This was posted 3 years 5 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off Apple iTunes $50 Gift Card for $39.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


As per the title. Requires a Costco membership though. Cheapest I've seen for a little while. I really miss the days when you could get 50% off 😢

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    officeworks also has 15% off itunes cards at the moment

    • But that last until 19th Aug. Just make sure go buy before that!

      Its because of Australia Post doing $30 & $50 for 15% off, to prevent price-match 5% more.

  • Will Officeworks price match?

    Bugger was just at Costco 2 days ago. Don't need to go again any time soon :-(

    • Good question, but I have this feeling they might reject the price match because it is a membership based retailer

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      i work at officeworks and wouldn't price match this however depends on the person looking at the price match i mean you could get lucky?

    • Officeworks does exclude Costco in their Price Beat policy (Commercial quantities and pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public)) however, some staff may be oblivious to this and may be worth a shot.

      • Ow priced matched Costco on the mx master mouse for me
        They match Costco if u can show proof

        • No you got lucky, there was literally an internal discussion about that and everyone agreed under no circumstances even with a receipt of someone getting lucky at another store are we supposed to price match Costco, the only reason you get it is if the team member does not know any better

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    Awesome. Can finally pay that tax bill.

    • Me too, tax time.

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      Agreed, can't wait to see the look on their smug faces when they find out I saved 20%!

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        what am i missing

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          There's a common scam going around where you get a cold call claiming you owe taxes, and that you can pay those taxes by purchasing iTunes gift cards and giving them the codes for them over the phone.

        • @Zorlin: So common, it says on the actual iTunes card itself that they’re not to be used to pay tax bills …

      • How do you pay tax using itunes card,can you share.

  • I mentioned it here in my post…

    • I mean, it could have been mentioned in the title, or you could have made it its own post.

    • Heheh someone is hanging out for the credit. It must be painful when you don’t get street cre… I mean OzB Cred.

    • I was tempted to post it as a separate deal, but you had already posted it in amongst the other Costco offers.

  • Is this only for apps, music , videos?
    I assume it cannot be used for product purchases such as apple tv iphone etc. ? Right.

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      I posted this list on a previous iTunes deal:

      You can use iTunes cards to buy any of the following:
      * Apps for your Mac, iOS device or Apple TV from the Apple App Store (including any in-app purchases)
      * Books from the iBooks app
      * Music, Movies and TV Shows from the iTunes Store
      * Apple Music streaming
      * iCloud Storage plans
      * App Subscriptions, such as Netflix (iOS device or Apple TV required), Stan (Apple TV required), Newspapers, Magazines etc.

      • Was going to ask, thanks.

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