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World Gym, Adelaide $35 Per fortnight. No Contract. No joining fee (Usually $105). $75 Admin fee


Just got this email from the membership manager of World Gym, Adelaide.
I went and had a look. Brand new equipment and really friendly people.

Below, I have penned a new offer which I hope excites you, friends, family and associates and will help launch everyone into a new fitness routine
For a short time, we are trialling a no contract offer. You decide how long you stay!!
So, any possible reservations people may have about commitment melt away
So please spread the word
No Contract
(Unlimited Access 6am – 10pm Mon- Friday 9-5 Sat 10-4 Sunday $17.50 per week)

No Join Fee
Cancel Anytime
Offer strictly ends 28th Feb

Plus, get started in February and you will receive two complimentary personal training 1:1 sessions
And a chance to win some Nike Sneakers, an ipod shuffle and $50 of Post work out Recovery Protein shakes

So, if you aren’t currently training elsewhere, it might be a perfect opportunity to try our 5 star facility
You’ll discover it offers a premium 5 star fit out through out
- Be it the refined ladies only section (The Only Club in Australia to offer The Optima Life Fitness range of equipment)

  • The substantial Ivanko Free Weights (Dumbbells to 70kg and Walk in Power Racks with Rubbers)

  • The $85,000 VAF Sound System

  • Premium MTS Hammer Pin Loaded equipment (Only Club in SA to stock)

  • The latest generation of Life Fitness Cardio (The treadmills offering a built in Television and access to 8 Foxtel and 1HD Channels to entertain you)

  • Gloriously appointed bathrooms sporting Italian Fixtures and designer hair straighters in the ladies

  • Plus a dynamite cycle studio, Boxing Room, great classes, 70 Car parks, a healthy bistro and pro shop

  • Note the Muay Thai classes are run by Paul Slowinski the Worlds #1 Superheavy weight

Cap this off with access to World Class Knowledge, the club owned and operated by multiple World Champions and a Clinical Nutritionist
It all adds up to a World Class Package.

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  • +1

    Not bad a price for a big franchise designer gym. Compared to FF which has membership joining fees, contract terms, and less flash gear/equipment.

  • It's a great price IMHO. I have been looking for a gym but I am moving some time this year so I don't want to get locked into any contracts or anything. Going to go take a tour and check it out.

  • +2

    Cue the Fitness First bitching.

  • … world's gym were just as bad as fitness first when it came to things like this, i've heard of people being locked in in the past when they didn't mention any 'quitting fees' I guess they changed their ways…

  • "Fixtures and designer hair straighters in the ladies"
    Now this is just outrageous, Sexism at its best! I will not be joining until they offer cold beer in the mens locker room.

    Actually a good deal though, I do wonder what else the contract has hidden though. They all have something to hide.

    • The only little surprise was that they had a $75 admin fee that they forgot to mention in the email but not a huge issue. You also pay fortnightly. I guess I should update the title.

      • What's the difference between an admin fee and a joining fee?

        • To the consumer, nothing much. They claim the admin fee is for paperwork processing and membership card etc… the joining fee is pure profit.

        • By the way; I agree that it is quite baiting to advertise no joining fee but still charge an admin fee but at the end of the day you still have the choice of paying it or not.

  • That's nearly $1000 a year. Screw that, I know gyms that have membership fees of $400-$500, but not in Adelaide.

    • Hmm, strange. My reply didn't actually reply.

      City gym is literally right next door. They are $26.95 per fortnight ($700 per year) for adults.
      If you are going for absolute lowest price it is worth looking at non-chain gyms outside of the city. I think the quality of the equipment and location of this gym make it completely worth the money.

  • $985 to be precise, Depends what kind of person you are really, I prefer to train alone in my shed, Others would like the big gym and the bonuses that come with them. In the short run it would be cheaper then buying your own gear.

    • Sure if you just want to use free weights and don't plan on attending any classes or using any of the other equipment buying a $300 weight set is going to pay itself off in no time.

  • Prices are all relative. I'm sure everyone would love to pay $10 a week for a gym but for brand new equipment this is a bargain.
    This place has only been open for a few months. Seriously, the equipment is immaculate condition and the latest and greatest.

  • The gym across the road from work is $29 a week! $1508 a year, also with no fees at all or contracts. But still for the convenience of it being right next to work I would easily pay extra then drive further

  • wow some of you pay heaps for your gym membership

    Cost $355(@ start of year special, usually $690)
    It's a local gym
    you get the use of gym equipment, pool, boxing classes, aerobic classes, health assesments and exercise programs
    works out to be approx $7 per week
    it's good because it is about a 30 seconds walk from my house ;)

    • +1

      Yeah, a lot of the smaller gyms are much better value. It's all about location and brand name at the end of the day.

      • It’s all about location and brand name at the end of the day.

        small, and (as mentioned above) non-chain stores are the best value for gyms

  • "The Muay Thai classes with Paul “Sting” Slowinski multi-time world champion are worth the money by itself."

    Not true at all.

    You can train MuayThai with Paul for $10 a class Monday and Wed nights over at Riker Gym in Glynde (Down the street opposite the new "Good Guys" franchise in Glynde). No contracts, no joining fees, no admin fees, no fees or uniform charges or garbage like that of any kind. Classes can run for 2hrs plus & include training assistance from up to 10 other MuayThai fighters too, as well as one of Paul's two trainers Jeremy Keeping. Classes are open to everyone and all fitness levels & skill levels catered for, from no-fitness first timer, to pro. The gym offers MMA and grappling classes, as well as sparring and more competitive sessions other nights of the week. Same cost applies to everything else too, $10 a session & that's the only cost.

    • Okay maybe I exaggerated a little bit but I wasn't saying it was the cheapest you can possibly get Muay Thai training. I have been to cheaper myself. (Ignoring the fact they run 7 x 1 hr classes a week so that is $35 per week if you attend them all on your pricing)

  • I consider this pricing to be fairly standard for brand name gyms. The no contract period is a good deal though.

    The admin fee is prohibitive i believe

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