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$30 off Wine Purchases (Min Spend $50) @ GraysOnline


Hi there,

just got email from GraysOnline. $30 promo code if you spend more than $50 on wine.

*Voucher can be redeemed once & applies to wine purchases only.
Minimum spend of $50 applies. Expiry Date: 31/08/2018

Could be targeted.


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  • Works for me, cheers OP :)

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      Hooray! :)

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    This is perfect is you want to get the Wine and Sonos promotion!

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      Hmm.. would this mean we would have to spend $110 ($80 after discount) on wine with this promo to claim Sonos? Or would they accept $50 net spend?

      • Hmm that's a tough one.. I'm really not 100% sure lol, you might have to ask the promoters

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        I guess so, spend $110 via https://www.wineandsonos.com/Conditions.aspx

        "During the Purchase Period you need to buy at retail from an Outlet, Eligible Wines for off-premise consumption in any combination in a single transaction for a total purchase price of $80 or more"

    • Hopefully Grays are one of the selected online providers.

  • Thanks, seemed to work for me.

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    This looks like an auction site? So if i win two or more auctions that total $50, it will be discounted or is discount for one auction only?

    I got confused and bid $9 on a construction crane.

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      We've all done that at some stage.

      Grays have wines available to 'Buy Now', filter by that. Some have free shipping as well.
      The discount only works on wine purchases.

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    Worked for me, thanks! Grabbed a 6 pack of this Sauvignon Blanc:

    All up $23.94 delivered ($4 each)

    • I grabbed exactly the same ones ;)

    • How did you get around the $15 shipping?

      • It says free shipping on listing.

    • Fifth Leg is a good drop too!

  • Thanks OP worked for me.

  • when to put the code? can't put it in

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      At the checkout there is a voucher code field. However it will only apply successfully if you have linked a payment method first.

      • So if you use paypal do you have to agree to full price payment and then get the discount after?

        • You have to go into your account settings first then add a default payment method.

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    Thanks grabbed a 6 pack of Pinot Noir Rose 2016 for $23.94 inc delivery! Excellent Price Elsewhere online for $120


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    Got a case of Rieslink (http://www.graysonline.com/retail/dds1r15-12/wine/domain-day...) for $29.94, normally it is $19 per bottle. Thanks!

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    Thanks a lot, I used two accounts to order two packs of this wine, $4 per bottle!

    • Thanks, good buy and good wine selection. I copied you on the Shiraz :)

      • I don't drinkk wine so not sure if this is good as a present? Thinking of Xmass gift now for all my relatives family

    • Did you use PayPal? I was thinking of doing the same but not sure if the system will pick up on duplicate address and payment methods?

      • Yes. But I wasn't greedy and only bought once lol

  • Did you have to proceed to full payment with paypal and then got the discount after?

    • yes. you will coma back to the checkout screen to confirm afterwards.

    • NO. Add PP as payment method to file then order.

  • Thank you for this OP.

  • I think cashbackclub offers rewards for referrals to Grays through their website.

    • Hi
      I don't drink wine so not sure if this is good as a present? Thinking of Xmass gift now for all my relatives family

      • Can someone answer him please?

        • I'd rather not. He has no idea about wine. Personally, I think it would make a nice gift.

  • This won't last long.

  • Thanks OP. It's a shame we can only place one order using code.

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    Nice work OP - been years since we had a Greys Wine voucher.

    Picked this up for something different, a Syrah Gamay blend at $10/bottle delivered - http://www.grayswine.com.au/retail/dblbtasg17-6/wine/de-bort...

    The rose also caught my eye for the same price - http://www.grayswine.com.au/retail/dblbar17-6/wine/de-bortol...

  • Best deal all day. Thanks op got 2. red for me and the rose for the wife

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    Not sure what happened with my order. The discounted price showed for me on the review screen ($23.94) before I submitted payment however the confirmation email showed full price ($53.94). Checked my Paypal account and sure enough, I was charged the full amount. I've sent an email to customer service to amend the order or to cancel it. Did anyone else have issues?

    • yes happened to me too :|

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        but then i checked my credit card and it was charged the correct amount

        • I must've gotten unlucky then, it's showing full price in my Amex account too. :/ Oh well, hopefully it can be fixed.

        • Same here, got charged full amount both PP and CC.

        • My email said full price but I was charged the discounted price

          EDIT: Tax invoice email is correct

  • I miss when there was free wine and $1 bottle. Back when they had no minimum spend, with discount.
    Oh well, I don't really drink wine, but this looks like a good deal, so I might get some.

    • i just cleaned out my shed and found 2 half cases of wine from back then.

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    Keeps asking me for mobile number at PP processsing. Number is setup correctly in both paypal and grays accounts. drives me nuts, anyone else?

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      I had the same issue but fixed by setting your address from the account and go back to the cart.

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    I'm getting the following error when putting the discount code in:

    "To use this voucher you must set a payment method"

    However, you don't select payment method until further on in the process

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      You need to add payment method in your account options first.

      • Weird how you have to do that but thanks for explaining.

  • Can anyone reccomend a good Moscato?

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      No. No, that's not possible.

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    Some great prices here! Thanks OP.

    Set up two accounts, and ordered:

    http://www.graysonline.com/retail/swvchard17-6/wine/stonelei... $35.40
    http://www.graysonline.com/retail/dlthcm14-6/wine/devil-s-la... $23.94

    Everything went through with no problems at all.

    • Good find. Ordered Stoneleigh Wild Valley Chardonnay too.

    • I set up two accounts but it coming up voucher can only be used once - did you have a different credit card/address?

      • Different email addresses. Different payment options.

        Everything else the same.

  • any red to recommend?

    • the st hallet faith shiraz is a really decent one and usually goes on sale for 22-23 a bottle. so down to 12 with the code is a steal. ages well too if it lasts long!

      • Gray's listing is for the 2016 vintage which is a bit cheaper, currently $16.20 at Dan Murphy's. Still a good price though.

      • If you are paying $22 for St Hallett Faith hand back your ozbargain licence.

  • Anyone know if the code can be used more than once. When I used it the first time it said it could only be used once per cart but does that mean I can do another separate order and use it again?

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      Did the site accept the code on your second order?

      • dont know at the mo, the auction is still running

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    Got the Tatachilla, 4 & 5 star reviews on Dans. Same price as dans too (Before the discount!) so in effect it's 50% off Dan Murphys price. very good deal thanks OP you da bomb.

    • Thanks. Got it too

  • My code worked on 2nd order!

    • Must have been as a different user ID? I was not able to.

      • +1

        Same account and confirmed on credit card also. Will wait to see if it gets cancelled…

    • mine wouldn't work on same address/credit card

  • Can anyone confirm it works on wine auction items too?

  • Yes
    When you put in you bid it asks for the coupon at the bottom of the confirmation page

    • Damn, already bid before the code came out

      • You can add the code if you make a new bid (or account). Three options:
        1. Do nothing.
        2. Up your bid to add the promo code and ultimately save $$$.
        3. Wait to see if you are outbid then add it to your new bid.

        • I haven't tried Grays auctions before. Reading the fine print, added to your winning bid is 1. credit card or paypal surcharge, 2. GST, 3. buyers premium of 17.5%, 4. delivery. so, for a $54 case, = $54 + $5.40 + $9.45 + $10 + $1.58 = $80.43 :(. Which part of all this does the voucher apply to???

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    The 'Free Delivery' selection has been extensively culled ;)

    • Only 27 wines showing as free delivery now, compared with upwards of 100 previously.

      Some very nice St Halletts still there!

  • anyone tried the Giesen Estate 2014 Pinot Noir before?

    just wondering whether to get the Stoneleigh or Giesen… have had the Stoneleigh before and it is good

    geez i am sure one of them was free delivery earlier

  • They now charge delivery fee for lots of wines that had free delivery.

    • ahhh that explains it

  • Mine delivered today :)

  • Does anyone know if you can track delivery?
    I couldn't find it on the mobile or desktop site.

    I had one case arrive today (from one account) but the other one hasn't and wasn't sure if it was even shipped

    • I've received three email confirmations to date:
      - Order confirmation
      - Copy of invoice
      - Advice of shipping (with link to track shipping)

      • Thanks.

        Seemed like the email was delayed. Tracking email came after the delivery

  • I made payment and now my order doesn’t exist, the wine went up almost $10 and there’s $10 shipping my order doesn’t even exist on their site. Made order for Pinot Noir Rose 2016 for $23.94 My order now is nowhere to be seen!!!

  • Anyone has ever contacted their customer service regarding delivery issue?

  • Mine was delivered today.
    All good!

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    I signed up a few weeks ago but didn't buy anything, and last night was emailed a $40 voucher. Unfortunately I couldn't stack, but it meant two cartons for $35 discount each!

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    after a wine purchase, my inbox got spammed and unsubscribing does nothing!

    • Same :(

    • Go into Mygrays page. Maybe 3 tabs to the right..turn off subscriptions etc

  • awesome. ordered some yellowglen moscato. $20 delivered for 6 bottles. perfect to take afew bottle to parties in summer.

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