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NetGear JGS524PE 24-Port (12 PoE) Gigabit Switch (Lifetime Warranty) for $255.64 Delivered @ Sydneytec eBay


I was looking for a 16 or 24 port Gigabit switch with PoE (for powering several security cameras and a couple of Raspberry Pi's), preferably with some smart features to become my new "core" switch at home.
Found the Netgear JGS524PE ProSAFE switch, which meets my needs with 12 PoE ports (100 watt budget).

  • Cheapest on StaticIce is $269 plus shipping.
  • SydneyTec eBay store have for $299 - less 10% discount once added to your cart ($269.10).
  • Stacks with 5% eBay discount code PENNY5, bringing the price down to $255.64 delivered.
  • Plus get an extra $2 or $3 back if you click via CashRewards first

Product page: http://www.netgear.com.au/business/products/switches/web-man...

Warranty: http://www.netgear.com.au/business/documents/prosafe-lifetim...

  • Lifetime Hardware Warranty
  • Lifetime Next Business Day Replacement
  • ProSUPPORT Lifetime 24x7 Advanced Technical Support via Chat

Hopefully some others looking for a switch upgrade find this useful. Feel free to comment on alternatives.

Original PENNY5 5% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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    the sudanese gamgs came and stole my security cameras as they said my car wasn’t worth stealing or this would be perfect.


      the sudanese gamgs came and stole my security cameras as they said my car wasn’t worth stealing or this would be perfect.

      Looks like they stole the sense of humour from some people as well.


      Your supposed to say "allegedly" these days…

  • +3 votes

    You can get POE-to-micro-USB splitters for about $8 shipped from eBay, too - if you'd like to avoid buying the Raspi POE HAT.

  • +1 vote

    What do you use Raspberry Pi for?


      #1 - HomeAssistant (home automation)
      #2 - Pi-Hole (network wide ad-blocking)

      #3 - arrived yesterday, am building an arcade machine with it.

      Might be a little desktop toy - or if I get adventurous it could be a 2 meter tall old school arcade machine.


      How many watts does the pi use, and each camera? what sort of cameras are you planning?


        Im not sure what wattage the devices consume sorry - Ive not bothered to look into it unless I have stability issues or find the latter PoE ports shut down, which has never happened on my existing 8 port switches (4 PoE ports - the latter ports - eg 3 and 4 - shut down PoE if you excceed the switch power budget).

        I use Hikvision turret cameras


          If you're lucky you'll have a 12A open-case power supply inside this switch, of which 8A or so will be needed for the switch itself- if all ports are running.

          Non POE ones have 8 to 10A supplies.

          The power supplies are often cheap and get hot, so 1RU high units like this have fans on them to blow air through and prevent it burning out. They can be noisey if the switch gets busy or there are POE devices drawing power.

          When the internal supplies fail, you can replace them with 'medical grade' supplies with appropriate specs at a high price to get better performance, or remove the supply and install a DC connection. An external power supply can be bought cheaply enough and run this and other 5V devices with better reliability and magnitudes more capacity (for less than a replacement PSU).

          The switch fans can even be made redundant if you make some more holes in the case for cross-ventilation.

        • +1 vote

          @resisting the urge: I'm guessing drilling holes in the case for airflow will affect the lifetime warranty :/


        Well within 802.3af limits according to this guys tests

      • Audio zones for Logitech Media Server
  • +1 vote

    Is this a smart switch (has VLANs) which can be intergrated into say a Ubiquiti environment?


    Thanks OP.
    From the specs: Acoustic Noise Level @25C 24.4dBA. Anyone know if this level is significant?
    I'm thinking of something like this, but it needs to go in WIR next to bedroom.


      30dBA and above may not be acceptable. below 26 you can consider it to be quiet.


      I have one in my study about 2 meters from me. The fan wasn't particularly noisy, from memory it runs variable speed, but the bearings had tick tick noise that drove me mad when working in silence (I can only stand a bare minimum of fan noise in any of the gear in there).

      In the end I replaced it with one of these, bit pricey (I got mine from a UK supplier, QuietPC I think, which at the time still worked out cheaper than local suppliers) but at least now it runs in total silence. The low RPM does trigger the fan warning light but there are no nagging alarms.

      (Actually, just noticed the latest firmware "Fixed the issue that fan failure LED may light up falsely for certain units." so I might update and see if they adjusted the low end of the alarm trigger.)

      I did get mine about 3 years ago, so may be different now anyway.


    Can this be used for both POE and non POE devices or are these switches strictly POE?


    Decent price, think I paid $285 about 3 years ago.
    No problems in that time, though not working mine too hard, was just annoyed with the fan bearing that had a ticking noise, drove me crazy in a quiet room so replaced with a Noctua.

    Only other thing to consider is what PoE loads you'll be running. This switch is 802.3af so fine Pi's and most cameras, just need to make sure any devices you want to use don't need 802.3at.


    Potentially 20% off coming up Tuesday PHASER. Depends whether Sydneytec have stock at the time and if they are a price jacking seller or not.


    Just a bit of info - I looked at this switch a while back and had to leave it because it didn't do proper LACP Link Aggregation that worked with my QNAP NAS. Confirmed it with both Netgear Australia and QNAP over phone and e-mail (16 and 24 port versions).

    Just in case anybody cares about using it for that. Really strange omission in smart switch that costs this much but there you go.


      Interesting, did they say why? A bug? A weird implementation? Does LACP work at all (with any devices) on this switch?

      Not that I intended on using it.
      That said,my HP Gen8 microserver has dual NIC's (plus iLO) running XPEnology as my NAS.
      If my PC has dual NIC's I could give it a try.


        From the datasheet:

        • Link aggregation/port trunking for bigger
        uplink bandwidth (16-port and 24-port
        models support static manual LAGs only;
        GS750E supports static manual LAGs and

        So it does static LAGs OK, but not LACP (which their non-POE 48 port GS750E does). Apparently QNAP wants LACP. I haven't tested without it just bought what QNAP SAYS they required.


    Switch arrived and installed in my 15RU cabinet.
    Upgraded firmware to latest.
    Seems to go OK.

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