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BlitzWolf BW-MF8 Lightning Braided Cable, 2.4a & 1.8m Long, US $6.59 (~AU $9.17) @ Banggood


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A cable,
Very shock

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  • Hi Does this cable also charge the iPhone?

    • Yes (assuming you have iPhone 5+), it a standard Lightning Cable.

    • Funny question
      This is a lightning cable for iPhones and iPads

      Not for old iPhones that don’t use lightning cable

      This charges and transfers data


      It’s licenced and will work in all expected ways. The quality isn’t as high as the fanbois believe but it’s the best 1.8m you’ll get for $9.

  • For people who can't wait, there's a 2 pack of a similar item, MF6 instead of 8 (not sure what the differences are TBH) on Amazon AU for 24AUD.


    • The one from this deal is part of the BlitzWolf Ampcore Range, whereas the Amazon Link you provided are part of their standard range.

      The Ampcore range are suppose to be more durable.

  • Very shock

    How much shock should I expect?

  • Warning - this site sends promotional SMS without permission. There is no option to opt-out.

    • +4 votes

      never received one before.

    • +2 votes

      Bought heaps of lightning cables from them and never received a single SMS linked to them.

    • +1 vote

      was it from Banggood or another spammer?
      I've noticed after changing mob#'s (as I was getting sick of spam sms's) I was ok, then I ordered a few things from china & silly me gave my new# and tada! I started receiving spam sms's & spam calls. The number appears on the address label, so I was wondering if it was the companies selling/gettting stolen, or was someone scanning parcels & getting them that way.

    • i have just started receiving them too. its damn annoying and no way to stop them.

    • I assume you are talking about this post? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/401062

      I've also bought heaps without any promotional sms, but it seems to be a real thing where someone is somehow getting customer contact details and sending them sms.


        After having a few spam issues it became obvious to me they just target random numbers. If you ignore them they taper off.

      • Same thing as in that post.

        I have my number listed on my profile - I guess I got a bit careless with the browsers auto fill on one occasion.

        I've spent some time searching through the site and there is no option to disable promotional SMS. Each SMS contains a link to a landing page on banggood.com

        Personally, I won't be purchasing from banggood again until they change this practice.

    • Lol, why would you even enter your real phone number on some Chinese website !
      No reason to neg the deal

      Edit: I’m sure you could block the sender …. can’t you !?

      • Guessing it was an accident with auto fill. However, that doesn't excuse the behaviour of the company.

    • I get SMSs from them too. Damn annoying. I accidentally added my number to my profile but have since removed but still get the SMSs and there is no way to opt out.

    • I'm getting them too. Not impressed.


    GST? Why do these chinese sites fall over so easily?

  • Grabbed another one :)

  • Anymore Lightning cable deals??