expired DisplayFusion 50% off Licences Sale: Pro Standard US $14.50 (~AU $19.50), Pro Personal US $22 (~AU $29.60)


Went to go download the free trial, realised it was on sale and just bought it, it's a lifetime license as well.

Website blurb:

DisplayFusion will make your multi-monitor life much easier! With powerful features like Multi-Monitor Taskbars, TitleBar Buttons and fully customizable HotKeys, DisplayFusion will make managing your multiple monitors easy.

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    +1 for Multi-Monitor Taskbars (only showing the programs open on that monitor) and the little icon that moves the current progarm/page to other monitors

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    Great software; using 4k tv as monitor for splitting sections.

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    For people who need to check, this was in a humble bundle for a steam key. Ensure you don't already own it there first.


    Highly recommend this for heavy multi-monitor users, one of the best software purchases i've made over the years


    Great software. I use it on my super ultrawide monitor to split it into three. It's not as reliable as the Windows 10 inbuilt snapping feature, but it's good enough.

    On a related note, buy it through their store to get the correct license which allows use on both your home and one work PC, and then activate it in Steam later if you want the Steam edition.

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    The first true software I bought (besides mIRC) and is worth every penny.

    I love setting up individual slideshows for each of my monitors (1x 1080p, 1x 1440p and 1x 1080p vertical) and it's the best at doing it. Also great for opening windows on certain screens and keeping them there.

    Absolutely worth every dollar.


      Also great for opening windows on certain screens and keeping them there.

      When my computer wakes from sleep mode, the monitors get redetected and all my windows get moved around to the wrong monitors. Will this fix that?


    It's a great app and yeah, bought it for a discount about 3 years ago. It was absolutely neccessary to have in the Windows 7 and 8 days because back then windows didn't have a very good multi-monitor implementation for the taskbar. Windows 10 does it better now and its now usable for the most part, but this is still good software for power users.

    I also use Clipboard Fusion (unpaid, free version). It's something good to have as a moderator and deal editor because I can sticky snippets into the Manager and then bring it out when the situation calls for it (like pasting in a URL for nodes)

    The next app I'm looking for is a free version of Networx bandwidth monitor (developer wants an eye watering $39 for a license now).

    If anyone knows of a cheaper alternative, please suggest.

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    this is a great app! 100% recommended (using it right now)

    I tried ultramon and was pretty happy with that, however when a mate introduced me to this and it was on sale, glad i got it! shits all over ultramon.

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    Hmmm, no comments about OP's avatar pic?

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    Great app! happy lifetime subscriber since 2012.

    I have changed PC's/Windows multiple times, always easy to access you key through website and get up and running with the latest version.


    I'm using Actual Multiple Monitors. Anyone know how it compares?

    AMM let's you use your second screen while playing a full screen game.

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    Apart from Windows 10 having most of this built in, another feature many are not aware of is Virtual Desktops.

    If you have heaps of clutter, web browsers etc. You can generate a new blank desktops without closing anything, and then switch between them.
    Maybe one for browsing, another for email and word, another for programming and web design etc, etc.
    eg Desktop1, Desktop2, Desktop 3, etc



    One of my first personal software purchases, along with Stardock Fences 2 & 3
    I convinced the company to buy the enterprise wide version a few years ago for $2,000; UltraMon was 10k+.

    Even with the new Win10 features I find the functionality better with DisplayFusion, plus all the configurable window shortcuts, pinning and profiles.


    Thanks OP. Purchased.


      It's still on sale?


        Yes apparently (I just paid the reduced price- double checked now) and came back to see "expired". Thought it might be cos I opened link before going to tea but on BitsDuJour site there is a message "Great News! Binary Fortress Software has agreed to extend this deal for another day - Enjoy!" and the countdown clock is showing 18 hours odd to go….now how do I get that "expired" removed??

        (added on edit) have sent message to mods, only thing I could think of.

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