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Tacx Neo Smart Trainer $1510 + Postage @ Pushys


The store has it on sale for just under 1600 but if you buy it as part of a zwift package…even without adding a zwift subscription… you can get it for $1510.

Postage price not included.

Highly recommend over the wahoo kickr. Only advantage of kickr is the opportunity to add the wahoo climb thing.


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    What is it


      An indoor trainer that is compatible with "Zwift" from what I understand. Lets you train indoors when the weather isn't great out or if you are somewhere without suitable places to train/work hours that make training difficult etc.

      It will allow you to simulate a whole range of popular road riding courses.

      More info on the item here

      This setup allows you to remove your rear wheel, put your bike onto the piece of equipment and simulate an event with varying levels of resistance to mimc a climb or descent.

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      Looks like a bicycle trainer (you mount your own bike on it). Often used by bike geeks during the Tour de France, so they want set it up in front of the TV, they can prentend they're riding on le Tour, in their heated loungeroom, with a beer & pizza….just like the professional cyclists.


    Jeez, for that I would expect the whole bike with a motor.

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    Arguably the best smart trainer in a markert full of them. I personally have the cycleops hammer which reviews favourably as an alternative. Pushys also have a competitive price on this at $1340. Slightly less max wattage but heavier flywheel and likely most stable option.

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      How is this a bargain then?


        I bought one of these from pushy's a few months ago. Absolutely awesome smart trainer. I have only owned other cheaper trainers. I haven't owned any other tier 1 trainers so I can't compare.

        But the tacx neo has road feel. So when you go over cobbled stones or dirt roads you can feel the the wheels bumping or slipping.

        Resistance on these is also fantastic, as I expect it is for all tier 1 smart trainers. What I mean by this, is that the resistance will always match the steepness of your climb, the resistance does not plateau once you reach a certain incline as it does with lower end trainers.

        Quality is also very good. Mine has not missed a beat.

        Why get one? Well, for me it is convenience. It is quicker to hop on the trainer than get all geared up and go out on the road. That means, less excused not to exercise.

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          I think you misread my question and answered the "Why do you personally like this product?" question.

          That doesn't make it a bargain

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        Occasionally Pushy's has 15% off site wide promo which brings the price down considerably (which is how I bought mine). Defintely agree its one of the best out there, near silent, can use it indoors at night without waking anyone up.


    It's a bargain because RRP is $1800 and it's about $80 cheaper than anywhere else.

    Product quality is amazing. No contact parts, all electro magnets. 125kg flywheel effect blah blah, never needs calibration,


    15% off at the moment! you can get it for around 1400 using the above zwift package

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