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KFC: 15 Wicked Wings for $10 (App Only)


Just got this email, International Chicken Wing Day

15 Wicked Wings for $10, Sunday 29th, one day only. Normally 10 for $9.95

Only available to App users, sorry I couldnt find a page on their website about it, but I'm assuming it'll be available to everyone on the app.

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    Wicked Wings + Beer!!!

    • +2

      Got a 6 pack of Hite ready to go🍺

    • -1

      Was really hoping that the first comment would be "wicked deal".

  • +1

    Tempted but tbh the wings in all my locals are usually pretty tiny, honestly probably barely worth the 10 bucks on average.

    • I've noticed too with a lot of stores in my area that 15 for $10 is probably what it should be. Compared to the 9pc deals in the past with a lot bigger pieces

  • this let me know my local KFC now takes app orders yeay

  • Wait, is it normally 10 for $9.95? That's not TOO bad.

    But (profanity) yes, I love this deal!

    • Depending on the store.
      Check the app too see local Price

  • Yay

  • +2

    The app still doesn't work with my local store :(

  • +9

    International <some shit> Day!

  • +2

    Woohoo! 15 for the price of 10! Sucks that it's only for one day. :(

  • +17

    My poor toilet

  • +1

    Is it 1 per customer or can you order more than just 1?

  • +2

    I remember when wicked wings first came out around 05 or 06 it was 3 for $2 which is the same rate as this deal, now a 3-pack is $3.75 XD

    • +3

      And they were more "wicked". Tasted like Hot and Spicy wings.

  • +4

    Shut up and take my money!

  • we have the dinner box which is 12 wings, large potato and gravy and large chips for 12.95

    • Wow really? What state is this?

      At my NSW store I see wings deal - 12 wings + 2 large chips (basically the same thing cause u can swap sides) for $13.95

      • And what store is that?

        • Hurstville in the shopping centre opposite K Mart. I think they may still have it, I'm not too sure. Also I found this as well.

        • And Parra nsw

        • @sarahlee2201:
          yep hurstville shopping centre and the one outside on forest road. they have the ad up and it seems like its available all year round

    • How do you get that, can't see it in the app?

      • i would like to know as well

    • Wicked Wings are only available in 3,6 & 10 pieces.

  • -1

    Not available in SA.

    • Really? ): We never get anything decent.

      • @inaestuo Wow I'm able to get it in Darwin

        • Scrap that looks available in SA but says 13.95 like everyone else is getting

        • @inaestuo:
          Says $10 for me at Salisbury

  • -1

    What stores is this actually available ?

    • Check the App tomorrow

      • -2

        Tomorrow is Monday.

        • +5

          Lol what are you on?

          Tomorrow is sunday

  • +2

    Looks like I'm heading to KFC for lunch tomorrow!

    • Like most of us as well…

      Sucks that it's a Sunday with no locals KFC's at home address.

      Will do 15 for lunch and then another 15 will be in the fridge for either dinner or work Monday.

  • Not available on my all

    • You should try the App as the all doesn't make any sense.

      Have you tried to shake the Etch a Sketch to make it appear?

      In the App for me! There is $20 gone for a double good use. See you in the ER ward hopefully not.

  • +6

    And I think KFC screwed it.

    Title says $10, wants to charge me $13.95

    Anyone else see the same?

    • In Melb. Seeing the same at my local KFC - :(. $13.95 - not worth the $1 saving off $15

      • Yeah Melb too, there goes a Wings Sunday, might redeem the 2 for $6 Maccas deal instead.

    • Reminds me of when they did 9 pieces for 11.95

  • Unless someone can prove $10 deal on the App and not $13.95 this deal is dead.

    • Has anybody been able to order this deal??

      • Not ordering it at $13.95, is available on the App.

        Say's $10 in the title, charges $13.95

        Try it yourself.

        • -1

          I did, that's why I'm asking if anyone has been successful

      • Ordered it an hour ago, I showed them the deal on the phone at the counter and they put it in as $10. Just need to show them at counter I suppose.

    • +1

      app orders start at 10am so maybe try then?

      • hmm lunch orders start at 9:30 usually?

  • +3

    Deal in app is titled $10, but price coming up as $13.95 as others have said.

    • Take phone to counter, they'll apply it as $10 for you. Did it for me

  • -1

    So lets clear this up.

    Past 9:30am is this a $10 deal or $13.95 deal? $10 in the title, charges $13.95

    Confirm what you see in the App, reserve all other comments, personally for Melb this is a unattainable deal.

  • Perhaps just pay at the counter when ordering?

      • +1

        Mate take some chill pills lol 💊

  • Just ordered it from KFC. My local store wasn't online on the app but I showed them the flyer and they put it through the POS machine.

    • -2

      Fake, there was no Flyer. It was emailed to App users.

      Take a photo of your receipt and show us.

      • +3

        As in the flyer that this deal is linked to…

  • So everyone is paying $13.95 rather than $10 today.

    • Nope… I took the phone app the the counter and they put the deal in as $10. The manager said that they have contacted KFC's head about this issue.

  • +3

    Tried several stores around Sydney, all came up with 13.95$ not 10$. Apparently order title says 15 for $10 but when you go to check out it's $13.95. lol. A fake deal.

    • I don't see 15 pieces of chicken in the advert. I count 10 at the most.

      This deal is made out of unobtainian

      • Go to NEW after you open your app

        • Im referring to the flyer itself.

          But I do see the $13.95 deal in the app.

    • im getting the same - Melbourne here

  • +1

    Yeah it says 15 for $10 but charges you $13.95. they goofed the app

  • Does it actually charge you $13.95, or does it correct when you actually go to pay for it?
    In other words, has anyone actually gone through with an order to completion and confirmed it charged them $13.95?

    • If the payment says $13.95, that is what they will charge you.

  • Melbourne. My local store doesn't even have this menu on the app.

    • Go to "New", it should be there.

  • +8

    I left a message to KFC on Facebook, I got a reply back saying "We're working hard on rectifying this at the earliest, so please bear with us. Apologies for any inconvenience."

  • It's not available in Melbourne neither in-store or app.

  • Yeah came up at $13.95. They definitely messed up :-)

  • +5

    now showing as $10 for me in the app.

    • Confirm showing as $10, missed the boat, FAILURE, took other options

      • +4

        It's lucky they fixed this up, tom2222 would have definitely gone postal by mid afternoon.

        • +1

          Haha, right?

  • +2

    Fixed for me now as well :)

  • working for me in La Trobe area, Vic, though I did remove my old app as it would not go to " Orders", and downloaded it again

  • +1

    Confirmed it's available on app

  • ordered on the app. went in the store to pickup but the cashier said the app is glitched and just ordered instore and paid the $10

  • +1

    It seems like an odd app.
    When I entered in my nearest KFC (3km away) and put in an order, it directed me to another outlet 14km away. So I removed the items and tried again.
    Still didn't work, so I scrubbed the mission.
    By a complete coincidence, my local Coles has Steggles Wicked Wings on sale for $8. I counted 17 in the 1kg bag, and they did not ask for my email address and to tick the Ts & Cs.
    So if you are not in a hurry…

    • Good if you got an air fryer

  • Not in Perth?

    • It isIn Perth

  • Worked for me in Sydney NSW

  • +1

    12:44pm NSW - accessed through the "new products" section. Haven't tried it at a KFC register though. Going to try later!

  • 45 chicken in Perth

    • Low demand?

      • Nahh I went at 10 am once it opened.

  • Cholesterol boost but they are tasty and addictive as hell!

    Time to go get some! Thanks.

  • Worked for me
    Order confirmation

  • Worked but they only put 14 in the box :(

    • +1

      i swear some of their staff cannot count. Happened to me on several occasions…

      • Creating a forum post is the only solution!

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