This was posted 3 years 5 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[USED] ASUS ROG STRIX 1070 Ti Video Cards - $499 + ROG Strix 1070 - $469 + MSI Quick Silver 1070 - $449 @ TechMi


Hello Guys…

Awesome Deals for lightly Used GPU that was purchased for over $800+ but now listed for sale. Used 6months in mining condition. in A++ condition GUARANTEED. Purchased Feb 2018 Customer did a TAX writeOff and have listed over 400 GPU for resale. All AMD cards sold.. Only Nvidia remaining.

ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 Strix Gaming Overclocked 8GB Video Card $699 $469


ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 Ti ROG Strix Advanced Gaming 8GB Video Card $749 $499


MSI GeForce GTX 1070 DirectX 12 GeForce GTX 1070 Quick Silver 8G OC $649 $449



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    PICKUP an AMAZONG DEAL ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    ex-mining ?

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      99% chance. Still a good deal if they have Aus warranty I think.

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      It sounds like it.

      A customer purchasing 400 GPUs is not going to "lightly use" them.
      You can bet these cards have been running at full load 24/7 for the past 6 months.

      It would be interesting to remove the HSF off these cards and have a look at the capacitors.

      • What would you look for though on the capacitors if none of them are bulging?
        Do they have one of these on the side of them?


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        Running at 24 hours 365 at 100% load means much less thermal changes like a normal card ie. less wear.

        The fan may be compromised though.

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      I think so too. must be from a mining farm. especially since the FAQ's on their webpage specifically relates to mining queries

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      I rekcon, over 400 for sale and were used as a tax write off.
      Probably a genius who tried a crypto-farm and then the prices tanked.

      Worth keeping note that for some vendors warranty may possibly not be kept if the card has died from overheating.
      Example from ASUS:

      Exclusions from this Limited Warranty Service
      8. there is damage from third party software or from virus(es);

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      Considering their website sells mining rigs, and their Business name is "TECHMi Mining Rigs" I'd say it's a pretty good chance ;)

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    hello, please clarify what you mean by 'lightly used'?? was it used privately for gaming or for a mining farm? Feb - August 2018 means card are approx 6 months old? if it was used for mining, to me that classifies as HEAVY use in a 6 month period. thanks

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    Lol lightly used mining cards. No (profanity) way.

  • My understanding is 6 month mining equal to 3 years normal using

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    Nice price on the Ti but next Gen NVIDIA cards are days away from being announced, should cause price drops.

    OOPS just noticed that they are "lightly used". I wouldn't buy a card used for Mining.

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    nice try, but no way I'm buying an ex-mining card at these price - they weren't much more expensive with recent eBay Plus sales :)

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    Lol, WTF, why do you add taxes at the checkout? I was curious how much the shipping is but I saw this shit.

    Subtotal $499.00
    Taxes $49.90
    Total AUD $548.90

    I assume shipping is on top and that makes it a very, very bad deal for mining cards.

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      Isn't that outright illegal in Aus?

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        Read here

        Component pricing
        When you present prices to your customers, you must state the total price of the good or service as a single figure, which is the minimum total cost that is able to be calculated. This should include any tax, duty, fee, levy or other additional charges (e.g. GST or airport tax). This rule generally does not apply in business-to-business transactions. This means you do not need to include GST if a price statement is made exclusively to businesses.

        This is not a business-to-business transaction (you advertised it here) so what you are doing is against ACCC rules.

        @Merlict: I believe what they are are doing is illegal yes .

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    GST not included in the price!

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    Very lightly used does not accurately reflect 6 months of 24/7 mining use. Please adjust accordingly.

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    Comment removed - GST issue resolved.

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    we use shipify cart which is an american cart and it default settings. we removed the gst.


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    "pls assume 24/7 use for 6 months. "

    How does that mean "lightly used?" Please clarify what you would class as "heavily used" in that time frame.

    Negging for the poor deal (given recent deals on new, similar cards), and the false description. Also, comparing the price of a technology item to the price 6 months ago in a different market is not reflective of the "deal".

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    I know I haven't been using OzB for as many years as many others here, but this would probably qualify as the worst post I've ever seen. Just horrible.

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    pls assume 24/7 use for 6 months.

    Get outta here with your "VERY lightly USED"… that's straight up scammy

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    How to get negged to hell

    Step 1. Illegally hide the GST
    Step 2. Claim the product is 'VERY lightly USED. in A++ condition GUARANTEED.' when they have been used for 24/7 mining for 6 months
    Step 3. Infinite Negs

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    Absolutely in no way a bargain. Misleading description. Please vacate the premises.

  • 24/7 use for 6 months is not "VERY lightly used", that's deceptive advertising at best.

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    If this qualifies as a bargain, I believe the Army might also have a few low mileage Land Rovers that were driven carefully (in warzones) at bargain prices.

  • I know I'm late to the party, but I need to add that these are actually not bargain prices for cards used for mining. Without going into all of the illegal and unethical issues about the way these have been advertised, there's no bargain here.

  • Wbat do you guys mean by mining? Were these cards used in places such as coal, gold mines or wherever. If it were, then I supposed they would get pretty dusty.

  • only 2 1070ti remaining. selling like crazy.

    still have quite a few 1070.

    the msi silver overclocks amazing. its a better card than the strix. it also have the heatsink over the vrm directly.

  • Wow. This isn't enough of a discount considering these are used mining cards.

    Incredibly poor deal that should arguably be moved to the forums.

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