Telecube no longer offering NBN

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that Telecube will no longer be offering NBN services from 4th September 2018, after that date the NBN services are in danger of being disconnected. Please act promptly and arrange for a new provider as soon as possible.

We understand that this news is short notice and we also acknowledge the importance of your internet connection. As a result we have made arrangements with two Internet Service Providers that we think are a good fit with your service. Below are the prices and links to their respective sites.

** ABB (Aussie Broadband) **

Aussie Broadband is pleased to offer Telecube customers switching over to us $10 off for the first six months on any unlimited plan, or $5 off for the first six months on any of our other plans.

We know changing providers can be stressful so we aim to make it as painless as possible – online applications will usually see your service switch across in anywhere between 15 minutes and a couple of hours. Please note that if you want to port across your phone number, switching across will take longer.

Aussie Broadband offers all-Australian support, no connection fees and no lock-in contracts (so if you don't love us in the first month, you're free to leave).

To take up this offer, you need to sign up at the Aussie Broadband website or call our friendly team on 1300 880 905 and use the following promo code at the checkout: telecube

This offer is only available to current Telecube customers and will expire on 31 August 2018.

** Siptalk **

Siptalk are offering two speed tiers with unlimited data. As an incentive they will add a credit to your account for any unused days on your old Telecube service.

  • 50/20 unlimited $75/month
    -100/40 unlimited $95/month

Please log into your Siptalk account at and you can add a service there.

Thank you for your past business and we wish you all the best for the future.

Kind Regards,
John Matich


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  • I just paid them for a month on 25/08/18.

    I assume I've lost that money?

    • +1

      Ask them for it once and then go to TIO.

      That's the only way to not be defrauded by these criminals that Government allows to operate.

  • I also got the email. I am leaning towards Mate Communicate. 50/20 - Unlimited - $70 ($60 for first six months).
    They have a $10 off promotion for the first six months of your service (That $10 reduced price is shown on their website instead of the full amount), and they also offer a $50 credit to referral individual who referred you.

    I am interested to see what other people are going with as well.

    • +1

      Don't be scared of Exetel :)

      • +1

        I won't be joining Exetel. They burned me on ADSL when they charged a bunch of extra fees when I disconnected. They did eventually pay it back, but I had to chase. Not the worst company, but not great either.

        • Oh Damn.. I was thinking about them since I have heard high praise so far about them.

          Who are you with now?

          A few I am thinking about is flip TV, Mungi, click broadband and letsbemates among some other bigger ones but they require 24 month contracts or huge setup fees.

        • @AlienC:

          Late reply. Not sure if it helps.

          I'm probably going to join Vodafone today. I already have phone plans, so makes it $59/month for unlimited 50/20 with no contract. Cheaper long term than the other specials ongoing discussed here. I'll hit them up for a deal and post below if I can get better. Won't be 12 months free Netflix like before, but that was on their old price.

          Reviews in the past few days on Whirlpool are saying good things about performance. It was previously poor. Their chat support team said peak wouldn't drop below 40mbps, but I'm not sure. There is a 30-day guarantee, so no issue to leave.

          Connection time isn't great at 3-5 business days quoted. I'll shortcut by getting the modem at a store today, and will run on 4g for a few days. They do force taking their modem, but it's free, or pro rata fee of $5 a month if disconnected in coming 18 months. Max cost $180 if I stay beyond a month. For me, 4g backup is really convenient as I hate the outage blips I've had with TC.

          I do worry that they're merging with TPG, but I didn't have TPG performance issues in the past, just billing issues. Vodafone care has always been good at solving things and throwing in a few freebies. I'll share if anything interesting happens.

        • @TheLurker: how much is their 100/40 out of curiosity

          Still haven't decided so I'm gonna call yet in the morning but looks like flip TV, Mungi, Aussiebroadband or Vodafone now atm unless people can vouch for kogan or letsbemates.. Trying not to go with smaller ones in case they get telecubed or gobbled up by a larger isp

          I still have a leaning tendency towards one with the option of unlimited calls to India landlines and mobiles but it is a minor want and really service, price and long term reliability of their nbn service at 50 and 100 tiers is the most important determining factor for me now.

          Decided going 12 or 25 unlimited at this point with current prices would be stupid so 50 or 100 it is.

          Have a decent modem already so just need the plan.

        • @AlienC:

          $79 if you have a mobile with them.

          I collected mine yesterday from a store to get the modem straight away. Call Centre said it was 3 days to connect NBN, but my line was active by the time I got home.

          I've run a fair few speed tests and despite being told 40mbps lowest on a 50 plan, I've been testing reasonably consistently at high 30's. I'll see how it goes longer term. There is a 30 day money-back guarantee so no risk

        • @TheLurker: I connected to Mate Communicate today at 100/40 $89 a month plan data only unlimited.

          Started at 80/38 speed tests but during the day it stabilised to 52/38

          Upload seems great but download is not reaching 90 at all.

          Will see how I go after a month might switch to Tangerine or another flexible provider after one month if speeds remain like this or consider 50/20

      • Exetel are the worst. There is a reason there product review rating is one of the lowest of all business. I ended up taking legal action to get out of contract and get fees back. I did win and even then they still take money out of my credit card
        EDIT: The problem was we went 3 months without a service and exetel refused to let us out of contract saying they couldnt find an issue

  • I paid and haven't even been connected. Does anyone have the CEO's mobile number?

    • Do what I did with natural solar, contact the CEO on LinkedIn. Not that it will help in this case, but worked for my purpose ;)

    • +1

      I have one of their tech support guys mobile and linked in and Facebook.. Pretty much spoke with him or one other nearly every day for the past few weeks awhile back.

      His name was Murray nothing short of helpful gave me a good impression of Telecube but I feel like working that job every day would have some impact on your health having to be on your toes almost nearly 24/7.

      Makes you kind of think sometimes us people are the only ones these guys ever get to talk to.

  • +2

    I just switched my connection from telecube to Aussie BB yesterday and this announcement comes in! Oh wow right on time!

    • +3

      Buy a lottery ticket.

      • +2

        Except he missed out on $10/month credit

  • +1

    well it was either telecube or mungi for me when buzztelco died. Anyone else going to give Mungi a shot?

    • +1

      Yea I'm with Mungi, good speeds at peak for me.

      • Calling it now next Telecube.. Crosses fingers.. Knock on wood

        • Me too, ride the wave

    • Mungi are great. Speeds are very close to what we should get. Service is great. We came from exetel. That was hell

  • +2

    Well I'm probably a bit too keen but lodge a TIO complaint anyway. Hopefully this means money coming back my way, fast.

    • +1

      I just lodged one as well. this is BS

  • +4

    Wow, i want my credit back, tried to call them but no one pick up the phone.
    Anyone know how to withdraw credit fund from their website,please?

    • +1

      Its goneeeeeeee

      I have $60 on my account I'm assuming I have kissed that byebye.

      • I have $97. Sent them an email, but assuming they're going lights out. Dammit

      • Just be glad it's not $256 + $35.

        • Hi AlienC, did you get you credit balance back from telecube? Their website can’t be reached..

        • @Barbequemilk:

          Nothing yet. Have dispute in PayPal resolution Centre and sent in a ticket also to Westpac for good measure.

          No reply yet from both sources.

          Nothing in my email from Telecube except the last change to ABB etc nonsense email.

  • AussieBB not offering new connections in my area until 2018-09-21. Okay, I'm stuffed.

    • In the same boat :(

  • +4

    Notice in that entire letter there wasn't even an apology for terminating your service or the inconvience you're about to have.

  • Anyone know anyone other than Flip or Exetel offering $45 a month or less?

    • +1

      Not with unlimited afaik.

  • +4

    I wouldn't jump ship to fast on this.
    Once other ISP's get wind of this I reckon there could be a weekend NBN fiasco of new deals!

    • +1

      I'd be amazed if Telecube don't sell their user database to one of the bigger ISP's and we get some sort of intro offer .

    • +5

      Well they better hurray up. I dont want any downtime, i might miss a photo of a friends dinner on facebook

      • Pffft stuff your Facebook what am I gonna do now during Google refresh happy hour which is every hour.

  • +1

    Does anyone know what the deal with deposits will be? Would the funds simply be moved over to another provider or can it be refunded? Any help is appreciated :)

    • +1

      Same here. How I can get the credit back?

  • Can anyone recommend an NBN provider without lock-in contract, and semi decent pricing and service? Can't get AussieBB for 4 weeks, and can't wait that long.

    Anyone experience with barefoot? Their reviews seem alright.

      • Thanks. They seem alright, but a little bit expensive. Barefoot sells unlimited 50/20 for $59.

        • How is Barefoot in south Australia anyone know?

        • $10 off promotional pricing runs for 6 months from date of connection, and will revert back to the full price in month 7 of your plan
          So it will be $69 50/20 and $99 100/40 after 6 months

    • try Click Broadband
      so far quite happy with their service and speed

      • Oh so glad somebody else is recommending click broadband. They are on my short list of possible 50/20 unlimited providers. Saving $10 a month and going down to 25/10 doesn't seem ozbargainable.

  • if I pay via paypal, can i raise a dispute? also does anyone know where i can check usage history for previous months?

    • interested in this too as I just paid - F,ing mungrels

      I've gone with Flip

      • Yeah might go flip too. Here’s to hoping they don’t go under! Haha

      • And just got my full refund thanks PayPal

    • Digital Service, you might be hard pressed to get it via PayPal dispute. Unless you escalate it then call PayPal and let them know.

    • Definitely works. I did this when Buzztelco went down and got my money back no questions asked.

    • +1

      Use the beta control panel to see previous usage, up to 6 months worth

      • How does this work if the owing is now different to the initial deposit

        I.e $370 initial deposit now only $256 remaining any chance I can get the last month cycle billing process rata'd aka $35 minus 6 days worth back.

  • Not surprised. I figured it was only a matter of time. I've been with Telecube since March and up until the last 3 weeks I never had any noticeable dropouts. I started to consider switching to someone else, and then after reading customer complaints on Whirlpool the last few days about how their support has been non-existent lately (not that it was ever that great to begin with), people getting incorrectly charged and not having any way to get it resolved (support making promises of refunds for incorrect charges and then not following through, or just not returning emails/calls altogether)… I figured the writing was on the wall.

    So, this morning I went ahead and signed up with Mungi, and lo and behold, I get the email a couple of hours ago from Telecube notifying me of them shutting down. I'll probably be without internet for a few days before I'm switched on with Mungi, but it's not the end of the world. In retrospect I shouldn't have been such a tightarse by signing up with such a half-arsed operation in the first place.

  • No Surprise there Im glad I left them months ago for Aussie BB,
    Poor pings, Poor Speed, Poor Customer service
    The price Increase was the tipping point for me to leave

  • If I sign up with another company (Thinking of either AussieBB or Exetel), would I have to cancel my current plan with Telecube? Or just have the new connection start ASAP?

    • If you are on FTTN like me I have been told to cancel connection with Telecube first then sign up after connection is canceled.

      This was some advice given to me by Tangerine.

      • I think this is specific to Tangerine as they use the same upstream provider as Telecube (I guess will also apply to any others using the same provider, but I don't think this includes ABB or Exetel)

  • I never had this problem on ADSL.

    I'm almost certain I know the answer to this question but did anyone who paid months in advance with Buzztelco get any money back?

  • +1

    Switched to Telecube from Buzz Telco a few months ago - still haven't got the money back form Buzz Telco (was overcharged for 1 month)

    I am considering TPG ($89.99/month). I am fed up with these companies that might not exist in a few days.

    • I moved from TPG ADSL to ABB NBN then Telecube now back to TPG NBN. The small companies have no intention to stay in business for long. ABB is probably better than other small companies but I guess I stick with TPG for long term.

      • Just wondering how is TPG nbn?

  • hey just wondering what will happen with my telecube, home voip phone service? will that cancel as well?

    • Afaik we all get siptalk credit which is basically Telecube afaik. Don't quote me on that in just guessing and repeating hearsay.

  • Very painless changing over from TC to ABB this arvo, all done within an hour. Speed is about the same = 95/37 FTTN, Bassendean POI, WA

    • Did you have to cancel with TC first, or did you just sign up with ABB and let them do all the transfers?

      • Just signed up with ABB. I'll send TC a 'Goodbye, you mongrels' email tomorrow!

    • What if you are on FTTN?

  • Are all TPG plans unlimited?

  • Is there a chance to claim the connection fee refunded from Telecube, via TIO possibly? It seems to be unfair that we had to pay the fee to connect and then forced t disconnect…

  • doubt i'll get a response to my email requesting a refund of the monthly fee they took out yesterday
    Considering I have $12 credit in my account, I've just put in a transfer request to ABB.
    Going to raise a CC charge back tomorrow if they dont respond for the monthly fee due to failure to deliver services paid for, and they can keep the $12 to cover the 1 day of internet

    • How did you put in a transfer request to ABB?

      Are you on FTTN?

      Is ABB doing it all from their side?

      Have you been able to get in contact with Telecube?

      • Fttn, and yep. Just applied through abb. Telecube dont answer the phone or email so so not sure how you would contact them to confirm a cancellation.

        Raised cc charge back yesterday also, so will see how that goes.

          • 1 here.
            Switch to ABB and it took just 15 min. Had to change the router to AutoSense WAN. I compared with
            Telstra - $99 Connection fee and 24 month contract (forced to buy modem)
            Vodafone - Forced to pay for modem if you disconnect before 36 months (whaat!)
            TPG - 18 month contract
            Exetel - Really tempted with them $59 with free modem & 12 month plan (free public IP is a plus+)

          Having heard the rave ABB reviews I wanted to give them a chance for 6 months. I'll decide then whether I continue to stick with them for the price change or switch to something cheaper like Exetel.

          OH BTW raised a dispute with NAB credit card from the mobile app for the $60 I was charged by Telecube on 28th right before the 29th announcement.

  • +1
  • Just went from TC to ABB. Took about 5 mins. Now to try get the account credit back from TC.

    • HFC or Fibre?

  • +1

    Signed up with Barefoot as can't get ABB. Feel like a hobbit now. See how it goes.

  • I received the email at work at ~1pm, signed up for AussieBB at 1:30, and was connected by 2:30. When I got home, I changed over my username/password on my router and it all just worked. No down time.

    Pity I only paid my Telecube account for the month ahead 2 days ago. Sigh.

  • Just submitted a Paypal claim for a partial refund

  • Did not expect this. Account balance is $101 because wasn't properly adjusted after price change.

    • On sign-up I raised concerns about their accounts system having to have a positive balance (>$5 for phone to work). Support told me arrogantly that it would be refunded if I leave. Jerk.

  • Quality ain't cheap and cheap ain't quality.

  • WTF?

  • For those of you on Fixed Wireless Broadband with Telecube. Aussie Broadband are announcing new Fixed Wireless plans tomorrow morning. Wait and see what they offer.

    • Hey thanks, I signed up with them this arvo but got an sms about an hour ago saying they can't proceed until I call them. Might mention the new plans then.

      P.S. where did you hear that?

  • I just tried to access the auto payments section of their online portal (to switch it off) and it cannot be accessed. So I called my bank to block them from taking any more payments.

  • I got a referral from Coota1268 and had my service transferred over to Aussie Broadband in minutes. That was after some other providers I called told me it could take up to 2 weeks to transfer. If anyone wants to share the love and use my referral, send me a pm. Still would like to know how to get my money back from telecube given my account is in credit.

  • +5

    For those of you on fixed wireless and waiting for the new Aussie Broadband plans to be released tomorrow. This is a short list I have made up of plans.

    Mungi comes out ontop as they have no lock in contracts or sign up fee's. However I have no idea what their internet performance is like?


    TPG Unlimited 25/5 = $69
    Aussie Broadband 500GB 25/5 = $70
    Optus Unlimited = $75
    Internode 500GB = $75


    Teleron Unlimited 50/20 = $54.50 for 6 months then $61.50
    Spintel 500GB 50/20 = $64.95 + $49 credit on first bill
    Mungi Unlimited 50/20 = $69.95 (5 months) then $74.95
    Telstra 1000GB 50/20 = $79

    • +1


      TPG Unlimited 25/5 = $69
      Aussie Broadband 500GB 25/5 = $70
      Optus Unlimited = $75
      Internode 500GB = $75


      Teleron Unlimited 50/20 = $54.50 for 6 months then $61.50
      Spintel 500GB 50/20 = $64.95 + $49 credit on first bill
      Mungi Unlimited 50/20 = $69.95 (5 months) then $74.95
      Telstra 1000GB 50/20 = $79
      DCSI 1TB 50/20 = $60

      • DCSI 1TB 50/20 = $60
        adding on
      • Don't forget barefoot, 50/20 unlimited for $59 first 6 months, no lock-in.

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