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Riddoch Shiraz 2 Bottles for $15.99 @ Dan Murphy's (Members)


Mighty fine wine for this price. Aromas of light cedar and red berry with a little spicy plum character.

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Dan Murphy's
Dan Murphy's

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  • Excellent price.

  • it's an awesome price, if I did pay $16/bt for this I wouldn't be disappointed.
    I'm just about finished the last 1/2 dozen cases I bought on the previous 2-4-1 deal…thanks op!

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      Personally I don't think it's a great Coonawarra red, which is probably why they don't have a cellar door. At $16 a bottle I'd prefer a Wynns or Katnook. In saying that you can't really go wrong at 2 for $16.

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        It's a Woolworths private label banrd, hence the lack of Cellar Door. Full price its not worth it, but I guess at 2 for $16 you could drink a lot worse.

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          I don't like to encourage the private labels that try and look like a private winery.
          I'll happily buy a cleanskin if it is good wine, but don't try and dress it up by giving it a 'story'.

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          What else do you expect them to do, just write 'Red Wine' on a bottle and shelve it?

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          Yes, pretty much.
          This example is a very good red for the price:

          Why add costs to the product by obscuring its origins with web sites and labels to make it look like a winery?
          We know the answer, because people like the warm feeling they get when they imagine some family run winery hand making a premium product - so they charge more for it, by making it look like that.

        • @mskeggs:

          Personally, I quite like the label artwork that some 'wineries' come up with, as otherwise they would all be just another bottle of red in the thousands that are available at DM's.

          At the end of the day it's all about the taste anyway, so there's no need to get caught up with what some company writes on a bottle.

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          It's a bit like the ALDI fake brands. They exist to lever off the recognition of real brands (or why the packaging similarities etc?).
          Since there are thousands of small wineries in Australia, I don't encourage Coles/Woolies to trade off their good reputations by presenting as another small winery to a casual glance.
          I don't like it and it is fundamentally a bit dishonest. When ALDI impersonates an Arnott's label, it is 2 corporations duking it out. When Woolies makes a fake winery that looks like one of the small family businesses it isn't a very level playing field, so I am against it.

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          Aldi do that to prove there are comparable products available for a fraction of the cost, it's literally taking the piss out of humans and how much we are suckered in by marketing and advertising.

          Woolworths aren't 'leveraging' off other brands by having a wine without their signature label, they are simply doing what hundreds of other wineries are doing - offering competition in the lower price bracket.

          I don't know about you, but I think we need companies like Aldi and Woolworths that continue to raise the bar with budget items - otherwise we would succumbed to the same boring, overpriced products.

        • @mskeggs:

          Woolworths owns a winery where brands like Riddoch are produced.

      • But this is very drinkable now. The Wynns (imho) needs 5yr after the label date before its good to go.

        • +1

          Disagree on the Wynns needing 5 years. Its definitely a now drinker. That is the full intention of the wine. It also doesnt have the structure to go much further than 7 or 8 years. You are not gaining much by aging a Wynns standard label. The only thing that stands out sometimes is the acidity, which dies off after time in the glass.

      • Yes, the Wynns are great. Got two last year https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/315616

        • FYI: I saw the 2016 of this in Dan's this arvo for $11 each

  • Wynn's 'the Sidings' (green label) can be had for slightly more some times. I'd be surprised if this is better.

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      change of username required. Tightsnob

    • Sidings is a Cab Sav vs Riddoch a Shiraz?
      Apple and Oranges?

      • +8

        Or grapes and grapes?

        • Oops. I guess I saw Riddoch and Coonawarra and assumed cabernet.

          Replace green label can with white label shiraz then.

      • Missed your post. Yes that one.

  • A hint of terra firma.

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    Don't forget cashback - I just did.

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      With cashback and egift, it should be $15.99 for 2 with 3.5% cashrewards wine cashback and 5% egift off
      = 15.99 * 0.965 * 0.95 / 2
      = $7.33 per bottle.

  • Thanks Op, got 4 - fantastic price!

  • Pity Dans don't have shipster so I could get my 4 bottles delivered for free ;-)

  • +1

    And the vivino rating is 3.7/5.0 for the 2016 vintage : https://www.vivino.com/wineries/riddoch/wines/riddoch-shiraz... . That is not a bad rating at all, but not super-duper awesome (which would be ~ 3.9 and up). But wine is often quite personal, and at this price and rating you won't go far wrong.

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    Last years vintage (2016) was very disappointing. I bought two cases based on the really good 2015 case I had the year before. Most of the 2 cases is still there clogging up my limited cellar space.

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      Feel free to drop them off at my place.

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      I picked up a couple of cases in-person of the 2015 vintage today from Dan's, maybe head down to your local and see if there are any hiding in the aisle rather than up-front where the promo cases are.

      • I just collected (click n collect) 6 bottles of 2016 from Uncle Dan's. Was hoping for 2015.

        The website states 2015 vintage.

        • Me too. Stinking fine print on website, Vintages may vary from store to store and when delivered. Every effort is made to ensure the current vintage is displayed, however variations can occur.

        • @thegrinch: … and they occur A LOT. Dans is terrible for vintage accuracy on their website. Hide behind their disclaimer.

  • At this price you can wine and not whine

  • It isn't a bad wine which is quite fruity. Just bought 12 to store for upcoming Christmas!

    • Better than storing for a past Christmas.

      • You have to sell your pumpkin shares BEFORE Halloween, Homer!

  • Bought 6….
    Hopefully it's not too bad .

  • Free delivery anyone?

  • Bought 6. Not had it for a long time but its a reasonable wine but for 8 bucks you can't go wrong really.

    I got free delivery on my order.

  • I'm not sure if this deal is still on, however make sure you DONT buy the 2017. Its terrible compared to the 2016. Sure, its personal taste, but the difference is significant.

    Anyone had the GR17 yet?

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