two of these and getting the 2nd one activated the day after the first one expires? Are you able to help me through the best process. I'm not fussed if the last couple of days I don't have the card (I'll be in LA - can use vodafone's roaming) - thanks!

    • +1

      Hey Champ,

      You are spot on really this tactic is cheaper for you then purchasing top ups trust me.

      Also once you purchase, you can kindly private message me or even, get support from our Euro Team.

      • Regards Jacob
  • Hi Jacob

    Im off to Europe for 5 weeks in September and will need to get a couple of sims for myself and my wife.

    I am wondering if its possible to stagger the activations by a few days so that at least we have full coverage between us for the 5 weeks without the need to buy a top up?

    Please advise what I need to do if its possible.


    • Hey Harvey,

      You can most definitely do that, we can activate the sim whenever you like.

      By staggering, do you mean delaying the sim card ?

      you can at least keep one active and delay the rest by a couple days, if that works for you.

      Let me know what you prefer

      • Regards Jacob
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