expired Free Flexiroam Starter Pack Incl Microchip 1GB Data, Valid for 30 Days in 53 Countries $6.90US (~ $9.70AUD)


The Deal

Saw this within the Flexiroam App (available for Apple iOS and Android) and is worth considering if you plan to go overseas and not want to pay for the high cost of roaming data. The attraction is that you keep your Australian number and use the mobile app to activate the ultra-thin microchip you place over your existing sim card.

  • It is also good for those who have to multi-leg travels across different countries.
  • Delivery to Australian Physical Home Address (no PO BOX) is $9.70 AUD ($6.90USD) can take up to two weeks for it to arrive.
  • Payment option is by Credit Card (you could also use Visa/Mastercard Debit).
Activation Information
  • The 30 days will only start commencing once you have "activated" the number on the Sim Card they provide you.
  • So you can keep the card for when you are ready to travel and activate it when required.
Offer Expires?
  • No end date has been given for this offer but they have indicated offer will probably stop after they go through their free 10,000 Sims

Flexiroam X is a seamless, ultra-thin microchip that is only 0.08mm. You can stick it onto your existing SIM card and roam globally.

All you have to do is to switch between Home SIM card and Flexiroam X App. You can also conveniently check your data balance instantly via Flexiroam X App.

We are now giving away 10,000GB FREE global data roaming! Get your Xcite 1GB now and start using it in 53 countries!

This Sim can be used in the following 58 countries:

Australia Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Faroe Islands Finland France Germany Ghana Gibraltar Greece Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Macau Malaysia Malta Mongolia Netherlands New Zealand Norway Palestine Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey UK Ukraine

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100Mb free worldwide data to the referrer and referee.

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    Anyone OzBargainers used one of these? Any good?


    I have been using for few years now. Works like a charm.

  • +2 votes

    I thought the microchips are for implanting into the kids so they won't get lost in transit.

  • +4 votes

    Just had a look at their website and seems that this is best for travelers that are in multiple countries (outside of Europe) for at most 2 days. Otherwise the data rates are very expensive ($130 USD for 7GB data) and local sim cards are almost always going to be cheaper.


      Of course, the $10 starter pack (free + Postage) for the 1gb could be value if you're a low data user.


      For most people though the rates are still cheaper than the default global roaming charges of the (Optus/Telstra/Vodafone).
      Absolutely, getting a local Sim card is still the cheapest option however you lose the ability to use your (Australian) mobile number and for some people that is a hassle as you have to let everyone else know your 'new local number' just to use Whatsapp/Viber.

      The introductory offer is still good for those who are only using it for essential internet usage (obviously not for those who need to stream video) as it gets expensive fast.

      The mobile app has various (individual) data plans which you can pre-purchase in advance to get a discount and bigger GB.


        WhatsApp keeps on working even if you change sims, all your existing contracts won't even know you are travelling

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