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80% off Everything - iPhone & Samsung Accessories from $3 AUD Each + Shipping or Free Shipping Over $30 @ Kase


No one can resist sales. Give our proprietary design mobile accessories a try!

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  • A basic case is still $5 after discount… It's <$1 delivered elsewhere…

  • I wonder how many people will want to buy 10 cases to get free shipping? I wonder if including the shipping amount for people who would prefer to buy less than 10 cases would be a good idea?

  • This is one of my fave stores for consistency. Consistently no bargains.

  • How come it's says free freight over $30 and I am being charged freight for a $45 order?

  • amazing quality case, got one

  • got iphone x case and charging cable from the last amaozon deal. The cables look good. The case is thin but wont protect the phone from falls.

  • Pathetic quality products from this company… got 2 cables from last amazon deal and one was Dead on Arrival, other one works only now and then…
    Fortunately enough i was able to return both due to Amazon prime ! I wish they spent a bit on their product instead of packaging which was great :P

  • They look nice, but it is just a case to protect from scratch on the back and sides. The spigen cases have a lip on the screen side, so it protects from face falls as it gives a nice 2mm gap.

  • Why state 80% off everything when that is not true ?