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AMD Ryzen 5 2600 $207.20, Ryzen 7 2700 $335.20, Ryzen 7 2700x $399.20 Delivered @ Tech Mall eBay


Pretty certain this is the cheapest this particular Ryzen CPU has been.

Other models also available, albeit for similar or slightly higher prices than they have been. The following previous prices are the cheapest I could find from the past couple of months. However, Tech Mall's prices are still quite good if you're after one for the near future.

EDIT: Looks like it may have been a price error - the price of the 2600x has been increased to $271 after discount. Shame, it was quite a competitive price. However, all other models have dropped in price, with the best of the bunch being the 2600 and 2700. Title has been updated to reflect that (was previously AMD Ryzen 5 2600x $255.20 Delivered @ Tech Mall eBay).

EDIT 2: Appears that prices have been brought back up again. Marking the deal as expired as the prices aren't really competitive even with the coupon.

Model Previous Tech Mall Price Tech Mall Price (updated as of 2pm) Most Recent Pricing
2600 $236 $207.20 $224
2600x $255.20 $271.20 $262.65
2700 $388 $335.20 $350
2700x $423.20 $399.20 $398.65

Original PINGED 20% off post

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  • 2700x is still around $50 more than its lowest eBay price

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      Yeah, the deal was mainly for the 2600x, but I added the other models for reference. I wasn't able to find a deal where the 2700x was lower than $399 though, what previous price are you referring to?

      • It was back when eBay Plus had just come out and all those memory card deals were on. It was a 15% off deal iirc and the price didnt get jacked

  • What the performance increase between the more expensive CPU for integrated graphics compared to the lower ones?

    Eg 2200, 2600 or 2700?

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      Only the 2200g and 2400g have integrated graphics.

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        The G is for Jraphics, according to Tech Jesus Steve.

        @mavis - a quick google will tell you.

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      The only Ryzen CPUs that have integrated graphics are the 2200G and 2400G (both APUs): the more expensive 2600/x and 2700/x are purely CPUs with no integrated graphics. In terms of the comparison between 2200G and 2400G, from a quick search this reddit comment might help:

      the 2400G is a better long term choice. Extra multi core performance and higher default clocks gives it more headroom if you decide to install a discrete GPU later on and for productivity tasks.

      Having said that, you're better off just buying a dedicated CPU and GPU if you're going to be doing anything intensive.

      • yeah but the 2600 is 6 cores, whilst the 2200G/2400G are 4. 2700+ is 8 cores

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    Anyone could recommend a MB for this CPU..
    A newbie here want to build first game PC

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      The new B450 boards are a perfect complement to the Ryzen 2xxx series. Specifically, the MSI B450 Tomahawk has been reviewed as probably the best value midrange B450 board (I've just bought one myself to use with the 2600x). If you're wanting a board with on-board wi-fi/Bluetooth though, the Gigabyte AORUS PRO WiFi is also a solid board.

      Note that if your only use for the PC will be gaming, you might be better off with an Intel CPU - they perform slightly better (~10%) with single-core loads (ie. gaming). However, you get a bit more bang for buck with a Ryzen CPU if you're going to be doing anything that utilises multiple cores. See this comment for a summary.

      Welcome to the rabbit hole, though!

    • I got the X470 AORUS Ultra gaming. Any 4XX MB will work straight away Gen 2 READY.

      I believe that 3XX MB needs Flashing.

      Some boards might have methods for flashing the BIOS without a CPU installed, but most do not.

      ASrock X470 another board I looked at.

      • I think most of the new MSI B450 boards come with a way to flash the MoBo via USB without needing a CPU.

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      I just completed two builds with 2600 and 2400g with this MB.

      No complaints. My main focus was 6 sata ports .Needed retailer (computer alliance)to update bios ,which they did . Only one Pcie slot though . Got them in 20% off sale. 2400g +MB for $205 I thought was a bargain . Shame the 16gb of ram cost more than CPU and MB combined

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        That is a bargain. Great price for a APU/Mobo combo. Bang for buck is way better than anything from Intel.

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    Dang! And amazon USA just sold out of Threadripper 1920 for $250 usd. We are soo left in the dark for deals here.

    Still this is a good deal, compared to normal pricing.

  • The 2600x is showing $349 x 20% = $279.20??

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      Looks like it was a price error, unfortunately. It was previously $319 without discount. Other models have dropped in price though.

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    Now the 2600 at $207.20 is a great price :)
    Thank you OP for keeping it updated.

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    2600 showing up for me as $275.00 - 20% = $220.

  • 2700X back to $423.20

  • Updated post as expired, as prices aren't very competitive anymore.

    • 2600 is still competitive. at 220A$. matches amazon US price.

      edit: ah it was at 207. nvm then

  • For anyone wanting a cooler better than stock for these processors, I have been very happy with the $32 Coolermaster h411r which bolts right on (Umart,MSY et al sell). Has been around 20 degrees celsius cooler than the included AMD Stealth under load. I've done no overclocking, so can't comment on performance with that sorry.

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