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Macquarie Bank Offering Discounted Gift Cards EB Games 6% off, Myer 5% off, OPSM 7% off etc)


Logged into the app today and it prompted me to look at the Marketplace within the app. You can purchase discounted gift cards very quickly. Pretty good if you're already in the store.

EB Games - 6% off
Caltex - 3% off
Myer - 5% off
Woolworths - 4% off
Dan Murphy's - 3% off
JB HIFI - 3% off
OPSM - 7% off

Edit 9/9: Now available through web portal also (thanks relentless).

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    Woolworth 4%?? Really???

    • +5

      Get 5% from cashrewards

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    They are just following Suncorp.

    Suncorp actually offers better discounts too.

  • Do they charge cc fees?

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      Edit: looks like it takes money straight out of your savings account, so no cc involved.

  • Where in the Macquarie app is this? I've got a transaction account with them and nowhere in the iOS app can I see a marketplace?

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      Tap the red $ and there should be marketplace as an option

      • Uhm, odd I hit the red $ and get only internal tfer or make a payment. Odd. No marketplace.

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          Same here, but I saw there was an app update ready (for iOS). Once I updated, the marketplace button was available.

        • @endotherm: was in same situation, app updated but still shows "Select payee" only, no marketplace. May because my account is for trading only….

  • Any way to do this with a Woolworths Every Day CC? (Asking as it's issued by Macquarie Bank)

  • any for BBQ's galore, I want to use it to get an outdoor dining set

    • Yes, 4% discount

      • suncorp has 7%
        edit lumo was 10%, but charge 1% fee

  • +1

    No CC points. Worse discount than other places. OP said good for already in store, can anyone confirm delivery is instant? If so, this would be great if suddenly ran out of discounted gift cards.

    • +2

      I used it yesterday whilst I was in EB Games. It took me less than 2 minutes to open the app, pick the card and pay for it and use it at the register. It comes by email and also sits in the app.

    • Where can you get better for eb?

  • +1

    OPSM gift cards for 7% off is definitely useful.

  • 4% for Woolworths, no Coles, and can't use credit card? I don't expect to use it anytime soon!

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