expired Free RACV Roadside Assist Membership for 6 Months (for Existing RACV Members)


Received a mail from RACV stating that I can get free racv roadside assist for 6 months as an existing RACV home customer.

Requires RACV Membership number during sign up.

Edit: As warned by @OzBargainerMel please be careful with your personal information, the link is not a secure one as it is not from RACV domain.

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    My current roadside assistance expires in feb 2019, should cancel and apply this free one.

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    Be careful with your personal information, the link is not a secure one as it is not from RACV domain. I just found that after I filled the form.

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      Thanks for the warning. I did notice this during sign up but the information in that form is not personal of sorts. Email and RACV number. No date of birth, mobile number or address. Hence I guess its fine?

      I have added this warning to the description in any case.

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    I'm a lapsed member, lets seee if it still works for me! (Some things like parking still do).

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    I wonder what existing members wouldn't have roadside already? Their insurance products seem to be double everyone else, so what other reasons would you be a member? Jist for their sport & resort clubs?

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      Depends on the individual doesn't it? I compare the market every year to be sure but RACV somehow is always considerably cheaper in comprehensive for me, even compared to the cheap arse dodgy mobs.


      Make a claim with one of these cheap as chips insurers and you’ll see why RACV is worth it. My works cheap as cover wouldn’t cover me getting a taxi or transport from broken down car in middle of no where after the towie took it away.

      Not really that much price difference once you do like house and car and whatever else you can get the multi policy on


        my car insurance is $550/yr with Coles, RACV quote is $1350.

        a few years ago we went to sell our old car and took it to a panel beater to remove a ding. he pointed out all the hail damage, which we hadn't noticed (yeah not really car people) and it was from a storm 4yr before. we said oh bugger that was from 4yrs ago, but he suggested we still try to claim it on insurance as you've got 7yrs to claim. We'd moved over to Woolies at that time, but we called Coles. Took it in for an assessment and they wrote our car off and after a bit of negotiation, we got paid out for about the same amount as we bought it for (bought it used privately). So they paid us out, no hassles (apart from the final price) on an incident that happened 4yrs before and we weren't even customers any more. I'm happy to pay a 1/3 of the price for that kind of service.

        we're lucky too I suppose as we know a good panel beater. Our two, not at fault stacks we've had in our new car we just call them up, they organise a towie, they deal with the other parties insurance company, fix the car & return it, we don't involve ours.


    Keep in mind they will send you a renewal notice after and will call you to chase it up. Happened to me when they SMS'd me a similar offer.

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    ….Just renewed this three days ago and missed this free offer..Anyway, got free upgrade to "Total Care" for two years.

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        i want to know how too mines coming up next month


        No idea..I didn't ask, they just gave me this offer directly.
        BTW, I am a silver member.


          I am a Silver road service member too, but they did not offer this to me. Must be the insurances that incite the discount. Couldn't get a car towed home or to our local mechanic a few months ago because more than 10 kms from breakdown. Was a little disappointed in that but fortunately a friend helped out so we managed to hire our own trailer (at a cost though). Have not had any issue with that car (battery has lasted 15 years + hmmm) for a very long time … that was tricky on New Years Day!

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          It makes sense..I have car & home insurances with them.

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    Didn't trust that email link so googled 6 months trial EHA RACV.

    Got link to terms and conditions so rang RACV.

    "Never heard of it, not possible"

    Asked to check with supervisor - same.

    Asked for them to google link.

    "Aaah, one moment"

    More like 30 minutes,

    Took an hour of negotiation as left hand (Sales) didn't know what right hand (Marketing) was doing!

    Then will be signed up by COB.



    Tried for EHA coz already got Total Care Roadside


    Did anyone get any update on this? It is been more than 10 days however i have not got any email from RACV

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