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AOC AGON AG271QG $721.65 (eBay Plus) / $736.65 (Non eBay Plus) Delivered @ Computer Alliance on eBay


My first post, found on eBay at a great price.

Original 15% off Computer Alliance on eBay Deal Post

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  • If I place an order, is there any way to get the seller to check for any back light bleed before getting this delivered ?

    • Best way I think would be to ask them to.

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      Back light bleed is pretty subjective … what is fine for one person is not fine for another. Your best bet would be to purchase from a store that lets YOU see it setup prior to walking out the door.

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      I don't see any stores willing to allow you to open up and testing it. Backlight bleeding is very subjective and even if you make a warranty claim to swap it over, it really is up to the manufacturer's assessment on whether they will accept the returns.

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    Compare with Acer XB271HU, which one is better?

    • Same panel. QC between manufacturers is purely anecdotal. Buy what's cheaper, or you like the look of.

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        I looked into this a year ago when I was buying. From my research, it would appear that they are NOT the EXACT same panel as the revision number is different.

        Acer: M270DAN02.6
        (source: https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/31826fe)

        AOC: M270DAN02.3
        (source: https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model/07e26a9)

        I do not remember what the differences in the revisions mean, but normally later revisions are better as they will have addressed some known issues.

        With that being said, I did purchase the AOC and have been happy with it, however I am not one of those people who is concerned about backlight bleed (I don't watch stuff in the dark). FYI: I paid $800 12 months ago.

        • The reason I ask this question is that Acer XB271HU was $719.25 about one week ago. Normally, XB271HU is more expensive than AOC AGON AG271QG. Not sure, which one is worth to buy now.

        • M270DAN02.6 is 8-bit+FRC panel, while M270DAN02.3 is 8-bit panel.

  • Yep. Took out the 24" version at 10am :-)