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10% off New MacBook Pro 2018 8th Gen Intel (e.g. 15" inch 256 SSD for $3149 / 15" inch 512 SSD for $3689, etc) @ JB Hi-Fi


The new Macbook Pros are available at 10% discount at JBHIFI.
That was quick … they got only released this week!

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar 512GB - $3,689.10 instead of $4,099
Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar 256GB - $3,149.10 instead of $3,499
Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar 512GB - $2,699.10 instead of $2,999
Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar 256GB - $2429.10 instead of $2,699

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  • +92

    That's a lot of money for a laptop.

    • -88

      They are the best in class, and very popular despite the price. They are still limited by 16Gb unfortunately.

      • +1

        Not the 15". Apple went with DDR4 up to 32GB in the 15", while the 13" is still using LPDDR3 and restricted to 16GB.

        Edit: Unless you mean that JB won't stock a 32GB model because its BTO…

        • Yes, bear in mind though that Apple were waiting for the Cannonlake processor to support LPDDR4 (low power), and that didn't arrive in time, so battery performance will likely suffer with the 32Gb model.

          Having said that, it's only an option for 15-inch and Macbook boards keep getting smaller, leaving room for a bigger battery, so we'll have to see in practice how it runs.

        • +1

          The battery also received a marginal upgrade to offset the extra power demands of the RAM. Supposedly it still provides 10 hours of use.
          I'm more concerned about Apple's trend of throttling processors when things heat up too much.

        • @grayadamson: Well, it's better than a trend of cooking chips. I'm not an expert in cooling solutions, but do they have any other cooling options given how they've boxed themselves into a corner with extreme thinness?

        • -1

          @mattythecapybara: Battery is larger so performance does not suffer

        • +1

          For sure. They seem more obsessed with the aesthetics of their hardware than the capabilities of the hardware.

      • Unsure; only the standard configurations sold by JB are limited to 16GB. The 15" model is available with 32GB.

      • +35

        "best in class"? have you used one recently? More faults then any other laptop i've owned, apple is going down hill mate, including iphone.

        fan bois can hate all they want but it's the truth, I own a 2017 macbook and iphone x.

        negs.. from fanbois go write your mum's, get real everybody has been talking about how apple has been loosing it's touch!

        • +11


        • +5


          Thanks for point it out, can't edit the comment after you left this one.

        • +9

          faults then than


          it’sits touch

        • +4

          I own a 2014 MacBook Pro which is still going strong. Not sure if I'd spend over 2.5k for one though.

        • +1

          I have the 20176 macbook pro….biggest regret ever. Finger print security is great but keyboard is abysmal. Two times into Apple and fault is just dust in cracks stopping keys working

          As for the iphone, I went off Apple and bought the Huawei P20 pro for reasons like u mentioned….great phone but miss IOS and how well it all integrates.

        • I just sold my 2014 macbook pro for 2200 just 2 months ago so this came just in time… to trial for 2 weeks and return with Apples 14-day money back guarantee if purchased direct freom the apple store.

        • +3


          Don't let facts get in the way of a good story.

        • +1


          Heh. Apostrophes are not shorthand for “look out, here comes an ‘s’!”

        • Thanks for all the up votes guys, btw i think all the top brands are going down i don't know why or what happening to them, it seems like everybody is trying to decrease cost and releasing worse quality products!

        • +1

          @dtpearson: That's a 2015 article referencing Macbook Airs not the Pro which is what this deal and the original comment were about. The new Macbooks are crap compared to the older ones

      • Limited by 16GB lel.

        Tells you everything.

      • "Still limited by 16GB"?

    • +1

      Woulda hoped for a class 1 gpu for those kinda beans

      • +1

        Apple know you dont require a GTX1080m to play the small array of games you can play on a mac.

    • +11

      This discussion never ends… I might think that AUD 50 is a lot of money for a haircut, or that $4 is a lot of money for a coffee, or that $20 is a lot of money for a mojito, and I still can decide that I would like to buy that depending on the circumstances and on how much money I have available.
      I might think that spending more than $300 or $800 buying headphones, or more than $1000 buying a dog, is stupidity. I might even think that smartphones are a waste of money because you can buy a $30 phone with amazing battery to talk with everyone you want.

      The point is people are different and they spend their money as they wish. Ozbargainers have different interests, and we come here for deals that we want, not for the deals that someone else wants.

      I have never had anything from Apple until last semester.
      I had a Chromebook (Toshiba 2) for more than a year and the battery died. Toshiba Australia told me to f*** off because I bought from Amazon US. Amazon on the other hand accepted it back (after 14 months!) and gave me a full refund. I had to spend $50 sending it back to the US.
      I used the money to buy a Dell (Windows) laptop that drove me crazy. I was willing to throw my brand new Dell laptop away because of the almost daily Windows updates and other issues that I just couldn't accept any more (after decades using only Windows). The laptop was never ready… I went to a meeting and Windows was saying that it had to update. I left the meeting and Windows was still updating.

      I still have a Windows desktop that I really like, and I think Windows 10 is much better in terms of the annoying updates and being "ready to go" when you open the laptop, but I decided to buy my first Apple, a Macbook Pro, and I don' have any regrets. I love it and I recommend it.
      It is more expensive, it has some compatibility issues (not with the software that I use), but it is amazingly stable and trustworthy. I had ZERO problems in the last 6 months. My partner bought a Macbook Pro in 2013 and it's still working perfectly without needing an upgrade (which we know is feasible but might be a problem with Apple products).

      My Macbook Pro 2018 is not upgradeable, which I find annoying (the reason why I bought one with 500GB and 8GB, which is more than enough for me). I didn't want the touch bar either because a good battery is a priority for me.

      If they are the best or worst is up to the ozbargainers. I am not a fan of one or another, but this pointless discussion always minimise some deals. This deal in particular is good, it's cheaper than the Unidays student discount. I got mine with 10% OFF and got the Beats Solo3 headphones (sold for more than $300).

      • +5

        Probably the most sensible contribution to this discussion.

      • But people naturally mock fake deals. When companies raise prices to rediculous levels then give a "discount", they should be called on it.

    • sure mate. for me, Dell XPS 13 after sale around $1500 is enough and balance.

  • +1

    the 15 inch goes upto 32 gb now.

    • +4

      Unfortunately only built-to-order - so no discounts on that one.

    • What are people requiring 32 GB for? I'm a developer and have a lot of applications open (including a lot of chrome tabs) and I don't have memory related issues with 16 GB.

      • Video editing, photoshop, image processing, rendering, are pretty much all faster with more RAM.

      • Some of the tools I use can have a footprint in the 8~12 GB range and one of the things I work on has a test case that consumes about 25 GB of RAM at idle.

        So I'd expect that a lot of people after 32 GB don't require 32 GB but do require more than 16 GB.

        (Probably should add: I'm not buying an MBP.)

        • Whoa, intense!

      • As a developer I've sometimes needed to load large datasets into databases on ramdisks to get good performance.

  • +43

    Will recommend to whomever who wants to buy the new mac this video.


    • +9

      Love Dave2D!

    • Definitely worth a watch!

      "don't the performance hit" most true comment about macos!

    • +2

      The i9 version is dead when this is true !

    • +1

      Totally agree with Dave!

    • +1

      here's an entire channel dedicated to why you shouldn't buy apple crapbooks


    • +3

      tl;dw: 2018 MacBook Pro with Core i9 is slower than 2017 MacBook Pro with Core i7 due to thermal throttling.

      • Arrogance will make people believe otherwise

  • +25

    Sooo $600 for an extra 256Gb on your SSD??


    • +2

      Yes, but it's an Apple supplied SSD.

      • -2

        Which are actually swung msata drives lol

    • +13

      Yep … but also a better processor (2.2 —> 2.6Ghz) and graphics card (555 —> 560x).
      It's a shame they don't make 512GB SSD the base model … ! Not very PRO!

      • -2

        "better processor"

        That barely gets passed it's base clock, apple consumers at their finest.

        • Nothing rejuvenates my breath more than a friggen Apple H8rboy. Get over it, m8.

    • -1

      Yes, the Apple logo on it worths along $500! and it's fixed on the board!

    • +1

      80% Apple Tax

      • +5

        There's plenty of things you can complain about with Apple, but every time I've heard of someone doing an analysis of Apple's hardware they seem to come to the conclusion that they are cost-competitive on a part-by-part basis, it's just that they use premium components (whether it's a premium design is a matter for debate).

        • +5

          For the iMac Pros yes, but not for the macbooks.

    • +6

      the ssd is the one of the fastest , read 3000, write 2000+, if i remember it right.
      however, the price for ram is ridiculous, extra 8gb ram needs additional $320

  • Student discounts (if anyone has a student account)

    • +3

      I think you meant https://www.apple.com/au-hed/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pro

      But Student discount is only around 5% on these

      • +1

        Yeah but at the same time you can get a custom made Macbook (a 13" with 16GB RAM or 15" with 32 GB RAM) whereas the one on 10% sale in JB HiFi are only for standard Macbooks.

  • Perhaps worth noting that this deal ends July 19th

  • +2

    Office works 5% price beat is also an option to stack discounts

    • does that work with preorders? Not sure if OW has them in stock yet….

      • I was wondering the same thing, all the OW stores don’t seem to have stock. I wonder if they would beat the JB price .. hmm

        • OW is showing out of stock.
          Has anyone dealt with the good guys to get price beat?

    • +6

      I just ordered through officeworks with additional 5% off. No stock in store but they were happy to delivery or click and collect and send stock to store.

      • Was just about to link to your WP post - https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2738904#r56946569


      • Hey just wanted to come back here and say thank you for the heads up on this. My 6 year old MacBook Pro died on Friday. Spent 12 hours trying to fix it. Accepted defeat. Read your post then went in store on Saturday and got officeworks to price beat and order it in for me. Picked it up today. Massive improvement from the 2012 one I had been using!

  • +9

    As much as I dislike Apple's pricing and practices. I must admit that their MBP's are great machines. Highly optimised OS means you don't need extremely high specs. The aesthetics are a bonus.

    • -6

      Highly optimised but limited software availability.

      • +9

        Maybe 15 years ago. Nowadays most would barely notice.

    • -1

      You don't need extremely high speeds to run windows

      • How about the Anti-Virus software?

        • +4

          Windows has its own built in one that's free.

          Mac's still get viruses…

        • @spaceflight: Yes but the effort you, as the user have to go through to allow a virus onto your mac means that the average user is safe to proceed without Anti-Virus.

        • +4

          @spaceflight: FFS, I have been hearing the "Macs get viruses" crap for 10+ years now and have been saying "not in the real world" for that whole damn time. I look after 20+ Macs in my business (I am owner and our only IT support) all without antivirus and never once had one single virus on any of them. We only have a few PCs which HAVE been infected (usually my fault for not regularly updating AV software) and we lost our main server (PC) to a crypto locker last year.

          Macs technically CAN get a virus, in the real world they just don't (not yet anyway)

        • +1

          @spaceflight: Having rubish AV software is worse than not having one… However, there are some decent AV softwares that are no longer heavy (for modern PCs). I use AV for Windows and Mac as well.

        • @tderevko:

          So you're saying that the AV software provided by the world's biggest software company is rubbish?

        • @dtpearson:

          Macs can and do get viruses, there are even ransomware viruses for Macs.

    • As others have mentioned, Windows is equally optimised if the user doesn't install a bunch of crap on it. Just seems users find it more difficult to install bloatware on macs… And obviously the fact there's not as much to remove when you first buy it.

  • Can you stack a student discount on top of this ?

  • Check your email for further 5% off
    If you get jb email

    • excludes apple. XPS works though . I'm struggling to decide between the XPS 15" or MacBook pro 15"

      • Ah damn. Thanks, you’re right

        • If you love macOS, you don't really have a choice.
          Otherwise, XPS 15

      • I'd say go with the XPS. other than a less than 10% reduction in weight and thickness, and maybe a slightly better trackpad, I can't think of a single thing that the MBP 15 does better than the xps 15 does objectively, and the XPS does a lot of things better than the mac.

  • +6

    Had my MacBook Pro since 2009 and it’s still running strong. Before that laptops of over brands would die in a few years. Is that still the case these days as I want to risk going to other laptops in order not to pay ridiculous prices for a laptop.

    • +7

      Apple laptops have regularly had common defects and recalls all the way back further than that. Of course they last a long time for some - a lot depends on how you treat it physically, how you hot you run it, and how lucky you get with it. Here's a video that discusses some of the faults:


      Of course other laptops die too, it's just that people expect more when they pay more.

  • -2

    Over $3k for a non gaming laptop. ROFL

    • It's Apple.

    • You would game and waste your limited time on earth on a pointless activity? Sounds worse than buying an over priced laptop

  • +1

    I was waiting to get 2018 MPB from May, but didn't hear anything for a while.
    So I went with Alienware 17(i9-8950hk, GTX1080).

    Although it's very heavy and big, I don't regret, because MBP came out with problematic keyboard once again.
    Radeon 560x is only GTX1050 equivalent. I would go for XPS 15. (cheaper & 1050ti)

    And their external GPU unit (Blackmagic eGPU) is $1149 with Radeon 580, which is like GTX1060)

    • Where did you buy from and how much did you pay?

    • Are you sure it's equivalent to a 1050? I thought it was more comparable to the MX130 or maybe the MX150.

  • -1

    Would get it if I was able to get 10% off Gift Cards.

  • Can someone please PM me who knows about monitors and specs please. I really need help before the proxy sale ends tonight.

    • +3

      I think that statement is a bit over-simplistic. lol

  • +1

    Take additional 5% off with jb hifi discounted gift cards.

  • +3

    guys guys its not that expensive. for only an extra 7k (all up 10.3k on apple site) you get a WHOPPING 4TB SSD, 32GB RAM, AND i9!!!! something something great investment vehicle

  • Good gracious the pricing on these seems excessive for the specs. My 2012 MacBook Pro (with the CD drive) that I bought in 2013 is running a 1TB SSD and 16GB of RAM. I’m not paying $4000+ for the privledge to match some of my current specs (I do understand the processors have developed massively).

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