What Lengths Have You Gone to to Save a Little Bit of Money?

Keen to hear ozbargainer's stories in relation to their efforts to save money.

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    Some people here seem to drive further out spending fuel to save couple cents a litre.

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      i pump e10 for false economy

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        I'd like to lodge a formal protest on behalf of your engine…

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        I put e10 into rental cars to fill em up…

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          Mate do half water from the hose, half E10.

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          You'd be stupid not to because the guy before you probably filled it up with E10 aswell so you got lower fuel economy

        • @serpserpserp: I just put water, still works.

        • I don't do this, but have picked up a rental or two where the person before must have - figure out how many litres you should need to fill up with to get the car to full based on average L/100km and distance travelled…

          Then fill about 5L less. Most new cars will still show above full after 80-90km so the rental agencies won't realise/care.

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      I do this - the saving works out to be about $2. I do not go $2 worth of fuel out of the way.
      However, for me it is far more about rewarding and encouraging the cheaper price than it is about convenience.
      If people always just buy from whatever servo is closest there is no incentive for there to be any competition on price.

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        We saved $12 per tank for each car this week by driving 5 minndown the road to fill rather than the three servos near us!

        • i've found an independant that sells LPG at 69.9 permanently. the coles and woolies stations across the road match him 24/7 even though he is only open part of the day. i also get a 4c discount from woolies not sure if from staff discount (ALH Hotel group) or from buying milk from woolies occasionally. best part is this is on my drive to work so i don't have to drive out of the way.

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          LPG in Darwin is $1.14, never understood why it's this way!

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          You should support the independant once in a while… if he stops selling it cheap or goes out of business, you'll be paying a much higher price.

        • @antikythera: 4cpl discount is automatic staff discount

      • Did you calculate it to the petrol station, what about the extra to get back on track home or work?

        • The servo I usually frequent is 4 kms out of my way on my run home - 8kms both directions.
          My car uses 8.2L per 100kms - so I can work out that it costs me about 78c in petrol to go there if my maths is correct.

        • @blaircam: So you lose 8-10 minutes out of your day to save $1? Not considering the extra wear and tear on your car to drive the extra 8km?

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          @antt: You have no idea the lengths I will go to for a $1 saving.
          And to encourage and reward cheap pricing.

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      I'm sure everyone uses the fuel apps for their phone. I recently started using Fuelcheck and it's saved me heaps. My car uses 98 RUN fuel so it's already pricey and I always used to go to the servo 2 streets away. Now I fill up at the servo near my son's school which is only a couple of streets further and they're consistently on average 10c - 20c cheaper per litre.

      • Generally 7 Eleven Fuel App > Fuelcheck

        My car runs 98, wife's car runs 95.

        What type servo sells 98 consistently on average 10c - 20c cheaper?

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          In my area there's some expensive servos. I don't know the reason but the variation is huge on the app

    • In NSW i use the "fuelcheck" app, from what i understand its a government run app and all fuel sellers are legally obliged to keep all their fuel prices live.

      There have been a number of times this app saved me $20+ on a single fill. and without even diverging from my planned route, it finds the best price fuel enroute to your destination.

      i couldnt recommend this app enough, has taught me to never fuel up at coles express, even though most mornings i stop past for a cheap coffee haha

      • Yep, use the NSW fuelcheck app too and Coles Express is always the cheapest in Sydney CBD with another 4c off. No way $20+ saving on a single fill though and I have a 160L tank…

        • there were a couple of fluke days for me, where i found 40c/l cheaper on 50 litres of 98

        • @Bryden: I agree. I've saved 20c/L on 98 quite often and we're only talking 2 - 5 mins away.

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    late for work every morning to commute on off-peak fares

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      you could always go to work earlier for the same off peak fares

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        Sleep requires less calories = less food needed for the day.

        • That's value.

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          We're entering unchartered ozbargain terrirtories

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          Sleep at work. Earn money for saving energy.

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        In Adelaide all fairs before 9am and after 3pm count as peak.

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          Ooh, I want to go to the fair!

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          I think the royal Adelaide show is on at the moment, good time to visit if so.

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    Why don't you start by sharing yours?

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    currently trying to buy from amazon india to save money, using a forwarding service called 1grandtrunk.

    from the quote they gave me, and shipping is almost as much as the bill, i think i:ll be saving close to $10 on $100 worth of product.

    not enough?

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      10% savings is quite a bit, though I don't know how it works out if you factor in things like risks like quality, returns, delays, etc. Depends on what you're buying too.

    • I buy from bhphoto and shipping is routinely twice the bill, and yet it still works out to be 1/5th the price compared to buying from Officeworks (per sheet of genuine Canon paper for example).

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    I only poop at work so I don't have to buy toilet paper Never had a monday off since I left school.

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      I reuse my toilet paper

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        Your work must appreciate your frugality.

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      Yeah you must be busting holding it in all weekend..

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      Do you pop into work on the weekends as well?

    • a place i worked at years ago one of the staff would steal the toilet paper from work so he didnt have to buy any for home

      • got the sack?

        • nah he was the 'golden child' the boss would just shake his head and tell the rest of us to get on with our jobs.

          we always said he must of had a pic of the boss drunk at a party with a farm animal or something

        • @myusername:

          I've taken a ream of paper home but that's about it.

          I suppose that's a sackable event.

      • When my in-laws visited from overseas, they saw that some public toilets in shopping centres and restaurants had spare rolls lying around unsecured. So they'd always grab them: "They left this lying around for the taking - it's free, of course I grabbed it".

        It took a little bit of education to stop them from doing it, and I'm pretty sure they only did it to stop arguments with us, rather than a genuine belief that they shouldn't be taking them.

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      I just stopped pooping. Saves time too!

    • I often steal toilet paper from my gym because they don't lock the dispensers

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    i only charge my phone and power banks at work

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      I bring a electronic grill to work to cook my dinner

      • I keep an egg cooker at work for my breakfast.

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          I actually do scramble my eggs in the microwave for breakfast at work. Saves me time in the morning and costs!

        • What do you use? I want a single or double egg cooker….

          I make oats at work for breakfast :)

      • I had a co-worker who would arrive at work as soon as the office was unlocked every morning, make breakfast, and then read the newspaper. Of course, she had already clocked in at that point.

        Free electricity for cooking, free supplies like milk, and extra hours worked. It was a win all round for her.

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      and laptop *

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      congratulations, you are saving 0.2c (yes, less than 1 cent) per day :) [for the phone]

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      I only eat work supplied biscuits/fruit to get me through the day;
      I only drink work supplied nescafe coffee at work;
      I "borrow" unopened stationary boxes at work and resell on ebay;
      I use the break-out room at work as my lounge room when everyone is gone home and watch the corporate subscription to foxtel;
      I bring my sleeping bag and sleep at work and rent my place out instead;
      I only shower and use the provided towels at work.

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        Nescafe taste like crap.

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          Things always taste better when they are free

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        First 2 were believable, 3rd and 4th were a bit "wtf?", took me till the 5th to realise you weren't serious lol

      • Man where the hell do you work?
        Hook me up?

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          my question too hahaha

        • Homeless shelter. Mind you, they don't pay him.

      • The "stationary boxes" are much easier to catch than the moving ones.

    • haha I remember that guy still

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    Charge all the stuff at work- phones, headphones, smartwatch, powerbank- pretty much anything I use constantly that needs a charge!

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      surely not?

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      I did the calculations. Was even considering charging some power bricks at work.
      Turns our you save 50c / year charging your phone at work.

      • hahaha

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        So 40 years my power bank will be paid for!

  • Idea Take notes at work use them for sundays.

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    not me … but I did see someone at my local picking up coles shopping receipts that haven't been stamped and collect the coles mini collectables without buying groceries.

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      They’re saving money but wasting time collecting useless rubbish.

      • Nope. I've been selling em on eBay. They're literally collecting money.

    • I've been told Coles employees are not allowed to redeem the collectables at a later date (it's either at point of sale or never).

      His/her face must've been priceless when they tried to.

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        Can confirm this as a Coles team member. Also if you don't click the pop online when you shop online you can't get them when you collect your shopping via click and collect.

    • I didn't know they stamped the receipts?

  • everything. include selling my soul

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    Restricting #no 2's being done at work only

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      Reminds me of when you had to pay 30-40p at the train stations in the UK to use the toilet. I made sure to squeeze one out every time to get my money's worth.

      • Have an upvote - I don't know if Im more impressed by the value get or the bowel control

        • Virgin Trains are enough to give anyone the shits!

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    Always pay in cash if possible which changes spending decisions.

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      I find i spend more, I'm always terrified that there isn't much money that I can't see, but if I can see it I spend it.

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      But then you lose out on:

      • Credit card points
      • Using the bank's money until you pay the statement off (in full of course), saving interest on money in your offset/savings etc
      • Chargeback features
      • Did I say points?
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        I will add points again!!!

      • Can you link an 'explain like I'm five' post about 'cashback'?
        I have a debit mastercard but don't know how to learn

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