expired Kenco Microfibre Bag-of-Rags (1kg) - $10 at BigW


Description from the Big W site:

This Kenco Microfibre Bag-Of-Rags is perfect for car detailing and household cleaning. Good for multiple cleanup uses on various surfaces such as counters, shop equipment, or tools. An excellent choice for cleaning dust and smudges from electronic equipment without having to use harmful chemicals. Saves money over expensive disposable towels and other cloths. These cloths are machine washable and can be re-used many times. The microfiber material is so effective that it requires very little cleaning solution.

Product Features:
  • Extra absorbent.
  • Variety of cloths for different uses.
  • Use around the house, office and garage.
  • Great for detailing car, boat or RV.

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I'm currently in the market for some new microfibre cleaning cloths for around the house & car, & I spotted these at Big W last week & thought they looked alright. I know there's some fellow microfibre cloth fans here, so I figured I'd share the joy, & hopefully save some people a little money in the process - enjoy!

Each bag contains an assortment of sizes & textures, suitable for a range of purposes, from what I could see. As they're packed by weight rather than quantity, each bag's mileage may vary. For comparison's sake, I just weighed one of my current assortment of cloths, purchased from a variety of places, & it's about 50g, meaning this bag could potentially contain 20 cloths of similar size & thickness.

With that in mind, I'll definitely be grabbing some next time I'm near Big W, for sure - will report my findings when I do.

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