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Soniq 75" UHD TV $1399 for 50HZ Version or $1599 for 100HZ Version @ Soniq Australia/JB Hi-Fi


Very cheap prices for UHD TV of this size. Comes with built in Chromecast so no need to worry about quality of smart features.

50HZ version can be purchased direct from Soniq for $1399. Pickup is available in Melbourne or they can deliver to NSW, QLD or WA. Postage was $80 for me to QLD.

100HZ version can be purchased from JB Hi-Fi for $1599. Can click and collect or have it delivered. I was quoted $59 for delivery to my address.

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  • Wondering how this compares to the Aldi 75" tv?

    • My local aldi has there 75 on clearance for $1399

      • Nice one. Which store?

  • Does Chromecast built-in mean Android TV?

    • Nope

    • Pretty sure it runs a version of Android, but not Android TV itself.

  • not gonna buy one but wow

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    not gonna buy one but wow

    • Wow but not gonna buy one.

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        wow but buy one not gonna

        • not gonna wow or buy

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      Username checks out.

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    I'd be interested to see how well these actually work with 4K material. I've got a 65" Sonig from a couple of years ago and frankly it's better with 1080p than 4K.

    As an example, with the latest 4K Foxtel iQ4 it won't actually recognise it as a 4K source without entering the Foxtel menu and setting it to Auto and exiting, at which point it will indeed go to 4K. A power cycle though will take it back to 1080p. Another 65" (Changhong) from 18 months ago works fine. I know Foxtel aren't actually broadcasting in 4K at the moment but it highlights what will become an issue.

    Using genuine 4k video via an HTPC works but again the picture is better at 1080p.

    To me is seems like the electronics/processing struggles too much with 4k but then it was only $999. That said, the Changhong was only $799 and is massively better in all aspects.

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      Those issues you are having sound like HDMI cable issues, not TV issues.

      • Or maybe it's not hdcp 2.2 compliant.
        Go to channel 444 and it will tell you if it's not

        • It’s not as simple as that. I’ve got some 7m HDMI cables that are HDCP compliant in my walls (solid brick) and they’ve degraded over the last few years. They can carry 1080p signal fine, and even low bandwidth 4K, but turn on HDR and high bandwidth 4K and they drop signal. I’ve put a booster on the TV end, and it improves the signal quality and bandwidth that can get through, but even with the booster they are incapable of maintaining a high bandwidth HDR signal for extended periods of time.

          When new they had no problem with high bandwidth signals.

        • It is HDCP 2.2 but still doesn't work correctly.

      • Sadly not.

        Cables swapped multiple times for known good ones over the past couple of years including the new one that comes with IQ4 which actually seems quite high quality. Basically it's the TV.

        • I think the TV’s HDMI is not compliant with a HDCP 2.2. I’ve seen that problem with lower end 4K TV where basically it’s a 4k panel but it doesn’t support 4K input via its HDMI. Pretty stupid why they did it like that.

        • Here’s some explaination on HDCP compliance on various devices.

          It may accept 4K signal but if the signal is coming from a device (IQ4 or bluray player) it may require a HDCP 2.2 complaint device that it’s connected to (soundbar, receiver, TV). If that fails, means you won’t be able to get 4K. It’s a protection to prevent piracy.

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    Soniq boooooom

  • Could care less about 4K, I play primarily on Switch and an OG Xbox One (despite owning a PS4 Pro), but for that price I'm temped to huck the perfectly fine 55er we bought a few years back.

    I mean, I'm not going to or anything, but daaaaamn, that's a nice price.

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    have these tv's improved at all in the last couple of years/models?

    I ask as my daughter has a 70" from a couple of years ago and its frustrating waiting for the tv to catch up with the commands from the remote.

    I can get a drink from the fridge while the tv is powering up.

  • So you could have got yourself the 100hz version for an extra $179 considering postage etc included. You think it is not worth the minor additional spend? I'm still tossing between the two at the moment. What is your experience like so far?

    • I can't tell the difference. It's probably just on paper specs.

      Motion seems fluid. I only watch Netflix mainly and no Sports.

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