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Vodafone Nokia 3 NFC B28 2GB/16GB 5" 8 MP Camera Android 7.1 Micro SD up to 256GB $89.50 [Vodafone Locked] @ Woolworths


A fantastic phone for only $89, it also has nfc and band 28. It's locked to vodafone but can be unlocked for $50 or $25 if you wait 6 months after purchasing the phone. Comes with a $40 vodafone sim card.

  • Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • 5.0” IPS LCD
  • Quad-core 1.3 GHz 64-bit Processor
  • 16GB Storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • Expandable Memory Capacity Up to 256GB
  • NFC
  • 8mp Front and Rear Camera
  • 2630 mAh Li-Ion Battery

  • 3G Network Band
    850/900/1900/2100 DC-HSPA+

  • 4G Network Band
    700/800/850/900/1800/ 2100/2300/2600 LTE Cat 4

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    An excellent price, thank you for posting Mr Shooty.

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    Comes up as $119 for me ??

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      Woolies specials begin on Wednesday.

  • how would I go about unlocking the phone?

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      first result.
      If you want cheap & easy unlock, check the rebranded ZTE handsets.

      The $40 sim can be activated on a 365 plan, great for kids. I'll probably unlock after the six months.

      • need to port in and out for existing voda no. to get the $40 credit ?

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        ZTE and android are dead in the water …. US congress has barred then from trade on technology including android as they sold tech to Iran…so no more access to android for them until congress lifts embargo … which will be a longggg time.

        So no more google updates, security or otherwise, and check out their Australian web site … redirects to


        Downloads from their German website have also been removed … had to get mine from forums.

        you'd be hard pressed to get warranty support.

        • Ban lifted- Trump to the rescue.

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      Apart from what it says in the description the only one I could find on eBay was $15.00 in store at Toongabbie.

      • probably illegal, changing the IMEI, or more would be doing it.

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          bull crap, there're heaps of ways to unlock phone, those guys have some softwares that can decipher the code, doesn't need to go as far as changing imei, you'd have to pay way more than $15 for that service.

    • Can't confirm if this works or not, but a quick Google brought up this, which appears to be easy and free: https://forum.xda-developers.com/nokia-3/how-to/getting-unlo...

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        Ha! if only.
        They don't say it is for a network unlock.
        An MD5 hash is way to long. That would be for unlocking the bootloader. Still, interesting, thanks :)

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          Whoops, I did say it was a quick Google!

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      Hi star-ggg, your question is a good one and welcome here, others can JFO.

      Most likely you will not have to pay to unlock it. If you go on Vodafone live chat and ask nicely more often than not they will help you unlock it for free.

      They may refer you to the paid unlocking link but just ask if they can unlock for free as a goodwill gesture. It helps if you have an active sim with Vodafone and say something like you are travelling overseas and need it unlocked.

      I've done it more than once recently, no problem. In fact I didn't even have an active service with Vodafone at the time.

      • Well that would depend on the phone you're unlocking, if it is hard or soft locked. Most post paid phones are soft locked and free to unlock (even without a Vodafone sim). If it is hard locked like most prepaid phones, only in exceptional circumstances will the fee be waived, and that means being an existing Vodafone customer with a major issue and escalating that issue though the telecommunications industry ombudsman (TIO).

        Currently these phones are $25 to unlock on vodafone.com.au/unlock

        • +1

          I don't think you are correct.

          I did it twice with prepaid Vodafone Huawei Y6 Elite (purchased at Woolies on special) with 2 different people on live chat.

          Both times I didn't have active Vodafone service and didn't have to plead or anything. They were very happy to do it for free. Would have had to pay $25 with Vodafone unlock link or about $20 on ebay.

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    Can this phone be upgraded to Android 8?

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    • What about Android 9? :)

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        For i=1 to 100
        print ‘what about android i?’

        • +9

          Compile error: For without next

        • +3

          Wrong code, it'll print 'what about android i?what about android i?’ 50 times, no space btw ?w

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    Very tempting, except fot the unlock fee. Thanks OP.

    • I think the unlock fee is from the date of manufacture.

      I just bought a Nokia 3 with a SIM card dated 1st March 2018, and the unlock fee is only $25!

      Same thing with a Nokia 3310 I bought earlier made in 11th Dec 2017. $25 as well.

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    Thanks, I having been looking at this model for while. Even with the unlock, it’s still the cheapest.

  • Interested in sampling Android as an iOS user. Would this be a good starting point?

    • +6

      No, it would be a poor experience. This is a budget android handset, performance will be so so.

    • +2

      Probably not, Android shines on higher-end phones.

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      I'd recommend starting with the Nokia 6.1 or higher. You get what you pay for. Get a cheap phone, you get a slow phone with a crap camera.

    • +2

      I dont know why people are saying no.

      If you understand that this will have slowdowns, but is pure vanilla android, whats not to love?

      Think of it like buying an iPhone 5c or an iPhone S.

      Its still iOS but games and media heavy stuff will lag.

      This is pure android, with the stock apps, and even NFC!
      Just dont blame slowdowns/reloads and lag on the OS.
      Understand its an entry level phone.

    • +2

      Please don’t do this otherwise you’ll blame android for the crappy performance. Its like running iOS on iphone 4. Please buy a decent phone to try android. Something that is vanilla android like Google Pixel.

    • Thanks everyone for your advice.

    • 2 friends signed up on the recent Pixel 2 XL deal with JB Hifi. They both had issues with their phones. I would highly recommend you "try" android with a flagship model, since Apple don't really release low end models anyway. Go all out- Samsung S9+. Just wait for the deals :D I'm personally waiting for the S9+ to drop to ~$850 or so on sale, or a good post paid plan. Wait it out, you won't be disappointed !

      I had the iPhone 3GS and 4, then jumped onto Samsung S5 and now S7. Apple designs sexy phones, but they're always overpriced and most of the time either don't match Android performance (speed/camera etc) OR edge out on certain aspects (not by too much) but aren't value for money. I'd try iPhone again if the price is right (typically not though, since better deals for the Samsung Galaxy phones come out haha).

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    Can you use Kogan sim on it? Still Vodafone network isn't it?

    • +7

      I can't comment on this phone but i've used a kogan sim in a vodafone locked phone and it worked, so my guess would be yes.

    • +1

      yes, you can use.

    • Works fine.

  • Dual sim or not?

    • Since it's networked locked i would presume it's not dual sim.

      • +2

        Yep. Dual SIM will be unlocked and double the price at least.
        Has any phone sold by an Australian telco ever been dual SIM?

        I've only seen them outright at independent shops.

    • +2

      I have bought this phone from previous Woolworths deal. It’s single SIM definitely. Phone is very good build quality but CPU performance is a bit slow.

    • I have Nokia3 from overseas which is dual SIM.
      But one is only 2G ,so can not use in OZ.

  • +2

    This or a Pixel 2 XL?

    • +2


      • +3

        and Pixel 2 XL

    • Porque no los dos?

  • +3

    Why unlock it? Vodafone <= Kogan Mobile

    • +1

      If someone bought it for B28, they'd be unlocking it to leave for a B28 network.

      • True, but only if you want/need Telstra or Optus reception with B28 as this also has the equivalent B5/850mHz for Voda/Kogan which works great if you can get decent signal.

  • Can I use my existing Vodafone number with the $40 sim? I'd love to get away from this iPhone and my credit is about to expire.

    • +2

      You may have to port the number out of voda, and back again.

  • Finally, a Nokia that competes on price for it's specs! At ~$400 Nokia is selling Sharp Aquos S2 specs which is a $200 phone.

    • +3

      Yeah but the Nokia's get updates like clockwork as far as I'm aware the sharps need to be molested before they're any good.

      • I have no complaints about my Nokia 7 plus, the only issue with updates is going to be Vodafone.

      • Sharp is running on latest Android Oreo. How many flagship phone is running on Oreo?

  • +1

    Will this run Pokemon Go?

    • -1


      • huh? its not like pokemon go requires much grunt..

        this phone will run it fine

        • Have you seen it run on a slow phone? The animations are terrible. Slow and jittery. Nokia 3 has a low to mid range Mediatek processor, so I'd be surprised if it would have smooth animations.

          If slow animations don't bother you, then yes, it can run. But if you're a fussy gamer like me who has to have the graphics on the PC pushed up to the max, then maybe you'd want to get a faster phone.

          I have friends who are quite surprised at the smooth animations on my 2.5 year old, $250 Redmi Note 3, and it's running slow on their Samsung something or other they bought around the same time.

          So, I still say that yes, it can run Pokemon Go, but by fussy gamer standards, it'll run terribly.

        • @flaminglemon:

          I ran it for over a year on a zte blade, with half these specs.

          It didnt even have a sim. Just hot spotted to my blackberry passport.

          Loading times were painful, but in game was flawless.

          What phone did you have a negative experience on?

        • @MasterScythe: Not me. My friends. Oppo R… something. And one of the lower end Samsung Galaxy phones. My Redmi Note 3 runs everything I throw at it. The Sims, Fallout Shelter, all racing games… you name it, it plays fine.

    • +1

      Yes but laggy.

    • I had the same question. Looking for a cheap(ish) Android phone to play Pokemon Go too!

    • +1

      Short answer : it's not too bad

      I reviewed the Nokia 3 for PoGo here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/391799

  • +1

    For me, NFC is the only biggest selling point at this price.

    • +1

      I agree. "Sluggish and frustrating".

  • Good battery performance?

  • -1

    Pitty once you go 2k/QHD & dual sim, you can't go back

    • +5

      I disagree, on phones i don't think anything more than 720p is required. my S8 does 1440p and i can barely tell the difference going down to 1080p and 720p.

      • +1

        I can tell the difference unfortunately

        • Me two…

          Resolution is a killer now. Can tell the difference when dropping back down to 1080p.

  • +3

    Two warnings as I had this phone for a few days and took it back and exchanged it -

    1. As others have said, it is slow but for the price fair enough.

    2. Once updated to Android 8 Android Auto is broken and causes the phone to reboot. They might have fixed this but at the time it was affecting all Nokias.

    • +2

      Point number 2 has been fixed.

    • Good to know - at the time it didn't look like it was happening with "older" models like the 3.

  • The 3.1 is much nicer

  • +2

    May as well pay a bit more for Sharp S2 than buying a cripple product with 2GB RAM and network locked.

  • +4

    Coles has the same phone for $99 from tomorrow. It's $10 dearer, but with the new Flybuys offer (spend $100 and get 6,000pts between 18/07 and 20/07), it will result in $20 cheaper.

    • +1

      Sorry, forgot to mention…

      According to the reviews of this phone…
      There are some cons, e.g.,
      Back of the phone not removable.
      Being slow
      Mediocre battery life

      But at this price, It's probably good enough to replace my Huawei Y5 elite.

    • Thanks. That will do me as Coles is just up the road and I would spend at least $10.00 getting to Woolworths. (Plus bonus Flybuy points) It's a present for a casual phone user who has a very old mobile phone. I (Nokia 7 Plus) and a few others have a variety of Nokia phones, so no problems with setting it up.

  • +1

    Great price for a 2GB RAM, NFC phone.
    But the GPU is half the power of the recent Huawei elite Y6 for $29

    Maybe we'll see more 2GB phones in this budget range.

    • Alcatel A3 is $89 at Big W now, similar specs but no nfc and stuck on Android 6.It does have a fingerprint scanner which is very nice.

      Has the Mali-T720MP2 though so dual core gpu. Nokia 3 has Mali-T720 which is maybe a reason for poor performance which seems to plague it.

      Can confirm the A3 runs Pokemon Go fine, but with slow animations.

  • +2

    Daam, wish it was the 3.1. But still great for the price. Nice one OP!

  • Wish it was a 7 plus at a killer price ….

    • +1

      On sale till tomorrow at jb hifi for $551

  • Harvey Norman selling for $249.00.

  • +1

    good one for spare phone…

  • Does this have a start time? Showing as $119.

  • Thinking of this for my son, he has my wife's old Samsung Galaxy Note 2, comparing specs for specs the Note 2 still seems to be the better handset overall, right?

    • +2

      It is the better handset, with a better display, a stylus and better camera.

      The Samsung's processor… still maintains a lead but only around 10%. So it's not a very big difference in terms of performance.

      However from software point of view, a Note 2 will be running quite outdated software, and won't be secure anymore. Look into flashing Lineage OS ROM for Nougat OS.

  • +1

    Picked one up. I hate it how they are force selling re-usable bags for $1. I dont need to pick up my phone in a bag.
    This is ridiculous.

    • +2

      What do you think of the phone though? Does it have a notification led?

      • +1

        Havent tested the phone yet. Will update you as soon as I am able to test it.

  • +1

    I almost bought this last time it was $120, thank god!

  • +2

    Any problems using this phone for Android Auto? I want to access Google Maps in my car

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