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Apple Airpods at a great price - Australian stock from a good seller

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    Hooley dooley!

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    If you are not busting a nut to have a set right away, Airpods 2 may be announced as part of Apples upcoming fall announcements?

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      Most probably but can also come with a higher price tag, it's not a given that they'll be $229rrp same as this model. This model is excellent as is, the price point is pretty good.


      If they added a way to get lag free audio by using a USB dongle with RF as opposed to Bluetooth then it would be an instant buy for me.

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        There's lag? I hadn't noticed. Bluetooth on a lot of other audio devices is terrible, so I'd agree there. Haven't noticed that at all with Airpods though. Has there been a detailed study on this?

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          It's very well known that bluetooth adds a delay. The sound quality can be fantastic, but if you need 0 delay audio then Bluetooth is 2nd to the worser sounding RF wireless headphones.

          Even bluetooth APTX low latency, still adds ~100ms lag even though they advertise 40ms lag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_bypcPW5O4


          Even if it had 40ms delay, that's still 1 frame out of sync if doing video editing at 24-30fps.

          When watching a movie, youtube, VLC or what ever - the programs/windows/OSX know that you are using a bluetooth device and will delay the audio automatically. So you won't notice it even if you have really bad delay (it will just delay the picture to match the audio).

          When using video editing programs the lag becomes obvious very quickly, as those programs do not delay the picture (rightly so). The same would be for gaming - would be hearing a gunshot half a second after you fire it with most bluetooth (non-aptx) headphones.

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          Dude that's a really horrible reply. You obviously didn't know any of that, and I was being helpful sourcing all that information for you after you asked.

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          gwoody: "There's delay? Have you got a study of this?"
          c0b: "Yes, here are the exact figures of many different wireless headphones, the protocols and their delays".
          gwoody: "Just because you said it doesn't make it true, you're not sensible, I acknowledged it anyway even though I didn't".

          What a scummy thing do to. You are a new user who makes negative comments all the time. You don't contribute jack. You are a troll.

          Also the W1 chip is for pairing, programming future codecs and other functions but it doesn't do anything in regards to delay, but I'm sure you knew that already yeah?


          @c0balt: interesting. No sure why you say "rightly so" though? A fix seems to be adding 40 ms to the start of every video play operation when editing? Seems doable?


          Found out from a quick google search that latency is about 200-250ms for Apple airpods.

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          @c0balt: Yes, he didn't know any of it because Apple uses W1 chip not Bluetooth because of BT lag.

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          Well it's not always 40ms, that's what's advertised but people get different delays. APTX dongles are not cheap either, there is a good chance the inbuilt one inside your laptop doesn't support it. It can be messy to set up just the codec, even on Mac computers that shipped with the functionality.

          Also until it gets 0 lag, using it in a situation where it could cost you a lot of time, money. and reputation because either the delay reset itself or went out by another frame when syncing 100 clips to audio tracks off a multitrack recorder, and end up with output files that are not QC to standard.

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    Still trying to get over how strange they look

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      They have been on sale for almost 2 years now - maybe they are not the product for you. Lots of other non Apple options for you to choose from!


    i think the airpods 2 will include noise cancellation so i'll continue to wait but i would love a pair of these and this is a great price!

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      I reckon it would have be a different product if true.

      First is the increase in battery drain, it would be brutal on the tiny little batteries.

      The second and more important part would be the design and sound signature of Apple earbuds is to have an open casing (literally have holes in them) for outside noise to come in. It's partly why I really like the normal ones, can have the earbuds in, nothing playing, and hear ambient noise nearly as well as if the headphones were not in.

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    anyone know a decent cheap knockoff pair?


      I dont know why your getting down-voted, the only trash ive seen is too cheap to be any good. no middle ground.

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    wireless charging for case?

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    anywhere else i can get these on sale at the moment?

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