This was posted 6 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Apple iPad 5th Generation (2017) 9.7" $379 Wi-Fi 32GB @ Harvey Norman


Limited units left. Saw this deal at Harvey HighPoint VIC.better call in advance if interested.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    This price is for 32gb Wi-Fi model


    How much is it usually?

    edit: $469

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      That’s the price for a new 2018 model though.

      If you don’t want to use Apple Pencil the 2017 ones probably great still, but I’d say the going rates closer to $400-$420. Apple didn’t keep them around so there’s no current real RRP on those, but I think when the 2018 model was announced we generally saw at least a $50 reduction for this one.

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    i wouldnt recommend getting this, get the latest one

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      The jump on the new one was huge.


        The SoC benchmark jump is substantial, around 50%, and pencil support.
        But mostly it will feel the same. Certainly looks the same.
        Certainly worth paying more for the new model, but you wouldn't bother upgrading.

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          Usually you see the worth in newer iPads a couple of years down the road. It's probably the fastest SoC in any ARM device right now (besides the iPad Pro) but no one is making software for it. But it'll feel snappier still in a couple of years than the 2017. Agree I wouldn't upgrade, but definitely worth the extra cash.

          That said, that they still ship with 2GB RAM sucks. Apple may have better memory management but all the flaws popping up in CPUs lately require the browser to use more RAM to get around them (like how Chrome gets around the Spectre bug). It'll only be a matter of time before something is found in Apple ones and the 2GB models will feel like arse.

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          I would not worry about that. Older iPads with 1GB RAM still work well.
          Android needs more RAM, partly because of the design philosophy (dalvik) and partly because of the extra functionality.
          IOS is more lean, like OSX compared to Windows.

          The 2018 iPad is very impressive. In practical terms, almost as good as the Pro models for a fraction of the price.
          Apple has a reputation for being over-priced on hardware comparisons, but this is big exception IMHO.


        better processo, can use pencil if wanted, and will probably get IOS updates for longer due to newer processor ….

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    I was checking around for the 2018 ones. But at Harvey they have these on clearance. The 2018 model 9.7 Wi-Fi 32gb is also on special at $457. The usual price match with OW apply. David J also price matches, so if you get David Jones voucher for 10% less you can buy them from David J too

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