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Unlimited NBN 12/50 from $54.95/$69.95 for 5 Months + $0 Setup + No Contract + Aussie Support via SMS & Chat @ Mungi


Hey OzBargainers!

We're proud to announce our latest offer to celebrate the launch of the new Mungi Network!

Save $5 off per month on any of our nbn plans for 5 months. COUPON: $5FOR5

Alternatively you can also use this code when you purchase the D-Link DVA-2800 or D-Link Cobra plus get a lifetime warranty on these items only as long as you remain connected. COUPON: DLINK

Don't forget about our $5 off Mungi Voice coupon, which gets you, unlimited local, national, mobile, 1300 & 1800 for only $9.95 per month. Only applies to Mungi Voice. No porting fees as well. COUPON: VOICE

To use multiple promo codes, add other codes in the order notes and we’ll manually adjust it. Please note that the DLINK coupon and the $5FOR5 coupon don't stack.

This means you can get our Lightning 50 unlimited nbn plan with a powerful router from $69.95 ongoing and a once off $229 ($100 off RRP + Lifetime Warranty + Courier Shipping).

Our nbn plans include:

  • Unlimited data thats fairly priced
  • No lock-in contracts
  • No setup, cancellation or relocation fees (No notice period is required if you want to leave)
  • Friendly & Aussie based customer service
  • No short notice prices changes
  • You can signup to our plans at https://mungi.online/aug(mungi.online)
  • We're 100% dedicated to offering excellent customer service, we achieve this by:
  • Public roadmap at https://mungi.online/roadmap(mungi.online)

Offering support & sales via:

  • Live Chat (9am to 7pm Monday to Friday)
  • 你好 – Bonjour – नमस्ते – 여보세요 – xin chào – G'day – こんにちは
  • Speak another language? Use our built-in translation service on our live chat
  • SMS us at 0427 188 626 (9am to 7pm Monday to Friday)
  • Facebook Messenger (9am to 7pm Monday to Friday)
  • Phone at 1300 398 707 (9am to 7pm Monday to Friday)
  • If we're busy, please leave a voicemail and we'll call you back right away
  • E-mail at [email protected]
  • E-ticket at My Mungi at https://mungi.online/contact

Order submitted to nbn within 4 business hours (we'll be around most weekends)
24/7 e-ticket and email support team
Offering lifetime warranty on select D-Link modems and routers
Free insured courier shipping Australia wide
Free next day shipping to most metropolitan addresses

And yes, you can pre-order your service and we'll get you connected on the day requested.

Check out our reviews from Product Review at https://mungi.online/reviews or our status page at https://mungi.online/status

Our new flagship Mungi Network has recently launched and we’ve seen great performance from customers who are testing their service to servers all over the world. You can see results at https://mungi.online/tests. We have a POP in Melbourne & Sydney. Brisbane & Perth are currently being deployed and built. We’re seeing great download speeds and low pings at a price point that is excellent alongside our highly regarded customer service.

Our network consists of a mix of Nokia 7750s and vSRs which then are connected to Juniper MX routing (MX960) and EX switching which gives us access to the AS63956 network:

  • Two paths between Australia and Los Angeles:
  • Sydney -> Telstra Endeavor Cable (TEC) -> Asia America Gateway (AAG) -> Los Angeles
  • Sydney -> Southern Cross Cable (SCCN) -> Auckland -> Southern Cross Cable (SCCN) -> Los Angeles
  • Single protected path between Australia and Tokyo
  • Sydney -> Australia Japan Cable (AJC) -> Tokyo

And before you ask, Yes we’ll have the new ASC up once it’s ready

Multiple Tier 1 Upstreams:

  • Telia (AS1299)
  • Level 3 (AS3356)
  • Cogent (AS174)
  • GTT (AS3257)
  • NTT (AS2764)

Tier 2 Upstreams:

  • Telstra Global (AS4637)

Domestic Upstreams:

  • AAPT (AS2764)

We peer with over hundreds of other networks on the following fabrics:

  • IX Australia (QLD, NSW, VIC & WA)
  • Megaport IX (BNE, SYD, MEL, AKL & LA)
  • Equinix IX (SYD, MEL & TYO)
  • Any2 IX (LA)

See more information on our network at https://mungi.online/he

We'll also be offering complimentary premium Australian startup web hosting at https://dreamithost.com.au, mention this in the order notes and we'll sort this out too. Includes free website migrations and site builder. This uses the same great network as Mungi.

Please feel free to reach out, we'll be here to help and answer any questions.

Note: If you’ve signed up to Mungi in the past 24 hours, raise a ticket and we’ll be glad to honour this offer for you.


Jamie from Mungi

T&Cs: Offer expires on 10th of September 2018. Lifetime warranty only applies as long as service is active with Mungi.

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  • +3

    I was confused and thought you had some custom plan that was 12mbps down and 50mbps up lol.

    • Ahh sorry for any confusion. We're on chat if you have any questions :)

  • just in time with the telecube going under.

    • ;) If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team on live chat and we'll be glad to help.

    • Oh wow so they're finally shutting down? hops onto Whirlpool thread. That price hike really killed them (however either way they were going to bleed out if they couldn't' sustain the prices they had offered). RIP them and my $99 join fee which got me about four months of service.

    • What do you mean? I am with TC and still connected. Do I need to worry and move on ASAP?

      • +1

        check your email
        you have 1 week

        • Just got it.

  • We're also organising static IPs for $4.95 per month. Please mention this in the order notes and we'll get it organised for you :)

  • +7

    Prices going up fast! You guys were offering Lightning 50 Unlimited data, $59.95 for 5 months only earlier this month.

    • -4

      A premium network alongside excellent customer service.

      That offer has expired however if there's any new offers in the futures, our customers are always able to jump on board :)

      Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions :)

  • +1

    Sad to hear not have 100/40 Mbp plan :(

    • +2

      Sad to hear they don't have 1gb/s :(

  • i just signed, up. lets see how we go.
    now i have to whitelist my new static IP with all my services :-(

  • Do you guys offer a standalone fibre phone service (not voip) ? Need to organise a new service for my parents that currently have theirs bundled with an internet plan. Internode doesn’t offer the phone service without having internet with them.

    • Hey mate,

      No we don't at this time. However we have a VoIP app which might be handy to install on their smart phones if they have one :)

  • Currently with Telecube as well.

    What's the turnaround time for churning NBN-HFC to Mungi?

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      At this time, you'll need to cancel your line and once it's free, we'll bring you back up. We'll make sure everything is done nice and smoothly. You'll have up to 24 hours of downtime but in most cases its around 12

      • Is it the same process for churning from Telecube Fixed Wireless? I have put through an order with you guys already, but haven't cancelled my Telecube service. Do I need to cancel before anythig can happen, or can I leave it active until you guys provision a new service?

        • Fixed Wireless is very smooth. We'll provision a new line and you should have no downtime at all :)

        • @MungiDreamIT: Thanks!

        • @timmyd:

          Welcome to the family :)

      • Do you know how long from cancelling the port becomes free?

        Just wondering with whats happening with Telecube, do I even bother cancelling or just wait for the Sept 4 Telecube cut off date and then sign up to Mungi.

        • I would suggest signing up with Mungi and then email Telecube. And we'll work with our wholesaler to ensure minimal interruption.

  • Evening speed is only 35 though (in 50 speee), compare to ABB 45 or TPG.

    • We've recently rebuilt our entire network. Most customers tend to get around 45+ Mbit. We'll need more data before we can publish our updated typical evening speeds :)

      • Alright, I’ll give it a go for five months. Dont let us down

        • Welcome to the family. I'm sure we won't.

          Check out our reviews on Product Review :)

    • I dont know where you are but I'm getting 45 constant and I check regularly as I just changed to the 50 plan last month. If you aren't give their chat function a go and they will work through it with you to see if they can improve it. I'm in Brisbane suburbs by the way.

  • +1

    Why would you sign up with Mungi which is $.95 more expensive than current ABB offer with $10 off for the next 6 months comparing to 5 months? Just for interest

    • Anyone can shed the light for me please?

      • Well in my case, ABB is on Stop Sale for my POI until end of October.

        • You mean you were with ABB?

        • @yht:
          I am/was with Telecube, both Aussie Broadband and SIPTalk are on Stop Sale for my POI until 21 October.
          I signed up to Mungi on this deal as a result, it's either that or have no internet for ~45 days

        • @scubacoles: ok, got it.

    • We have great customer service plus you can get in contact with us via SMS and through multiple languages too :)

  • is coloau / mungi run by the same people?

    • No we're independent companies with a great realtionship :)

  • I've been with Mungi for about 6 months now and altho I'm sad I've lost my lightning 100 plan I have to say the service I get from Jamie and Sandra have been second to none. The chat function is super quick and if you have to log a call it gets looked at after hours pretty quickly. Overall pretty happy with Mungi. Nothing to lose really especially as there are no contracts these days which is fantastic.

    • Glad to see another happy Mungi customer!

      Take it easy

  • Telecube refugee, just signed up.

  • Just a +1 for mungi. Been with them for only a couple of months and could not be happier with the service.

    • Glad to hear! Cheers for the mention

  • Hi which speed should I sign up for with fixed wireless? Also a Telecube refugee lol

    • I would suggest the Lightning 50. We don't charge different prices regardless of your service type as well :)

  • Evening speeds for me go down to 3 or even 1mps often now on Mungi (I sync at just over 30). They offered to look into it but just so happens my discounted rate with them ends this month and I jumped on the Aussie offer for the same price for six months when it started - interesting to see how much I notice the evening speed difference.

    • We're sorry to see you go. If you decide to come back and if you have any issues, please let us know so we can look into it.

  • Got a Telecube NBN service with a VOIP DID that I don't want to lose. Are we able to keep the VOIP DID if we port the NBN service to a Mungi NBN + Voice bundle?

    • Yes you can bring your number over. I would suggest getting this order submitted so we can get it transferred over as soon as possible.

  • just signed up, will be interesting to see how the 12mbps plan compares to the 25mbps Telecube (actual speed 9mbps in evening) - may end up being an upgrade!

    • Welcome to the family! If you have any issues, please let us know.

      • Happy: got connected this morning, very quick

        Not Happy: im getting 3mbps down / 0.9mbps up right now

        Ive emailed [email protected] about this just a moment ago

      • Hi, to follow up from the support emails - apparently after a follow-up with NBNCO I am suffering from 'tower congestion' and there is nothing Mungi can do.

        Fair enough, i understand that Mungi doenst own the tower/infrastructure. What i dont understand is that i was cruising at 9mbps last week and now im down to 3mbps after switching to Mungi. The only difference i can attribute that to is Telecube was a 25mbps deal, while yours is 12mbps. Maybe upgrading to 50mbps is my only option here.

  • Hi Rep,
    I ordered 50plan two days ago but i asked to be activated on/after the 12th, am I eligible for the offer since im not connect yet?

    • Thanks for reaching out. Can you speak to us on live chat and we'll see what we can do :)

  • I've been with Skymesh from the start on their basic 12/1 120gb plan for $59.95pm, don't need anymore data as our household don't use it much just want something reliable as wifi does get slow if there's more than 1 user.

    So is mungi better/worth switching over even after their 5mth discounted period? Would be same price as I'm paying now and the unlimited data isn't a major selling point for me.

    I have a D-Link AC1200 router I was given, I assume I can still use this with mungi?

    Yes I am not too tech-savvy!

    • +1

      We have a great network and world-class customer service.

      Yes you can use that router :)

  • Hi OP, Telecube refugee here. I signed up with Mungi on 30th. The NBN(FTTN) at home has become offline since 31st afternoon. I haven't ask Telecube to cancel my service tho. Do I need to contact them? I sent multiple email and yet to hear anything from them. So i doubt they will reply to my cancellation request.

    How long does the churn usually take?

    • +1

      I signed up on the evening on the 29th.

      We were offline for ~20 hours. Apparently there's downtime because both Telecube and Mungi "resell" Vocus service and Vocus are unable to seamlessly churn users from one provider to another.
      Internet dropped 4:20pm on Friday , and I got the activation email and flicked on the modem at 1:30pm on Saturday (got the account settings sent to me at 9:30am Saturday, so the modem was all set to go).
      Default setting appears to be CG-NAT, meaning you have to use Mungi's DNS (I think) you can select to have a Dynamic IPv4 address in your account settings.
      I use Getflix DNS, so I initially had troubles.
      Mungi's "knowledgebase" doesn't appear to know what DNS is.

      No need to cancel Telecube… they've already done that for you. The only thing I'd do is tell your bank to revoke Direct Debit access by Telecube if you had given them Direct Debit access.

      • Thanks for the explanation!

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