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LEGO 75190 First Order Star Destroyer $79.20 Instore at Big W


Browsing instore for more LEGO deals after I snagged this one yesterday


Found a First Order Star Destroyer with regular (white) price tag of $99. Checked the price on the scanner, still $99. I asked the lovely ladies at layby if they were able to give me the 20% off for full price toys.

Ended up snagging it for $79.20 (regular price appears to be $229). Receipt uploaded.

There were 2 more at Mount Hutton Big W.

Also when I checked Charlestown Square this morning there were 2 more LEGO Avengers Helicarrier's for $199 from $475.

There were some other deals posted by other user's as well:
Credit to spidey Ghostbuster's HQ $199 from $475
Credit to LXE3 Technic Air Race Jet 42066 $69 from $199

There will be very limited stock for the Helicarrier, Ghostbusters HQ and Technic Air Race Jet.

Good luck.

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