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NetGear Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Home Security 2 Camera System $499 with Coupon @ JB Hi-Fi


Blatant drop from website. If you need a code, message me as I will not be claiming.


Arlo Wire-Free – Smart Home Security Like No Other
Arlo Wire-Free is the world's first 100% wireless, weatherproof, HD security camera. No cords means no limits on how or where you use them. Place the cameras indoors or out and see everything in HD clarity. Wet or dry, hot or cold, Arlo Wire-Free is there when you can't.

Key Features

100% Wire-Free
Free of cords and wiring hassles

HD Quality
Enjoy amazingly sharp 720p video

Put the cameras anywhere—indoors or outdoors

Free Cloud Recording
Store and review last 7 days of recordings for free + upgrade options

Night Vision
See what’s happening even in the dark

Smart Alerts
Receive push notifications and emails when motion is detected

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  • 40 sec earlier than me, reported mine :)

  • Added code. Doubt it’s unique.

  • Something is messed up here. They show the photo of the arlo pro 2 but it's clearly the 1 in the description. JB's normal price for both excluding the coupon is $799. The coupon doesn't work on the 2, only the 1. IN which case you are better off buying elsewhere aka Umart.

    • Where does it say only 1 in the description of product? Coupon worked for me..

      • If it's 720p it's the 1 model, the new 2's are 1080p. I'll be interested to see which one's you end up getting. It's a good price for the 2's but pretty average for the 1s

    • The product image is of the original Pro, unless they changed it since your post. The Pro 2 can be distinguished by the white ring on the front, whereas the original Pro has a completely black front.

      • good point, i was looking at the base station. I've seen pictures of a much more squarer version which i thought was the 1. But it seems there are 1's with the rounded station.

  • Pay $50 extra and get Pro 2 from sydneytec on ebay.

  • Seriously? JB is currently listing Arlo Pro and Pro2 at the same price 799. Or they purposely increased its price on 1st gen and now giving us "coupon"?

    • I wouldn't put it past them to up the price of the 1s so the discount code looks better. I also bet they are hoping for a bunch of sales from people who are confused about the models too.

  • I just bought this last month :( Anyone think I have a chance of getting the difference back without attempting to return and repurchase it?

  • +1 vote

    2 Camera System NOT PRO 2 they are just trying to confuse you into thinking its a Pro 2

  • Based on description this is a bad deal if it is infact a gen 1 720p as the title on JB site states.

  • Don’t get the gen 1 at that price. Even the gen 2 isn’t so great. I have 7 Arlo Pros and there are some major downsides and lots of problems reported in the last few months with the service (browse the associated forum on Reddit and the NetGear forms for details if you are not familiar with the issues).

    A couple of problems it have experienced:

    • The cameras only work when there is an internet connection to the NetGear Arlo cloud service. If your internet drops, or the Arlo cloud servers are unavailable for any reason, nothing will be recorded.

    • Sometimes there’s excessive lag when the cameras should have been triggered, and the result is you only get the tail end of some event. This seems to be related to the performance the the Arlo cloud service.

    • There have been occasional issues with the Arlo authentication service and in such cases, nothing works.
      • I also thought that would be an option, and it kind of is, but….

        Note that it specifies: “a USB device cannot be used on its own as a substitute for cloud recording.”

        So you still need an active internet connection to the Arlo cloud service if you want to get alerts, arm the system or change anything, but apparently recordings will still be stored locally on the USB stick but they won’t appear on the cloud service or in the app. You have to pull out the stick an access it from a computer. So unless you know your internet service had a transient interruption, you won’t know to pull out the USB stick and review any recordings that may have appeared..

        I haven’t tested this.

        From the Arlo forum where someone asked if it wiuld work:

        Kinda sorta. They all need Internet connections to set the cameras up. With the Q+ camera or the wireless Pro system, you can use a microSD card for the former or a USB device for the latter to record locally. However, without an Internet connection, you're shooting blind. You would have no access to change the settings or to view recordings without physically pulling the card/USB drive and putting it on a computer to view. While it's possible to use the devices like this, it would be cumbersome at best.

  • Can someone with this just clarify something for me? They're 100% wire free, meaning battery powered and rechargeable.

    Do you actually put them up for surveillance and then regularly taking them down to recharge?

    Even worse, they're only functional when you have an internet connection?

    Is this not the opposite of what a security system should be….

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