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Call of Duty: Black Ops for $54 XBOX 360 AND PS3, $55 PC, $43 WII @ Ozgameshop (Free shipping)


Received an e-mail by Ozgameshop having special offers for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Supreme deal when Game have their own promotion with BO trade in value of $60, plus you get $5 extra for each game you trade in.

They have other deals going on such as:

XBOX 360 Forza 3 $21.49
PS3 Little Big Planet $56
WII New Super Mario Bros $52
XBOX 360 Fable 3 $37
PS3 NFS Hot Pursuit $40
PS3 Street Fight 4 $25.50
PS3 Star Wars The Force Unleashed $23
WII Super Mario Galaxy 2 $52

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  • i didnt know ozgameshop had AUS retail version, thought they sold EU ones. both do work on the xbox360. but someone could correct me if i'm wrong, cause i dont think the EU ones can be traded in at GAME.

  • can someone tell me if the black ops for PC is a good deal or not?

  • PC is cheaper at game.co.uk. Works out to just over $43.

  • does the EU work on AU PS3?

    • Yup, no issue with mine.

  • +1

    If spending more then £50 at game.co.uk use the code MxS11 at the checkout for £5 off

    • Thanks mate, this works and is great!

      • Yes. I was cheering I found it. Black ops, wireless headset and wireless controller for PS3 for less then $130.

  • Ordered Black Opps for xbox360 yesterday and it has been shipped.

    Great price. On sunday i saw it at dick smith for $100.

    • You receive the game yet? Mine is still not here.

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