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Portable Collapsible Steel Straws US $16.90 (~AU $23) + Free Shipping @ To Do Tea


Plastic straws are ruining our planet. 🥤
Let’s save it one Portable Collapsible Steel Straw at a time. 🌎
Get yours now ➡️ https://todotea.com/collapsible-stainless-steel-straw

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    This isn't a bargain this is an advertisement

    2.3 seconds searching aliexpress will show cheaper deals

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    US$3 wholesale from Alibaba, US$6 retail from AliExpress.

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    Why don't everyone just use paper straws? Seems inconvenient to have to carry this around and remember to wash after every use.

    • The paper straws are coming.. but they will be in a plastic packet.

    • Just use your lips baby!

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    Yet it comes in a plastic carry case. Nice try, Tony Chang!

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    Oh, found it cheaper elsewhere…guess I'll have to neg…

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    The reviews are completely genuine too, just like this bargain:

    "I'm so happy to be doing my bit by never using another plastic straw ever again. It works just like a normal straw, perfectly suckable! It conveniently folds into the small case that comes with it. Just brilliant."

    "Glad to see people banning plastic straws to save the ocean. I use it wherever I go now. Join the movement, buy this for yourself and someone like you."

    "The straw arrived today. Good quality and meets all my expectations. The cleaner is a smart addition to the straw to make sure it stays clean all the time."

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    OP you need to up your game. Your previous posts were also abysmal. No bargain.

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    Plastic straws are ruining our planet.


  • It sucks!

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      It doesn't. You have to do the sucking so you suck :P

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    Fraudulent and inconvenient all in one post. Go away

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    Saw this when it went up.

    Expected evisceration.

    Was not disappointed.

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    Plastic straws are ruining our planet. 🥤

    Nowhere near as much as far bigger plastic items. Get a grip and stop trying to ri[p off the gullible greenies.

  • Plastic straws are ruining the planet

    Dont worry! We have an oversized plastic container to hold your $23 straw

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    Plastic straws are ruining our planet

    No they’re not…

    Steel straws are dangerous

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    People who litter are the cause of the problem…
    Those that join the protest are just wanting to look trendy :-( and the same trendy people are the ones that must have plastic bottles of water that come wrapped in plastic. DOH!
    Ever seen the shiploads of garbage some countries dump in the ocean? Some countries use the ocean as a garbage dump and their rubbish travels on the ocean currents all around the world. Stop this first.

  • Negging because identical item with identical pictures much cheaper elsewhere:-

    ~$23.00 Free Shipping
    $5.92 Free Shipping … 25% of Associated OP's discount price to fellow OzBargain Members.