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Telstra BYO Mobile Plans $49/15GB + 5GB Bonus Pm, $69/30GB + 10GB Bonus Pm "Peace of Mind Data Included ($69 Plan)"


Nowhere near as good as the latest Optus offering but at least they are trying to compete somewhat, if they included data sharing again I would be all over this, however looks like Optus is still the clear winner here.

$49 plan has an extra 5gb

$69 plan has an extra 10gb

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        Yeah. Ditto. Inner Brisbane (<5 kms from CBD) and very patchy coverage. Otherwise I'd be back with Optus. Always better value.

  • Hi

    Going to Tasmania for a week amd am looking for a cheap Telstra pre-paid sim while I'm there. Any of you guys know any?

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      Depends where you're going. I'd personally go Boost Mobile and get the whole Telstra network (not just Telstra Wholesale like Aldi and others).

      $50 gives you 30GB.

      • Is belong full Telstra as well ?

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        • No. Belong is Telstra Wholesale

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          No. Only Boost.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. Tossing between Aldimobile or Boost Mobile. Starting off from Hobart, Swansea, Launceston, Stanley, Cradle Mountain and then back to Hobart. Wanna use it mainly for online banking and gps such as Google maps and Waze.

    • Aldi mobile?

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    Lol try again telstra. $36 for 30gb with optus

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      Telstras official response “ but but muh networx is da shiz”

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      Its like driving a Holden Viva in a 60kmh zone and telling a Audi R8 driver… look at my wheels got it cheaper than yours.

      I think most people use Telstra becuase of their network not for their price. So you can keep Lol’ing with your Holden viva. Mabe go for a drive in the outback without carrying a Telstra prepaid back up sim.

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        Yeah and for the majority that dont go driving to the outback there are better providers with way better pricing and thats probably the only leg telstra just has to stand on. Typical telstra trash response

        No wonder they're getting rid of 8000 employees

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        Yes I’ll watch all my data free Netflix and share with all my friends on Optus and use a $2 Telstra sim like a $2 hooker when I need to make a phone call in the outback

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          Yes you keep watching your netflix on your ipad. I’ll enjoy mine on a 75 inch tv. But yes… hopfully optus brings out more towers and retains their lower prices…. then you wont have to rely on hookers. ;)

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      Been with optus for 10 years as I cant afford telstra. About a year ago I can afford them and switch and wow…. I am now always connected everywhere, indoor, tunnels, train, regional, everywhere.

      The difference is a lot. I am almost always on 4g.

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    FYI I just live chatted with Telstra and the agent said that on these new BYO plans this data allowance can’t be shared amongst other numbers on the same bill.

    • Wow. It is true. The removal of data sharing has spread to the BYO plans as well now as it’s states “All data expires at the end of the month and is not shareable. Data is for personal use in a smartphone only. Our FairPlay policy applies.” In the critical information summaries.

  • da optus plan was good but no international rooming killed the deal for people travelling a lot.

    • nobody should use our international roaming unless you want to get burnt lol…..get a local sim for the country you are in and deadset you'd get a trip's worth of calls and data for $10-$50

  • In the past I've had success by using the chat invitation window that comes up when you're browsing the SIM only plans. I currently have a $20 discount on an old $49 plan. Agent wouldn't budge an inch of any discounts or even keeping extra 5GB from the multi-product discount. Seemed to indicate their power was limited but did so in a way that may have been trying to subtly infer that other departments may have more power. Disconnections?

  • I'm pretty sure if you go to JB and get this you get the $200 gift card with it.

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      And I get 25gb for $49 with that $200 gift card. Sharing 65gb between 3 services too.

      • Is the gift card special on still ?

      • Same question is jb gift card offer still available?

        • In a JB HIFI store in Brisbane CDB, yes the offer is still available with the peace of mind option ! 49 dollars for 15 gb and 200 jb hifi card !

  • About time for unequally-bloated dozing bear to take the wake up call from SingerTel. Extra-1/3rd quota, indubitably due to an Optusnet. Sets the stage nicely for next contestants; impending Koganfone upgrade. 4th ntwk up ahead.

  • "Nowhere near as good as the latest Optus offering" unless you live anywhere except metro…

  • Looks like Telstra is super happy to just let customers go, no discounts no extra 5gb, no data sharing, no negotiation. Telstra just said on live chat like the new plans or piss off. Shame really. I’m happy to pay extra for the network but not happy to be treated like a muppet.

  • Got $10 knocked off the $49 plan today through online chat.
    Once I mentioned that I would look at other providers for a better
    deal, the $10 discount was offered.

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