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$20 Mastercard Giftcard for Mealpal New Sign up (Giftcard Sent Next Day, With Referral Link)


Another Mealpal referral but this time it's sent next day and NO duration requirement for referrer/referee. Make sure you verify your mobile number and use an Ozbargain referral sign up link.

Cheapest plan to receive gift card: 12 meals @ $7.99 each = $95.88.
Factoring in the card it becomes ~$6.32 per meal.

From Mealpal:

YES, you will receive an email with your Mastercard Gift Card tomorrow if you refer a friend today.

Please share your unique link so that we can track your referrals.
The friends you refer must be new customers to MealPal + you both must have verified accounts.

This offer expires on July 26, 2018 at 11:59pm AEDT and cannot be combined with any other promotion.
Mastercard® is a registered trademark of Mastercard, Inc.

Referral Links

Referral: random (6)

Referrer gets $10. Referee gets 1 free meal with $4.99 signup fee.

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  • When entering your code into the referral system, please read carefully:

    Click the link in the email, once it opens in your browser copy the code at the end of the URL (approx 16 characters), do NOT enter your username.

    About 20% of the links in the system are for a username, I'm manually going through them now to change it to the code. So if you see your code has been recently updated that is why.

    When you signup using a referral link ensure you see the following text:

    ;NAME HERE's" saving a ton of money and wants you to as well! Get lunch for under $7.50 from the best restaurants in your city. PLUS - get a $20 Mastercard gift card when you sign up today!

    If it's a generic signup form with no mention of a $20 gift card the code is incorrect so click again.

    Edit 1215pm: All links fixed.

  • So do you actually have to order something to receive the gift card?

  • This is one of the worse ones. Usually they're 30%/40% off and in some rare circumstances they give half off your first month.

    • Yeap, got a 40% off one equating to $4.50 per meal.

    • Hows the quality and size of MealPal meals compared to Youfoodz?

      • MealPal is a middleman that connects you to restaurants for lunches whereas youfoodz sells packaged food to heat up/cook yourself so it's not really a fair comparison.

        It really depends on which restaurant you choose to pick up your lunch from but generally it's a much larger serving than anything you can get out of youfoodz.

  • Sorry negging because I've usually gotten 30-40% off, and have also gotten 50% off on a rare case or $100 Mastercard (Works out to be $3.82/$3.75 meal). This one is a no deal.

    • To be fair, this is the referral deal, not a signup deal. It's also $20 card each each with no minimum period or waiting period. That's $40 in total. A lot of the recent offers have only been one way (the referred person gets nothing) or require a two month commitment. Also, the 40% off deals usually only apply to the 20 meal package.

    • The main reason this one is better is because those other deals require both parties to complete a 2x12 meal cycle, whereas this one is instant.

      So between you and the referrer it only needs one cycle to net $40 instead of four cycles for $100.

  • mealpal keeps sending me offer to try to get me to come back….like every week with offers ranging from 30-50% off a month

  • Good deal considering both people receive $20 without having to stay signed up for a long period of time

  • Clicked on the random referral link. Says on the page $50 gift card. Am I doing something wrong?