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$100 Mastercard for Mealpal New Sign up (Possibly Targeted)


Received an email from Mealpal with direct link to the deal.

Account need to be active for 2x30 days, the gift card will be sent approx 30 days after

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Referrer gets $10. Referee gets 1 free meal with $4.99 signup fee.

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  • I once got a promo which flashed $3.75 a meal.gif, essentially 50% off each meal on a 20 meal plan. You had to stay on it for 2 months and only then will you get a $100 mastercard, however it kept showing up as $7.49 a meal once I clicked into the gif, so I didn't bother.

  • Signed up on their Coles voucher promos a few months back. They refused to provide them saying I had “failed to meet the Terms and Conditions”, yet the clause they mentioned was not in the Terms in the email. Gave up after a month of back and forth.

  • The portions are smalls

    • Not all of them. When they are deceivingly small or the actual product deviates significantly from the depicted pic, you can email [email protected] to request an extra day to be added to your subscription as compensation.

  • I tried the 5 meals for $1 deal from last time and experience was pretty good except for 1 salad bar that i regularly buy from without meal pal. When i went to pick the meal pal ordered salad it was half full. I was not happy especially knowing that when i order directly they udually pack it to the brim and have to squash everything to put the lid on.

    • Enjoyed the 5 for $1 and then cancelled it
      Received this email as well.. but wasn’t sure if I have to pay the rejoining fee.

      While cancelling there was a message that a rejoining fee will be applied