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LG 43UD79-B 43 $879.60 Delivered @ Catch (Via F-Digital, HK)


LG 43UD79-B 43" IPS UHD 4K Multi-Tasking Monitor , 4X HDMI+ Display + Type-C Port , RS232 + USB 3.1 X2 , Speakers , 200x200mm VESA

Excellent monitor for casual gaming at 4k and productivity.

It's my virgin post so help me out if I'm missing something.

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  • worth $330 more over the philips ?

    • Phillips doesn't support hdcp2.2 iirc.

      • which phillips model?

        and how important is hdcp2.2?

        does it mean 4k blurays will not be playable on this monitor?

        What about 4k movie files or 4k streaming?

      • havent bought solid media for almost 5 years now

  • +4

    Just a heads up, it's better off getting it from Futu Online eBay for $860 or $806.25 for eBay plus members with "PROXY".

    • Nice one
      How do I update this post?

      • If you want to change it to that deal you could always edit the post with the button just above the voting area :)

        • It wouldn’t let me change the link to ebay
          Maybe I shoud upload a new one

  • FFS. Someone make a screen like this but CURVED already.

    I've got a 43" and it's not great for productivity due to being flat. Or rather, its as good as two screens, but not anywhere near as good as 3 in portrait mode (same size and similar resolution) since 3 can be tilted to approximate a curve

    • There is a 40 or 43" curved panel …

      • Which?

        BDM4037UW is not IPS.

  • RS232

    Serial ports?

    If so what for? Automation?

    • If you want to hook up two screens together for 2-player.

    • Most likely - I've seen rs232 used for digital signage - the box running the display can turn the screen on/off, set its mode, orientation, etc.