Which 3 Companies Have You Learned to Hate? Mine are 1=Jetstar; 2=Telstra; 3=BankSA

I now hate dealing with Jetstar more than Telstra and BankSA.

JetStar - Why I've learned to hate Jetstar #1

Short Version
I tried to make a booking on JetStar's website and got multiple errors leading me to call Jetstar to book a flight. Even though they eventually acknowledged the website error was not my browser, they then hit me up for a phone booking fee, got the booking wrong, charged me more that quoted on the phone, and cant send me a receipt/itinerary. Took 5 calls (so far) and I've spent longer booking the flights than we will be on the flights.

Long version - TLDR

  • call centre people have no authority to fix problems and wont let you talk to a supervisor
  • phone call back system doesnt work (press 1 nothing happens)
  • Jetstar charge extra to have an infant on your lap
  • website gives lots of errors
  • cant connect call centre flight bookings to your Jetstar account
  • complaint email is hidden
  • cant get a copy of our itinerary - each time they say just wait 24 hours and nothing happens
  • my friend had a Jetstar flight cancelled last week and instead of refunding they tried to pass him off with a conditional voucher. After a formal complaint they eventually got the correct refund but now also hates Jetstar.

PS Jetstar complaints email is …. customer.care@jetstar.com

Telstra #2 - self explanatory - always a hassle - bill often wrong, call centre a joke.

BankSA #3 - they couldn't organise to increase our credit card limit online or over the phone, or paperless statements (for an OS trip). I had to go into a branch twice (for a paper form they wanted me to fax back?!?). In the end it was easier to get a new credit card from another bank, so I did !

Which Top 3 Companies Have You Learned to Hate Dealing With ???


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    Harvey Norman

    Ozb No.1 Public Enemy

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      When the votes hit 100, I'll send a screenshot to Gerry. ;}

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        This is probably going to not go down too well but I don't really understand why many OzBargain-ers hate Gerry Harvey. I agree that him campaigning for GST on imported goods <$1000 is not ideal. But personally I can't really hate someone for advocating for their business. Additionally Harvey Norman frequently has great Amex credit deals.

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          He called us professionals.

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          Considering the cost of implementation far outweighs the tax collected, its just a waste of money for the australian people….

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          He raised our cost of living to compensate for his massive overpriced products. That's why.

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          Because his staff are overzealous hawkers who want you to buy overpriced rubbish.

          JB HiFi, to the best of my knowledge, still pay their staff proper sunday penalties, have good sales, good customer service and sell things that people want.



          Plus you can always ask for a cheaper price and they look at their pda and give you a better price without question.

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          No we do hate him for ruining shopping for us

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          During the GFC he said its the consumers fault and they should spend more money on consumer goods to revitalise the economy. At the time wage growth was low and there was job uncertainty.

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          @potm: Scotty really needs to make a Gerry Harvey "professional" badge


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          It's not just the GST or the problems with Harvey Norman, it is Gerry's whole attitude. Now he's lobbying for a two-tier wage system to allow employers to pay foreign guest workers less than locals.

          "Australia doesn't have cheap labour. Many overseas workers would be prepared to move here for a much better life and half the money Australians earn," he said.

          "I've got horse studs and it's difficult to get staff.



          @Levathian: nah they dont anymore, except for staff that were there beforehand

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          @kewlaz: His rationale was similar to Rudd’s with the stimulus package so you have to give him some credit. The more people spent the better for the economy overall. Australia fared extremely well during the GFC compared to most other countries.

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          He's a massive whinger. He harps on about how X and Y are uncompetitive and unfair to local businesses. Then he gets more upset when something like Amazon comes to Australia, sets up shop, "creates jobs" and starts doing business. All he cares about is himself and his business, he is just too spineless to come forward and say it, so he bullshits people into thinking he actually cares about his local competitors.

          The kicker, though? There are 86 Harvey Norman stores outside Australia.


        Looks like you're sending that screenshot - gerrywiththemostest@harveynorman.com.au


        pic or never happened ;)


        When the votes hit 100, I'll send a screenshot to Gerry. ;}

        Now it's 396 lol and still climbing..


      Why though?
      Except for one time they messed up my c&c havent been that bad from my experience. One good thing I found was I could bargain a bit from marked price which is sonething online shopping can’t do.

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      You deserve all the upvotes my dude.


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      I always see this on OZB, but can someone explain why?

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        In simple terms, he raised the cost of living to compensate for his massive overpriced products.

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        It was largely due to him that the recent change happened where GST is charged on all imports. Previously it was only on imports over $1000


        Preying on the naive basically.

        HDMI cables, extended warranties, anti-virus, etc.

        Also, shonky finance.

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      So how did Harvey Norman have the 9th most deals of any store that were voted to the OzBargain front page on the last month summary? Can’t be the worst then.

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      WOW 1++++++

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    Harvey Norman…GST need I say more
    David Jones is making me mad too with their new website and payment issues

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    For making me ring up every 3 months to beg and threaten to cancel just to keep the same deal I've had for 5 years. For getting a different "we can't do that" excuse every time, but I always prevail because the agents taking the call are full of shit and/or badly trained, or simply incompetent.

    Their pricing model making the above standard practise infuriates me as it insults customers intelligence and treats customers like sh1t.

    I need my F1 and FoxFooty so I can't just walk away :(

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    1. Telstra
    2. Telstra
    3. Foxtel, with Telstra billing

    they are the only company that made my blood boil constantly every year when I was with them before I had enough and moved to vodafone and kill my foxtel altogether. I rather suffer through the patchy service than deal with Telstra billing.

    I am indifferent to most companies that people like to hate (Harvey, Dick Smith back in the days, CBA) but with Telstra I only feel pure unadulterated hate.

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    None were willing to offer over the phone discounts.

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    The Catholic Church.

    Qantas due to their penchant for hiring hags as in flight staff and poor service.

    Ticketmaster for their sh!thouse revenue model, fees even for me to print my own tickets.

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      +1 for Ticketmaster (and the reseller site)

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      I feel sad that there is so much hate for the Catholic Church. :(
      What happened was terrible but I hope you know that most people who belong to the church are disgusted at what happened and that most people are good people

      • +27 votes

        Because covering up child abuse is probably the worst thing an organisation can be guilty of. That it has many 'good people' is irrelevant

        • +2 votes

          He didn't make the claim that because there are 'good people' what happened is any less horrible..

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        And that is part of the problem, you feel sorry for the church instead of their victims!


          Reading comprehension is low there gromit. You may be surprised but it is possible to feel sorry for two groups of people at one time. You can even feel more sorry for one group of people than another group of people but feel sorry for both of them at the same time. The more you know hey!

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          @SnakeCasablanca: my reading comprehension was just fine, his first comment was to feel sad for so much hate for a corrupt organisation that enables such abhorrent acts through it secrecy and selfish acts that puts themselves above the welfare of any other, this hasn't changed even with the current revelations and as long as it hasn't they deserve every ounce of hate aimed at them.


          Im trying to say that only a few people in the church have destroyed its reputation but because of this, the whole organisation is hated. There's no need to spin my words and say I don't feel sorry for the victims. I stated in my comment that what happened was disgusting and should have never occurred!

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          @worrierwan: It isn't a few people, it is the entire structure. Yes only a few did the crime, but the rest enabled it, defended it or did there best to hide it, very few stood up and tried to prevent or shine a light on it. The church deserves nothing but scorn and needs a thorough cleansing from the top to bottom.

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        Catholic church is the largest criminal organisation in the world

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      How is the catholic church a company?

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    I like Jetstar's policy of giving you a sound thrashing with fees for everything.

    Want to check luggage? There's a fee.

    Want some form of sustenance on board? There's a fee.

    Want to wear thongs instead of shoes? There's a fee.

    Want a plane with wings? You guessed it.

    Want an oxygen mask above your seat in case of catastrophic decompression? Oh you whiny git fine…but there's a fee.

    There's no other company which deconstructs its product into thousands of microscopic pieces, in order to exact the greatest toll. It's as though they have some medieval blood vendetta against you or something.

    Also: 1. the NBN (for causing 2 water outages in my unit complex as they dug up people's driveways), 2. Disney and 3. Ikea

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      Clearly haven't booked with many other low-cost airlines then, because they're all the same as Jetstar.

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        Ryanair 10KG cabin handbag + handbag weight is in addition to ladies bag/laptop is allowed
        EasyJey no weight limit be reasonable on usual cabin bag size + handbag
        FlyBe 10KG handbag usual cabin size bag
        WizzAir 10kg
        Norwagian 10kg


        Pathetic JetStar Australia 7KG (including weight laptop/ladies purse).

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      NBN good point !

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      What did Ikea ever to do you?

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        You've never put together something from Ikea?

        Also, they won't deliver an online purchase. You have to go in store to collect it or arrange delivery.

        • +3 votes

          Yeah, I enjoy it, that's why I purchased Nintendo Labs. It's basically Ikea: The Game :)

          Yeah, online sucks in some states right now, but doesn't seem worth of a top 3 hated companies list.

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          I don't understand the hate for putting stuff together from Ikea. I love getting all my flatpacks home and start assembling them. Never had an issue, never had an argument with the partner over it, etc… The instructions have been quite clear, I just follow it and at the end of it, I have a functional piece of furniture. Its not rocket science…unlesss someone decides to try assembling something without using the instructions, a situation I've witnessed and laughed at while its happening because it was obvious it wasn't going to work.

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          @Kenb0: I think some people just struggle to (can't/won't) work methodically. This kind of person will also cook recipes but substitutes half the ingredients, applies a random scale factor to each suggested time, measures by eye, and then wonders why the result isn't as good…

          Also some people find it hard to imagine rotation of shapes in 3d space.

          On the other hand, mechanically-minded people can often assemble flat-pack stuff without the instructions.

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      So what? You have a choice when flying: Either full service all inclusive or low-cost and pay for what you want


        Just change credit cards frequently and use the points to fly virgin or Qantas. Or befriend someone that works for either airline and fly stand by. A combination of those has allowed me to almost avoid flying Jetstar or Tiger, though I only fly domestic about half a dozen times a year.

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      I like Jetstar's policy of giving you a sound thrashing with fees for everything.

      Like every other discount airline in the world now. How else can one fly Melbourne -> Brisbane for $100 - $130 or so?

      Want to check luggage? There's a fee.

      Even many full service airlines are starting to charge this. Besides, there's no fee if you contain your brick and car battery-carrying to under 7 kg.

      Want some form of sustenance on board? There's a fee.

      You need food and drink for a 55 minute flight to Sydney? Likely the Uber took longer to get to the airport. Do you expect them to provide meals? Besides, as an OzB denizen what's stopping you bringing home-made sandwiches? (And 100 ml of drinks… LOL.)

      Want to wear thongs instead of shoes? There's a fee.

      If you are such a yobbo as to wear thongs on a plane you should be charged extra.

      Want a plane with wings? You guessed it.

      Just ridiculous.

      Want an oxygen mask above your seat in case of catastrophic decompression? Oh you whiny git fine…but there's a fee.

      I've told you a million times: don't exaggerate.

      There's no other company which deconstructs its product into thousands of microscopic pieces, in order to exact the greatest toll.

      You clearly have not flown many budget airlines around the world. They are budget for a reason. They try to gouge you on all the little extra costs, they cut back on customer service, etc. But really, when you look how cheap their fares are, working within their restrictive systems is well worth it.

      Or would you prefer to return to the good old days of Ansett and TAA, and flying Melbourne to Brisbane cost $700 return, with no special fares?

      • +7 votes

        basically sounds like wanting full-service airline level of service while paying budget airline prices. Distorted expectations. When I go to Maccas, I don't expect a degustation meal.

      • +4 votes

        You put way too much time into picking apart something that was meant unseriously, my friend. I was commenting on the general frustration of booking with budget airlines.


        Agree Roman Sandstorm. Although I guess Im a yobbo because I wear thongs on planes. Im gonna be wearing thongs on a plane to Bali in one months time.


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      I like Jetstar's policy of giving you a sound thrashing with fees for everything.

      Ummm yeah, they are a low-cost airlines…..

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    Commonwealth Bank

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    Hate is such a strong word, but I certainly dislike and avoid:

    1. Foxtel: They changed the landscape for watching top-line sport, from free-to-air to be pay-to-view. I suppose someone was always going to do that, it just so happens it was Foxtel.

    2. Tigerair: Too many cancelled / rescheduled flights when I needed to be somewhere.

    3. AFL: Too many changes that took a sport and made it into a corporate entity. Very little original concepts, with almost all 'initiatives' copied from other sporting codes. The game is the loser in this one.

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    Kmart - for trapping my wife in and making our house a cluttered mess.

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    My most hated organisations include:

    1. Jetstar. The devolution of air travel, planes filled with people who should be catching buses. I no longer fly them and have never flown Tiger.

    2. Australia Post. Hopeless staff who are filled with indifference for their jobs. Slow and expensive.

    3. Optus. Terrible billing meets worse customer service. They must be trying to be this bad.

    4. VAG Group. (Porsche, Audi, VW, Skoda etc) Their poor reliability and corporate ethics are matched by their approach to customer service.



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    Facebook, Twitter, Apple

    Censorship of conservative opinions.

    Gab.ai a great alternative to Twitter but I still keep accounts on both.

    Facebook is a garbage pile.

    Apple, unfortunately not really many alternatives if you don't believe in replacing your phone every couple of years and putting up with spying, inefficient crap of Android.


      Spot on.

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      Why Apple as a hated company? Second paragraph on this is exactly why many people love their approach. https://www.scribd.com/document/385681717/Apple-s-Response-t...

      • +6 votes

        I agree with you here. I think Apple has anti consumer behaviour at times and more noticeably recently but I don't think replacing your phone every couple of years is a valid reason.
        The number of phones Android manufacturers release is huge while their product support is moderate to poor at best.

        Apple are by no means the perfect company but supporting phones 5 years after their release date (iPhone 5s runs iOS 12; that's 5 years old) is something no other Android manufacturer is willing to do. At Android's best, there is the Google One program which stipulates that OS updates for one year and security updates for up to two.

        Hating on Apple for anti consumer behaviour like selling iPads without a fast charger and making computers with USB-C while they only have USB-A to lightning cables is fair game. However, I don't believe obsolete phones is a valid one, especially not since they have the battery replacement program going on for a reduced price for the rest of the year to fix anyone's phones having issues. iPhones 6 and above are affected and this is going back to phones four years old. As a comparison, that's like saying Samsung making a program to support hardware issues from their Galaxy S5/S6 range today. That simply doesn't happen unfortunately.

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      well, my LG is about 4 years old now. I also payed about 30% of what you'd pay on ur iPhone.

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        That's cool, I don't hate on any Android manufacturers but the top reasons why people stay with Apple are their stand for individual privacy, hardware and software support. I don't think many LG phones from 4 years ago are still supported with software updates without having to root the phone. It gets hard not having the latest software updates and the high level of Android fragmentation supports how well manufacturers are keeping up. Instead of supporting their existing phones, they make new phones with the latest updates; forcing you to choose whether to stick with your phone or buy a new phone with the latest update. Yes you could always root it but the majority of people are not willing to spend their free time doing that.

        I'm essentially paying more for the insurance that the device is supported long term and I don't have to think about upgrading. Apple still support laptops from 2013 as well, that's a five year service support. The issue is that Apple is neither the golden standard or the worst company that people make it out to be. Yes they don't always make the best products but they sure do provide the relevant technical support for it.

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