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180 Day Starter Pack 16GB Large Plan $99 (Was $225) @ Lebara


Large plan deal is up again!


Hurry, - See FAQ's below.

The Large Plan 180 Day Recharge Voucher now comes with Unlimited Standard Calls to 18 Selected Countries, Unlimited Talk, Text & MMS in Australia, $10 call credit to other countries + 16GB data.

Selected countries; India, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States.

Starter pack comes with Standard/Micro/Nano SIM.
Stay in touch with unlimited standard National Talk, Text and MMS.
Unlimited standard calls to 18 selected countries
$10 international call credit every 30 days Check international rates
16GB data in Australia every 30 days.
Previously known as Mega Plan

Can I buy more than one of these SIM's?
You can stack up to 24 months of Lebara recharges. We recommend you buy this SIM pack plus up to three 180 day vouchers. Remember if you are on an existing Medium or Large plan, you can stack further but only up to 24 months maximum.

What about my existing plan?
If you are on Medium or Large Plan your current plan will still be active until its expiry.

What if I am on another plan?
Extra Small, Small & Extra Large Plans will be overwritten. If you need assistance with your account please call us on 126 122.

What happens Next?
Once you make your purchase, we will send you an email with your new recharge PIN/s. Recharge is the same as always, i.e. sending an SMS to 126 172, logging in to My Lebara, or by calling us on 126 123.

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  • Can i buy this and activate after three months..really tempting deal

  • Cheapest Big Data + Unlimited international call plan at the moment?

  • Wow, was just about to buy one last night, glad I waited
    Makes you wonder, if they plan to update data on these plans after this ?

  • -1 vote

    Why not this Kogan, rinse, and repeat?

  • Anyone have a 4g speed comparison between lebara and Kogan for someone living in Melbourne?

  • bought two $89 for 180d 5GB, now regret!

    • Activated..?

    • I bought it like 2 days back and now I am thinking I should have waited.
      I have not yet got my sim card or anything yet. not even confirmation email from Lebara. Just got the email from paypal.

      Will it be possible to change the plan to this one if i have not yet received/activated it yet?

      • +17 votes

        Hi there,

        If you are wishing to upgrade to the $99 offer and have not yet activated your Medium plan, please privately message me your mobile number. You will just need to recharge your main balance with the difference and I will be able to upgrade your plan.

        Team Lebara

    • just talked to CS waited 20mins and call lasted 20 mins. They asked me to call back PM to check if it's proved to upgrade. certainly not easy.
      They cant do anything for vouchers are recharged already for sure.

    • Ha, whoever is doing the promotions at Lebara isn't thinking. They should have brought out the largest plan deals first. Then they would got people to buy plans bigger than they really need because of FOMO. ;)

  • I have got 2x 6 months bought for $240, not activated yet…! Same deal…! Is there a way I can cancel it and buy this…??? Plz suggest…!!!

  • Thanks OP, just ordered!

  • Thank you !

  • How long till they expire? My plan with Kogan won't finish till end of September.

  • Question what about international txting to nz is this charged to the $10 call credit or as your normal call charge as listed in free calls

    • If you click on the deal link and look at the big writing on the left, you will see that it says "Unlimited text to 60 selected countries". NZ would probably be one of the 60.

  • Can anyone please confirm if this is 4G data plan or 3G. Tried finding out on their site but couldn't.

    Edit: Found it by going to their coverage area section. They support 4G in my area.

  • Confirmed with their live chat, if you have bought vouchers from any previous deal it is non-refundable even though they are not activated.

    I bought mine for $119 from last deal and tried to return them and purchase this new one. But it can't be done as per their live chat.

  • Weird how they don't give you any confirmation email after purchasing products. Also their contact number doesn't even ring.

    • ..same here .. it was disconcerting .. got an email about 5 days later .. on the same day I got the sims delivered .. go figure!!


      Apologies, we have been experiencing heavy traffic on our online store therefore here has been a delay in responding to your requests. Please send your order number via private message and we will look into it.

  • What a great deal! I hope they are around when my Kogan expires.

  • Edit: worked it out

  • Damn, bought 2 just yesterday. Still haven't received my vouchers yet.
    Should have waited. Wouldn't have made any difference but 40bucks extra in my wallet.

  • I paid $115 for this 3 days ago and I thought that was a good deal. I doubt I would have been able to wait 3 days since my plan had expired but it's still a little annoying to see a price drop so quick.

  • -2 votes

    not that cheap for 6 months on vodafone to be honest. You can get coles one on optus for one year for ~160 when on sale.

    • each to their own, if you need to call overseas a lot then this is a very good deal
      plus you don't get 30gb per month with coles. you get 42gb for the whole year

    • When was the last sale they had for it?

  • .. is there an Android app somewhere for Lebara mobile in Australia? Unable to locate on Google Play Store ..the only app I have found is an iOS app for iPhones ..

    • The iOS app is useless anyway, it just opens up a text with the word BALANCE to 126172.


      We do not have any operational app at the moment. However our team is looking into it. Thank you. Regards Team Lebara

  • Even I got one for $119 two days ago. I called them up. They said that they cannot cancel an existing order as it is a different promotion. However, they were kind enough to give me 1 month extra. i.e $119 for 7 months.

  • duplicate …

  • Thanks OP. Purchased one.

  • Hi guys, really need your feedback on using Lebara. I used vodafone for years then recently switched to Amaysim (Optus 4G+ network) and currently having no issues with service & network. Amaysim has international calling in their $30/28 days plan. So I thought of switching to Belong $15 (10+5) per month (I don't use much data) but I see no good reviews on belong so hesitant to make a switch. This Lebara deal is also good (I missed $89 for 6 months with 5GB). Please share your experience if I should switch to Lebara. Hows their network, services, web portal, app and number porting.

    Also after 6 months on 16 GB Large Plan, can I then switch to 5GB Medium plan with international calling?


    • They use Voda 4g network, so service wouldn't have changed much since you left.

    • Lebara is owned by VF now.

      • Thanks. I also noted that. Its just I want no trouble or downtime with number porting and billing etc. Like I was excited with Belong initially as they owned by Telstra I think but the poor feedback discouraged me.

    • Is there any smart phone app for Lebara? Do they have a call centre where you can easily talk to the people for any issues?

      Also is we don't recharge (say if I am overseas) for a few days/weeks then will I loose my number?

      • There used to be but they no longer support the app… I've rang and they confirmed this was the case…

      • No (technically yes but all it does is send a sms to get the balance). Yes. No idea


        You may reach Lebara Care team on 1300126122 from any phone or 126122 from your Lebara phone.

    • Wife has been on Lebara for about 6 months, no probs at all. I will be too when my Kogan expires at Xmas.

  • Is their website horribly slow for anyone else? 10 times now it has timed out while I am trying to checkout.

  • Does this include SIM or do I need to pay another $2 for SIM and delivery fee?

  • Hi Can I possibly change this Starter Pack number to my existing number?

  • Hi we can buy 4 Large starter packs and stack together? Or get one starter pack and buy 3 recharge vouchers?

    • As the description says:

      Can I buy more than one of these SIM's?
      You can stack up to 24 months of Lebara recharges. We recommend you buy this SIM pack plus up to three 180 day vouchers. Remember if you are on an existing Medium or Large plan, you can stack further but only up to 24 months maximum.